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Sarah Miklich

Sarah Miklich’s broad experience comprises nearly 10 years in various roles in the senior housing industry that have resulted in expertise in the sales & marketing of new & stabilized communities, daily operations within the community, new community development & openings. Prior to joining NorthPoint Development / Stonecrest Senior Living, she served various roles over 7 years with Sunrise Senior Living which included Development Coordination for various new communities being developed in the Southeast Region. These projects included communities in Florida, North Carolina, Texas, Louisiana & Georgia. She also successfully served as Director of Sales & Marketing in communities located in Colorado and Missouri. While in Development, Sarah assisted in the entitlement process as well as the coordination of the Operations and Sales & Marketing teams from ground breaking through new community opening. In her roles in the Sales & Marketing of communities, Sarah was successful in the strategic sales & marketing of Entrance Fee Independent Living Cottage homes, Independent Living, Assisted Living & Memory Care residential apartments. It is in this capacity that she gained experience in the impact Operations & Sales have within the community. She managed a Sales Team and worked very closely with the Operations team in reaching & maintaining high occupancy levels.

5 Tips to Reduce Stress Among Your Elderly. Aging comes with new concerns.

5 Tips to Reduce Stress Among Your Elderly

If you have elderly at home, there is so much to consider, including managing their health, finances and even stress. These challenges can be worrisome and keep you up at night. But don’t worry, we’ve listed some ideas to help your seniors release stress. Do you have elderly parents who suffer from stress or anxiety? Fear, stress, and anxiety is common in seniors, especially those who feel isolated due to the loss of loved ones, or their children moving away or some illness. Look for a Short-term Solution The simplest thing can be adding some short-term distractions to their lives. Gift a Pet A pet is a great way to keep your loved ones busy and relaxed.

Ways To Find An Environment Friendly Retirement Community. With many nations around the world declaring a growing commitment to caring for our planet, organizations everywhere are opting for environment friendly decisions when it comes to building, designing and operating on an everyday basis.

Ways To Find An Environment Friendly Retirement Community

Senior living communities are no exception, with an increasing number of “eco friendly” versions popping up across the country. Many older adults are paying more and more attention to green practices, or seeking those out during their search for a senior community. Standards For Environment Friendly Living: There are basically two types that can be used as eco-friendly qualifiers: The organization’s appliance Energy Star ratings, which are ascertained according to the government issued label stating energy efficiently.The community’s LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environment Design) certification, which is an extensively recognized building program awarded by the U.S. A Few Steps For The Environment: Reasons to Pick the Right Senior Living Facility for Seniors. Questions to Ask When Choosing a Memory Care Assisted Living.

According to the Alzheimer’s Association, every 67 seconds someone in the US is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and there are around 5 million Americans living with this harmful disease.

Questions to Ask When Choosing a Memory Care Assisted Living

When you have a loved one diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer it becomes stressful for you too. Memory Loss: When It’s Not Just About Forgetfulness. As the aging process begins, it’s normal to forget things from time to time.

Memory Loss: When It’s Not Just About Forgetfulness

However, how much forgetfulness is too much? How can you find out whether your memory drifts are within the normal aging process or a symptom of something more serious? Memory loss is a side effect of aging, but it may not necessarily be ‘dementia’. The symptoms of dementia comprises of — being unable to remember things, becoming lost in familiar places, getting confused about time, places and people, repeating the same story over and over, neglecting personal safety, nutrition and being unable to follow directions. However, many elders can experience some of these symptoms without having dementia.

What Are The Causes Of Memory Loss? With advancing age, memory loss in elderly is quite common and so the earlier you act, the better your chances of saving your memory. Use of Drugs: Prescription and over the counter items affects your memory loss because the body processes drugs more slowly as you age. 2. 3. 4. 5. Senior Living Retirement Communities at Wildwood, MO. How To Choose an Assisting Living Facility? Do you know what makes assisted living facility so special?

How To Choose an Assisting Living Facility?

They offer some magnificent services that usually include help with day to day activities, such as dressing, bathing, grooming and the like. Assisted living can provide a wonderful living environment for the aging population. Meals are often served in a cafeteria style atmosphere. Also, they offer essential health care and general help such as reminders to take medication. Whereas seniors in nursing homes are being given assistance in daily chores and are also monitored by round the clock nursing staff. Are You Searching For Assisted Living in St. Louis? People these days should make assisted living a significant part of their retirement plan if they wish to afford a nice place for the golden years of life.

Are You Searching For Assisted Living in St. Louis?

With a thriving senior population, St. Louis MO is one of the largest cities for assisted living communities. If you are facing issues with daily chores, you may need to consider joining one of the best assisted living communities. This way, you will be able to enjoy a maintenance free lifestyle where your dignity and freedom are fully encouraged and supported. The variety of activities, culture and fine dining can be found in the city of St. Many of the assisted living communities provide great amenities such as: planned trips, on-site beautician services, pet friendly housing, customized meal plans and convenient access to public transportation.

When you are looking for your new home in St. Above all, it’s important that you visit the place that ends up on the top of your list. 6 Valentine’s Day Party Games for Senior Residents. Instead of taking our elders for granted, it'd be great if we can do something special for them on the Valentine’s Day.

6 Valentine’s Day Party Games for Senior Residents

When our seniors were young, they also had some love stories so we can make an effort to reminisce those wonderful times. Romance and being in love is meant for people of all ages. We see couples hand in hand in restaurants, theatres and walking the streets but sometimes behave oddly when an old couple shows PDA (Public Display Affection). This shows we need to adopt a more liberal view when it comes to showing affection and love. Love is meant for anyone and that’s all matters. Newlywed Game: In order to play this game, you may consider recruiting married couples. Valentine Pictionary: