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HONEST TEA. Small Decision Big Impact. Environmental Activism - Patagonia. Nueces de Ronda. Home - HempFlax - Solutions from nature! Solutions - 1% for the Planet. Tiendas a Granel Madrid Barcelona. Productos a granel, comprar online - Un Mundo a Granel. Comprar Productos Ecológicos a Granel - Mejor Precio Online - Biodieta. Comprar quesos ecológicos o biológicos - Al Queso. World Olive Oil Exhibition. Aceite de oliva virgen extra ecológico Carbonell botella vidrio 750 ml. Aceite de oliva virgen extra botella de cristal de 750 mililitros CARBONELL Gran Selección. Descubre la gama de aguas de Lanjarón. AGUAS DANONE ha desarrollado esta política para informarte de qué es una cookie, cuales usamos en esta web y ayudarte a poder gestionarlas según sea de tu interés.

Descubre la gama de aguas de Lanjarón

Con tu primera visita a nuestra web estás siendo informado de la existencia de cookies y de la presente política de cookies. Asimismo, podrás configurar las cookies que deseas instalar, entre diferentes categorías. Catálogo Termatalia 2019. Bezoya vidrio 1 l. - Agua mineral natural Bezoya. Bite Toothpaste Bits. Shop Home, Baby, Men, Women, Kids, and Family - Little Blue House CA. My little helper this morning.

Shop Home, Baby, Men, Women, Kids, and Family - Little Blue House CA

Just a Baby in a Bear Bonnet 🐻🧡🐻🧡🐻🧡🐻🧡🐻🧡 made by the wonderful my_tiny_alice It’s just the cutest and softest little bonnet ever and perfect for these ever increasingly colder days 🥶 😍😍 The cosiest baby bear fleece suit littlebluehouse #littlebluehouse #9monthsold #babybonnet #autumnbaby🍂 #thosecheeksaresokissable #alwayswatchingtheboys #littlebluehouse #alwaysastickinhand Weather is cooling down so what better way to spend the afternoon than to have a 🍿 🎥 Movie Night 🎥 🍿in the backyard! . . . “Environmentally Friendly” Reusable Tote Bag - Little Blue House CA. Mercedes-Benz EQC 4x4² – Electric goes beyond. The EQC 4x4² is an electric car of extremes.

Mercedes-Benz EQC 4x4² – Electric goes beyond.

Fully-electric cars technology (BEV) La batería del próximo XC40 Recharge eléctrico puro tiene una capacidad nominal de 78 kWh.

Fully-electric cars technology (BEV)

Vehículo de hidrógeno. Cualquier persona tiene derecho a obtener confirmación sobre si en TOYOTA estamos tratando datos personales que le conciernan o no.

Vehículo de hidrógeno

Powered by Continental Engineering. Porsche E-Performance - Porsche AG. 400 speed charging stations in Europe by 2020. customers benefit from uncompromising mobility while on the road.

Porsche E-Performance - Porsche AG

When purchasing a , you receive three years’ free access to the speed charging infrastructure of our joint venture partner, IONITY, where can charge your car at preferential prices. Together with IONITY, we are constantly working on the development of an efficient speed charging infrastructure along major European roads. One platform for everything. 2021 Ford® Mustang Mach-E SUV. Audi e-tron. El primer Audi 100% eléctrico. > e-tron > Audi España. 2021 Hyundai Kona Electric Vehicle. Complimentary maintenance includes Hyundai approved oil and oil filter change (except for electric vehicles and fuel cell electric vehicles) plus tire rotation at normal factory scheduled maintenance intervals for 3 years or 36,000 miles, whichever comes first.

2021 Hyundai Kona Electric Vehicle

More frequent maintenance due to severe driving or conditions is excluded. Offer valid only for new 2020 - 2021 Hyundai models purchased or leased on or after February 1, 2020. See your Hyundai dealer for further details and limitations. Coche eléctrico Citroën: la gama 100% eléctrica. Coches Híbridos y Eléctricos. Ford® All-Electric Vehicles. Kia's Range of Electric & Hybrid Cars. Toyota Alternative Fuel Vehicles. Toyota and battery electric vehicles. Cité Lib by Ha:mo was a partnership between Toyota, the City of Grenoble, the Grenoble-Alpes-Métropole metropolitan area, energy provider EDF, EDF’s affiliate Sodetrel and car sharing operator Cité Lib.

Toyota and battery electric vehicles

As well as contributing a fleet of i-ROAD and COMS battery electric vehicles for the programme, Toyota also provided its Ha:mo (harmonious mobility) IT system to help people plan their journeys using different transport options, such as buses, trams, bicycles and walking. Electric Concept Vehicles from VW. Electric Mobility Solutions. The right kind of electric car depends on your needs and everyday requirements.

Electric Mobility Solutions

Will you be using your car mainly for urban travel: to and from work? In this case, a fully Electric Vehicle (BEV), like the SEAT Mii electric, would give you full access to urban zones while keeping consumptions costs to an absolute minimum. If you want to travel longer distances (especially outside of urban centres) an e-Hybrid (PHEV – Plugin Hybrid Electric Vehicle) would perhaps be a better option. Vehículo Eléctrico Comercial. Opel realiza todos los esfuerzos necesarios para garantizar que la información contenida en el Sitio sea correcta y esté actualizada.

Vehículo Eléctrico Comercial

Vehículo Eléctrico Comercial. Etsy Carbon-Offset Shipping: Delivering a world of good. Stop co2 - Buy Old and Collectible Stickers at todocoleccion - 161489030. Sempergreen ǀ Market leader in solutions for green roof ǀ living wall ǀ ground cover, naturally! - Sempergreen. Bomba Sumergible Solar AC/DC Aquaroyal 3CV hasta 15,3 m3 y 90 m. MOSO® especialista en bambu. Deze architecten vormen lokale aarde, klaar voor de afvalberg, om tot bouwstof. Op een bijzondere productiesite aan de Brusselse Havenlaan rollen sinds donderdag voor het eerst leemstenen van de band, geperst van lokale aarde, opgegraven in Brusselse werven. De steenproducent in kwestie is BC Materials, een spin-off van het Brusselse architectenbureau BC architects & studies. Naast leemstenen worden op de productiesite ook leempleister en stampleem gemaakt van diezelfde gronden.

‘Leempleister kan je gebruiken om muren mee af te werken, met stampleem kan je dan weer vloeren en niet-dragende binnenwanden maken’, legt Nicolas Coeckelberghs uit, medeoprichter van BC Materials en BC architects & studies. Sinds 2012 experimenteert het architectencollectief volop met lokale materialen: ze bouwden een lemen bakkerstoog in Bokrijk met grind uit de Maas en leem uit de streek, in Stokkem bouwden ze in stampleem een uitkijktoren in een natuurpark en in een hangar in Fort V in Edegem maakten ze samen met een groep vrijwilligers een bioklas uit leemstenen. Coeckelberghs: Ja.

Vrienden van Eco Webshop Ecomondo. Venta Mayorista a comercios - Root ® Gafas y Relojes de Madera Natural, Ecológicos. De duurzame webshop en winkel: eco, bio & zero waste. Lush Nederland. Brushboo - tu alternativa ECO para el día a día. BOLSA ALGODÓN ORGÁNICO Y DE COMERCIO JUSTO – GREENthem. About Us. In 1990, Lawrence Serbin was graduating college and wanted to start a business which would help make the world a better place. As a biology major, he had studied the properties of cannabis hemp. During these studies he discovered that hemp was not just a drug, but had been used since ancient times for its fiber to make rope and textiles.

But because of current drug laws, hemp was outlawed and no longer being utilized. One morning soon after graduation, he awoke and it hit him like a ton of bricks. He would start a hemp company. At that time there were no existing hemp companies and virtually no sources of hemp products. Using a small amount of money given to him by his late grandfather, he purchased a thousand yards of hemp fabric from China.

Simple Ecology - Reusable Bags & Eco-Friendly Goods. Wholesale Customers. EnviGreen Bags Are 100% Organic, Biodegradable, and Eco-Friendly. OrganiCup Menstrual Cup: Easier, Healthier, Greener Periods. Menstrual cup. For all women who want a more comfortable lifeSAFE – MODERN – SIMPLE – ECOLOGICAL – ECONOMICAL – HYGIENIC LadyCup is a new menstrual cup, designed to be introduced similarly to a tampon. During menstruation, menstrual blood is collected in the menstrual cup. LadyCup is made exclusively of medical silicone.

No bacteria can remain on its entirely smooth surface, it does not absorb any liquids, and thus no changes of the natural vaginal environment occur. …..OOGSTEN WAT JE ZAAIT ! Platform voor duurzaamheid binnen het bedrijfsleven. Streetscooter GmbH Elektro Nutzfahrzeuge. Plantbased for meatlovers. Next e.GO Mobile SE - Rethink mobility. Dé scootmobiel, rollator en rolstoel specialist. Luxury Resort Vehicles. ClientEarth. Probiotica in waterkefir. Bacteriën die ten strijde trekken om ons te helpen Probiotica Probiotica zijn bacteriën die de mens goed gezind zijn: ze kunnen helpen een goede gezondheid in stand te houden. Ze helpen dus primair om niet ziek te worden en het zijn geen moderne wondermiddelen. Zoals met zoveel eeuwenoude middelen weten we pas relatief kort hoe ze werken en waarom ze zo goed voor ons zijn.

Alkain - Construcción Ecológica con Materiales Ecológicos - Fibras de Cáñamo sin polvo. COM-CAL Materiales para la restauración, rehabilitación y bioconstrucción. Venta online de materiales y herramientas para la construcción de casas ecológicas. Biohaus - Materiales de construcción ecológicos. Red Verde. Materiales Ecológicos para Bioconstrucción. Inicio - ECOMATÈRIES - Tienda Bioconstrucción. Europe's Nº1 EV Conversion Webshop. Home - New Electric BV. CANNABRIC. Green building. Partners - New Electric BV. New Electric is op zoek naar partners om de wereld elektrisch te maken. U levert de klant, het voertuig en de service. NLelectric. Home - MycoWorks. Recycled Bags. What is mushroom leather? – Charlie Feist. Youtube. Untouched World. Sustainable Merino Clothing. Our Fabrics and Yarns. Soybean - Our Fabrics. NOTHING IS WASTED - Ecorebels. As we learn ways to adapt to the ‘new reality’ brought by the ongoing health crisis, it’s becoming clear that it’s impossible to retain some of our old ways.

This includes our ways of creating products and dealing with waste within the fashion industry. The numbers tell the whole story. The textile industry is the second-largest consumer of water in the world. It also emits more carbon emissions, about 1.2 billion tons annually, than the global aviation and maritime logistics industries combined. On top of that, 85% of the clothes we make end up in landfills. Ever since the Industrial Revolution, most industries including textile have operated in an almost completely linear way.

SPINNOVA OY - Ecorebels. In the fashion industry’s quest for ecological accountability, it looks towards the best model there is - nature itself. One such company, the Finnish brand Spinnova, goes so far as to mimic how spiders spin their webs to create clean and durable fiber filaments. What is it? Based in Jyväskylä, Central Finland, Spinnova aims to create elastic fibers from softwood pulp without using a single chemical. The technology will allow them to use 99% less water compared to that of producing cotton. This chemical-less process distinguishes them from other companies that use the Ioncell method to dissolve wood cellulose. CITRUS SILK - Ecorebels. Who makes it? Orange fibers was founded by Adriana Santanocito and her university colleague Enrica Arena in 2014.

Adriana first had the idea of making sustainable textiles from what was naturally abundant, and widely wasted, in her native Sicilian city of Catania, in 2011. Ms Santonocito's concept was inspired by a question posed in her university dissertation. She found her answer in the university library and now she has a patent on it. Orange Fiber, which now has a team of 12 people, operates from a local juice-processing plant, where it gets its waste material for free. Ecorebels. ECONYL - Ecorebels. Thereby Econyl recovers waste which would otherwise end up in landfills or oceans, causing serious damage to the ecosystem and environment.

PRODUCTION & MATERIAL – Swedish Stockings. Our production is powered by the sun and renewables We produce from recycled and sustainable materials Water used in the dyeing process is purified after use. Swedish Stockings - the only sustainable hosiery brand worldwide. One Planet Only – Our tribute to Sir David Attenborough – Swedish Stockings. Today is UN World Wildlife Day, with the purpose “to celebrate and raise awareness of the world’s wild animals and plants.” This year, with the theme Sustaining all life on earth, we’d like to bring attention to this by launching a Limited edition knee-high as a tribute to Sir David Attenborough, the naturalist who has dedicated his whole life documenting nature and our human impact on it. We take responsibility and act from a sustainable perspective – Swedish Stockings. 2020 is coming to an end and what a year it has been. 2020 has been a year filled with reflection. The choices we make as a company reflect our values, and this year, it has become more evident than ever that we are on the right track.

Earlier this year we announced our ambitions of how to commit further to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. This is what we have accomplished since then: DIVERSITY We have achieved increased diversity in our brand imagery and as an employer, through multiple nationalities, gender and age. Working with diversity is ongoing work for us which we plan to increase further during 2021. Vintagefabriken – vintage och utvald design online. Avocadostore - Eco Fashion & Green Lifestyle - Nachhaltig shoppen. Arquitectura Sostenible. El corcho, un material sostenible con múltiples ventajas para la construcción. Inicio - Barnacork - Productos de corcho - Cork products. Tazzari Zero – Zero Emission Mobility. Climate Revolution.