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Why Spring Is the Perfect Time to Get Kids Outdoors! - Raised Hunting. Spring time is upon us, and it is a great time to share the outdoors with young outdoorsmen and women.

Why Spring Is the Perfect Time to Get Kids Outdoors! - Raised Hunting

Spring is youth hunting and outdoor season, and a perfect opportunity to introduce young men and ladies to the outdoors. There are many opportunities to spend quality time with youth in the spring of the year. Fourth Arrow Camera Arms Review. Lee Vandenbrink and Arron Bleise of Rusted Rooster Media run through a quick Fourth Arrow Camera Arms review and give some filming tips along the way!

Fourth Arrow Camera Arms Review

In this review, Lee and Arron reveal why they use these camera arms when filming the production and hunts of Rival Wild. The most interesting and compelling reason for using the Fourth Arrow Camera Arms is the sturdy, inexpensive, and numerous camera arm base system. The bases are sold in 3 packs and easily set up in multiple tree stand locations. This gives Lee and Arron, as well as the Keefer Brothers the option to simply carry in the arm and the cameras only, instead of a heavy base as well. The arm featured in this review is the Stiff Arm Pro, but Fourth Arrow also offers the Carbon arm, Stiff Arm, and Rex Arm as well as other accessories to make filming easier on the hunters. Fourth Arrow Camera Arms | Stiff Arm Pro Features.

Trail Cameras Weekly “Week 1” For the first week of Trail Cameras Weekly, Weston Schrank will be discussing how to make a mock scrape and use them with trail cameras during October Welcome to trail cameras weekly featured on muddy tv, as you can probably guess this will be a quick video blog every week on trail cameras and how they relate to whitetails and hunters, we will be covering where to put trail cameras, how to set them up, what settings to put them on, quick trail camera tips, and a lot more, all relating to whats going on in the whitetails world during that week.

Trail Cameras Weekly “Week 1”

The videos will be put up every Monday to cover what you should be doing with your trail cameras that week. This will also be semi-live just like the other shows whitetail 101 and trophy pursuit on muddy tv, so you will be seeing intel, pictures, video content from what we are seeing, how we are hunting, and of course how we are going to run trail cameras for the given week. Live Bait Selection by Fish Species - Bait Up. Fishing with live bait is where it all starts.

Live Bait Selection by Fish Species - Bait Up

No fancy, expensive lures but only a worm or a minnow on a hook tied on the end of your rod. Almost every angler has used live bait in the past and still does today either when teaching kids to fish or going after a particular species of fish. Live bait selection is just as varied as fishing with artificial lures. To be successful, whether on the shore for panfish or downrigging for walleyes, you have to decide which bait is your best choice for the situation and the fish species you are targeting. How to Locate Turkeys in the Spring - Raised Hunting. Locating turkeys is half the battle of hunting them.

How to Locate Turkeys in the Spring - Raised Hunting

Some days they are plentiful, other days it seems like you can wear out a pair of boots just trying to find a feather. There are many tricks to the trade to find one of these giant birds. Cameras, glassing, calls; it is the ritual of springtime to hunt these birds and the thunder they emit keeps us coming back for more year after year.

Taking the time to plan to locate birds will greatly increase your chances of success and overall enjoyment in turkey hunting this spring. Roosted is not roasted. Things To Think About When Shopping For Summer Clothing. Shorts and a tee, right?

Things To Think About When Shopping For Summer Clothing

Most people think summer outdoor clothing choices are easy to make. It is hot and you are likely doing something active outside so shorts and a t-shirt will suffice. However, dressing for summer is much more complicated than that. There are several considerations to think about when choosing your summer clothing for outdoor activities. The main point to consider is what activities are you planning to be doing outside, in what sometimes can be extreme heat. The two most important factors in summer clothing choices are staying cool and protecting yourself from sun exposure. Planning and Hunting Food Plots in the South.

Hunting and land management practices in the southern states of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and Mississippi require somewhat of a different strategy than that of the Midwestern states.

Planning and Hunting Food Plots in the South

While we often focus on the Midwest, we can’t ignore the need for some accurate tips and strategies focused specifically on the south. The south requires a very different set of tactics, strategies, and tips. Several factors are responsible for this of which population density, soil type, terrain, median climate, lack of Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) areas, browse quality and quantity all weigh in.

Hunters owning or leasing property, or even hunt clubs in and around the southeast and southern regions utilize food plots in the summer, fall, and winter months not only for the well-being of the deer herd but also for successful hunting. Proper land management practices are a direct influence on the health and benefit of the deer herd of the managed habitat. Hunting Strategies and Summer Food Plots 101 - Big Game Treestands. For most people, hunting over or near a food plot is one of the most enjoyable parts of the season.

Hunting Strategies and Summer Food Plots 101 - Big Game Treestands

It attracts deer and pulls them in from distant bedding areas, and can really give you a great chance at filling your tag. Just like that time Kevin Costner heard “If you build it, they will come,” in his corn field, creating a food plot is almost guaranteed to bring deer in for a closer inspection. But without proper planning and some strategizing, your summer food plots could do more harm than good. You can’t just throw some food plot seeds out in an opening and expect Boone and Crockett deer to come waltzing on in during daylight.

Managing expectations is the most important part of planting a food plot, because it just varies so much across the country. Planning Box Blind Setups for the Early Season. As turkey season starts to wind down across the country and we put our box calls and decoys back in storage, many hunters enter the summer slump.

Planning Box Blind Setups for the Early Season

It’s that weird time of year again where there are no more game animal hunting seasons and deer season seems like a long way off. But luckily, there’s a lot you can do right now to make a big difference this fall. Before you hit the dreaded slump, turn your attention to pairing a box blind setup with an attractive early season food source. It’s the perfect way to keep busy in the offseason and avoid the summer slump blues. Benefits and Challenges with Hunting in Box Blinds. Tips on Getting Permission to Hunt on New Ground - Big Game Treestands.

FEATURE: Dan Aquino Permission.

Tips on Getting Permission to Hunt on New Ground - Big Game Treestands

Quite possibly the most frustrating word in a hunter’s dictionary. Not the weather, the season, or the regulations, or even the game…it’s permission. Getting access is something that strikes fear and frustration in the hearts of many hunters. Hunting land is so parceled into segments and sub-segments it is no wonder those struck with a deep sense of wanderlust exit for the West when given the chance to search for larger parcels of land rich in the game to roam. Late Season Turkey Hunting. Hopefully, you’ve already put a nice tom down and on the table this spring. However, it doesn’t always work out the way you want. Calendars fill up, the weather might not cooperate, and the birds might be even less accommodating. But there’s still time to pull it off this year if you haven’t yet. Why Fishing with Live Bait Makes Sense - Bait Up. Lure choice, one of the biggest and most challenging choices for anglers, is more complex than ever. There are aisles of fishing lures at sporting goods stores and anglers are toting overflowing tackle boxes with them on each fishing excursion.

In reality, all these artificial lures are only trying to mimic live bait. The Essentials of Keeping Live Bait Alive - Bait Up. Spring fishing season is officially here, and the dog days of summer are not far behind. Many anglers are stowing away their parkas and ice shacks in exchange for lightweight windbreakers and sunglasses as they begin spending countless hours on the water in search of fish. It doesn’t matter if you consider yourself a professional angler or just a weekend warrior, you likely understand how important factors like variety and presentation are when it comes to catching fish day in and day out. This is why anglers, regardless of fishing saltwater or freshwater species have countless fishing lures and rigs set up and ready. What is enticing to a fish right now may not be enticing tomorrow, neither ensuring that you have plenty of tackle and fishing lures at the ready is often what is necessary to ensure that you see some action during the course of the day.

As far as fishing lures go, most anglers likely cut their teeth by fishing with live bait. The Live Bait Fishing Legacy. Bow Hunting Considerations for Lower Poundage Shooters. There are many options of compound bows available for the modern day bowhunter; from youth to seasoned hunter, short or tall, young and old. Archers who shoot bows with a draw weight of 50-pounds or more and with a draw length of 27 inches or more have unlimited options in rests, arrows, and broadhead selections. However, bow hunting has steadily risen in popularity over the last decade among hunters; especially women and youth hunters. Home of The Brotherhood - Bone Collector. Home of The Brotherhood - Bone Collector. Coyote Hunting in the Kansas Plains. In this episode of Winchester TV, the Keefer Brothers head to the Kansas plains for coyote hunting. Coyote hunting in the plains of Kansas showcases the need for a perfected gear combination.

This episode highlights coyote hunting gear needed to take down this challenging game. The gear includes a firearm and ammunition combination in order to reach out and touch coyotes at far distances, a call, and visual attraction, and some camouflage to brush into the little cover available. Coyote Hunting Gear Used Coyote hunting comes with its own set of challenges, but then again so does hunting the plains of Kansas. Fishing, Bowfishing, and Froggin’ Lifestyle Camo. Summertime is fast approaching and that means one thing for serious outdoorsmen and women…it’s time to dust off those rods and bowfishing bows that have been tucked away throughout the winter and head to the water.

Fishing, bowfishing, and frogging in the summertime offers outdoor enthusiasts a perfect opportunity to get on the water and go after their favorite fish species, or hone their stealth abilities sneaking up on an unsuspecting bull frog. Michael Waddell’s Tips - Bone Collector. Tips for Becoming a Better Shot This Summer. (Feature- Team Radical) Anything can throw an arrow off the mark. Which Broadheads Should You Use and Why? Feature: Team Radical We hunt in an age of specialization.

Effective Turkey Decoy Strategies for Hunting Out of Ground Blinds. Few turkey hunters today head to the woods without having one or more decoys with them. Whether you are run and gunning turkeys in big timber country or hopping ground blinds in southern agricultural fields, decoys can help bring that boss gobbler those extra steps needed to make the kill. 3 Things You Need When Bow Hunting Turkeys - Raised Hunting. Bow hunting turkeys adds another challenge to the often times difficult feat of harvesting a spring tom.

Most hunters know the number one reason why bow hunting turkeys is so difficult…the draw. Elk Hunting Success Story for a Young Hunter - GO WILD CAMO. Elk Hunting Success Story for a Young Hunter - GO WILD CAMO. Clover Food Plot and Tree Stand Placement Tips - Big Game Treestands. Spring is in the air and chasing white-tailed deer is likely the last thing on your mind, however, the spring months offer those who have a passion for deer hunting an opportunity to fine-tune the placement and positions of their deer stands. Deer hunting is a sport that requires a “trial and error” approach in order to be successful. Just about the time you think you have checked all the boxes, and you have your tree stand placed perfectly, and you have done your due diligence to address all of the variables, something unforeseen arises and it is back to the drawing board.

Though it may seem frustrating, the constant grind that comes with punching a tag only helps to make success even sweeter and often teaches us a thing or two that we can apply to future hunts. Tree stand placement is often a product of two things, the type of area you are hunting (funnel, bedding area, food source, etc.) and the available cover that you have to place a tree stand. WILEY X® INTRODUCES THREE POPULAR SUNGLASS MODELS. Peterson’s Bowhunting - Raised Hunting. By: Emily Katner.

The Easiest Way to Pattern a Shotgun for Turkeys. Two Hunters Better Than One? Spring Turkey Hunting Methods. Exclusive Turkey Q&A with Michael Waddell and "T-Bone" Turner - Bone Collector. Bow Hunting Wild Hogs and Javelina. Deer Hunting Accessories for Spring Wildlife Habitat Projects - Big Game Treestands. Wild Game Recipe - Raised Hunting. Wild Game Recipe - Raised Hunting. Venison Wellington - Raised Hunting. Venison Holiday Appetizer - Raised Hunting. Which Turkey Call is Right for You? - Bone Collector.

Turkey Hunting with Bale Blinds. Michael Waddell Turkey Reaping…with a .410 Shotgun! - Bone Collector. How to Get Kids Hooked on Turkey Hunting - Raised Hunting. Choosing the Best Turkey Hunting Ground Blind. Last-Minute Adjustments for Turkey Hunting Practice - Bone Collector. Grilled Wild Turkey - Raised Hunting. Italian Bear Sausage Breakfast Burrito - Raised Hunting. VIDEO: Turkey’s Head is Literally Blown Off! - Bone Collector. Tackling Tricky Turkeys. Add a Splash of Moon Shine Camo® to your Spring and Summer. Outdoor Clothing and Camping Tips for Spring. Preparing Youth Hunters for Their First Turkey Hunt - Raised Hunting. Hunting Accessories - Big Game Treestands. Which Fits Your Hunting Style? - Big Game Treestands. T-Bone’s Hunting Trip Travel Tips - Bone Collector.

Feeders, Flashes, and Feathers. The Power of Perennials. Hiking Clothing for Late Winter and Early Spring. Fishing Camo Patterns for All Your Fishing Gear. Ice Fishing Clothing for the Family. Start New Year’s Resolutions Off Right! Cold Weather Outdoor Clothing Tips. Preparation, Training, and Workouts. Outdoor Clothing Necessities for Fall. Outdoor Clothing Necessities for Fall. Outdoor Clothing That is Casual and Bold. 5 Must-Haves When Turkey Hunting with a Bow. Locating Gobbler Hot Spots for Your Ground Blinds - Big Game Treestands. Reconyx Trail Cameras Review. Shed Dog Training Tips - Raised Hunting. DiamondBack Truck Covers Review. Preseason To-Do List - Bone Collector. Burning For Deer and Turkey - Bone Collector.

Practical Thermal Imaging for Hunters: Part One - Gridiron Outdoors hosted by Mike Pawlawski. Practical Thermal Imaging for Hunters: Part Two - Gridiron Outdoors hosted by Mike Pawlawski. Shed Hunting - Raised Hunting. What You can Discover by Finding Deer Sheds - Raised Hunting. Why Do We Hunt For Shed Antlers? - Raised Hunting.

How to Train Yourself To Find More Shed Antlers. How to Correct Your Archery Form Problems - Raised Hunting. The Beginning of Raised Hunting - Raised Hunting. Late Season Tactics and Gear - Raised Hunting. Two Tricks to Bag More Geese - Raised Hunting. Raised Hunting 2017 ATA Show Recap - Raised Hunting. Hunting Product Reviews. Does Your Camo Outerwear Stand Up To Shed Hunting? How Necessary Are Turkey Hunting Camo Patterns? How Necessary Are Turkey Hunting Camo Patterns? Shed Hunting the South Versus the Midwest - Bone Collector. Planning an Out of State D-I-Y Turkey Hunt - Bone Collector.

Top 6 Best Places to Find Shed Antlers. 3 Setups for Turkey Hunting With a Bow. Winter Bow Hunting Practice for the Upcoming Turkey Season. Fooling Wylie With The Right Predator Hunting Camo. What Makes A Good Blind? - Big Game Treestands. What You Can Learn From Shooting Competition Bows. Prime Bow Reviews. Elk Shed Hunting Tips - Bone Collector. Game-Changing Hunting Products for Your Hunting Strategy. Which Western Camo Patterns are Best for Your Hunt? The Pros and Cons of Finding “Dead Heads”