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Your Likes. Moving To New York City Or New Jersey City: What It Entails. The very mention of the word moving is enough to sink your heart rate and increase blood pressure simultaneously.

Moving To New York City Or New Jersey City: What It Entails

Simply shifting to another place within the same city is a harrowing experience in itself. Moving to a completely new city altogether is another story and when that move involves shifting to places like New York City (NYC) or New Jersey City (NJ), the mere thought is enough to paralyze your mind. New Jersey City: What It Holds for You A short glance at the features of NJC is worthwhile once you decide to move there.

Situated in the New York Metropolitan area, the city lies close to lower Manhattan. NJC is well-connected in terms of intracity transport. In terms of education, NJC boasts of the New Jersey City University and the St. The shopping districts in NJC are mainly the traditional main streets like Central, Danforth and West Side avenues.

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Storage Station. To post images to Juxtapost is easy, but you'll need to install our bookmarklet which will allow you to post images from any website to your organized postboards. 1.

Storage Station

First, display your Bookmarks bar by using your browser's settings to "View Bookmark Toolbar" That's it! Now you can post images you find from across the web. On any website, simply click the "Juxtapost It! " P.S. Self Storage - Storage Station.

NY - Middletown NJ - Wayne | Toms River | South Toms River West Milford (Greenwood Lk.

Self Storage - Storage Station

Storage Station - Juxtapost. WayneNewJersey. TomsRiverNewJersey. SouthTomsRiverNewJersey. The lucky one. … happens to be a book I am currently reading, well making every attempt to get thru, with work, kids, family and everyday life the time we have to just sit and read is unfortunately limited. Though one of the most enjoyable past times ever! I am up on technology and do have an ipad of course with the ibooks app installed but there is nothing like a paper book to sit and turn page after page till you get to the end, anticipating the ending is the best part of reading just about any kind of novel put forth to print.

Storage Station - #SelfStorageBlog #SelfStorage #NJ #NY. Storage Station. Have you ever looked in your garage or your attic or that room that someday you will turn into useful space, you have always intended to do it but for one reason or another it just did not happen.

Storage Station

Well, there is an answer. What is it, you ask yourself, should I throw it away, no I really want these things, give it to charity, that’s a nice thought, help someone less fortunate, have a garage sale, but then again I would not want to part with some of these things I accumulated, some have memories, some are still very useful, but I really need the space. YOUR PARENTS ARE COMING?!? Self Storage in New York. As Summer Turns To Fall. As the dog days of summer draw to a close, and the weather goes from 95 and humid to 75 and dry, we here at Storage Station of West Milford are gearing up for a busy time of year in our business.

As Summer Turns To Fall

While the annual parade of boats and classic cars leaving our facility has ended, we are preparing for the mass influx of new tenants looking for ways to store their toys, whether it be their RVs or boats or antique cars, and keeping them stored away for the upcoming fall and winter months. We here at Storage Station, located at 1867 Greenwood Lake Turnpike in West Milford New Jersey, located a block south of the intersection of Lincoln Ave and Greenwood Lake Turnpike, ok forward to the annual return of some of our most tenured customers.As many of you who are reading this can attest to, having all of the finer things in life has its ups and downs.

We hear at Storage Station are here to help. And as far as cost is concerned, there’s no comparison. MiddletownNewYork. TomsRiverNewJersey. Self Storage in New Jersey. Self Storage Blog. Social Front Page. All bags created by Storage Station. WestMilfordNJ. TomsRiverNewJersey. MiddletownNewYork. WestMilfordNewJersey. StorageStation. WayneNewJersey. Twitter Reporting by SumAll. Middletown NY Social Front Page. Toms River NJ Social Front Page. Wayne NJ Social Front Page. WayneNewJersey. TomsRiverNewJersey. MiddletownNewYork. StorageStation. Local Marketing in the Self Storage Industry. There are many local marketing outlets that can be utilized whether it is for the self storage industry or simply for any other business in the local area.

Local Marketing in the Self Storage Industry

Many people think their marketing efforts need to be expensive and main stream like having a TV commercial but this is not the case. Sometimes you can utilize low key inexpensive marketing solutions that can really make a drastic effect for your business if presented properly. CubeSmart picks up two portfolios in FloridaThe SpareFoot Storage Beat. Self-storage REIT CubeSmart just spent more than $50 million to buy five facilities in the super-hot South Florida market.

CubeSmart picks up two portfolios in FloridaThe SpareFoot Storage Beat

The storage operator acquired the facilities in two deals. StoreSmart In a deal that closed July 2, CubeSmart bought two facilities in Fort Myers, FL, from StoreSmart Self-Storage. CubeSmart paid $7.55 million for a facility at 13271 Metro Parkway and $8.25 million for a facility at 11200 Gladiolus Drive, according to local property records. Buford, GA-based StoreSmart bought the facilities in 2011, paying $4.5 million and $5.5 million, respectively. Self Storage Blog: The Storage Facilitator Bodies in storage units: Unreal and uncommon. The discovery of human remains in self-storage units is almost guaranteed to generate intense media attention.

Self Storage Blog: The Storage Facilitator Bodies in storage units: Unreal and uncommon

Such was the case when police recently raided two self-storage facilities in the Boston area and found 12 decomposing bodies in one storage unit in Weymouth, MA, and the cremated remains of another 40 people at a storage facility in Somerville, MA. The human remains are tied to an unlicensed funeral director in Boston, police say. TOP PHOTOS: August 7, 2014 - Gallery. Choose Your Experience - PC, Mobile HD, On-the-GO.

927384_683303688418683_346897376_n. 2014-tax-breaks-for-selfstorage-technology. MiddletownNewYork. TomsRiverNewJersey. SouthTomsRiverNewJersey. Fishermen and Self Storage. “ Give A Man A Fish And He Can Eat For A Day, Teach A Man To Fish And He Can Eat For A Life Time” When people think about fisherman they generally don’t incorporate the idea of Self Storage into the whole scheme of outdoor sports but it is more common than most people’s thoughts of open water, boats, fishing rods, tackle boxes, bibs, parkas, lures or live bait and most importantly a day on the lake, stream or ocean hunting and tracking down a particular species of aquatic life of a person’s interest! The equipment fisherman use is quite vast depending on which species of aquatic life they are pursuing and literally the lists of lures, baits, attractants is endless let alone the different techniques that are used for each of the different lures that fisherman have success with.

One very common species of fish that is pursued heavily within the United States is the largemouth bass. Storage Station Guard Dogs. Self Storage Wayne NJ Video. New Jersey Supreme Court: 'Violent, Profane, and Disturbing Rap ... Number of chikungunya cases spike in New York and New Jersey ... Child abuse deaths decline in NJ. Twitter Reporting by SumAll. What about Jack? What about Jack? Auction Winners Utilize Self Storage. WestMilfordNJ. SouthTomsRiverNewJersey.

MiddletownNewYork. WayneNewJersey. TomsRiverNewJersey. Hurricane Sandy Update-Flint Road/South Toms River. November 1, 2012 To Our Valued Flint Rd.

Hurricane Sandy Update-Flint Road/South Toms River

Customers, We hope that you and your loved ones made it through Hurricane Sandy safely. While your self storage unit certainly isn’t the first thing on your mind at this moment, we wanted to inform you how the facility fared during the storm. Unfortunately the property took on about eighteen inches of water and we suspect that almost all units were affected. Everyone can use a bigger Closet and Garage. Now tell the truth, who among us has opened the door to their closet and said, “If I only had a bigger closet”?

Everyone can use a bigger Closet and Garage

More and more homeowners and renters have a room or garage that has been turned into the dungeon of forgotten but needed items. I believe it was Harry Truman who said a chicken in every pot. Well we now have a chicken in every pot, but the family car is no longer in the garage. I remember when I first moved into our house. I think the car was kept in the garage for all of 6 months. Let’s now talk about closets. Now don’t get me started on my daughter. Unfortunately there is no more room at the inn, and I don’t have a manger. Here is where the local storage facility comes to the rescue. Twitter Reporting by SumAll. Self Storage Wayne NJ Video. Self Storage Wayne NJ Video. Our latest Self Storage Blog Post. WayneNewJersey. WestMilfordNJ. SouthTomsRiverNewJersey. TomsRiverNewJersey. WestMilfordNewJersey. MiddletownNewYork. StorageStation. StorageStation. WestMilfordNJ. WayneNewJersey. WestMilfordNewJersey.