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Fireplace Marble Mantels – Stone Fireplaces. Marble Fireplaces Sale – Stone Fireplaces. Travertine Fireplace Mantels – Stone Fireplaces. Providence is a simple and more modern fireplace design that is fitting for almost any style home. This Providence fireplace is carved from Travertine that looks rugged, aged or antique. This beautiful fireplace mantel design has smooth flowing curves and line that give it a soft contemporary or modern design of a timeless elegant fireplace. Providence Fireplace Mantel Surround the profile sets this fireplace mantel apart from other Louis fireplaces and apart from more elaborate French designs.

Unapologetically bold this fireplace is crowned with an audacious mantelpiece that makes certain that this fireplace surround does not to go unnoticed. Providence is compatible with both a modern homes as it is in the juxtaposed baroque home. Sandstone Fireplace Surround – Stone Fireplaces. Fireplace Mantels and Surrounds for Sale – Stone Fireplaces. Limestone Fireplace Mantels and Surrounds - Stone Fireplaces. The Rose Tudor Fireplace is a great classic fireplace mantel design. The Rose Tudor Fireplace can be made from many different types of stones including Marble, Limestone, Sandstone and Cast Stone. This particular Rose Tudor Fireplace is made from plaster. The plaster hearth, plaster mantel shelf, and plaster legs are all made from the same color and texture plaster. When made from cast stone the Rose Tudor Fireplace can be made in a smooth cast stone, textured cast stone, or a travertine type stone.

Cast Stone Fireplace - Stone Fireplaces. Stone and marble fireplaces - Stone Fireplaces.