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Easy Tips To Help Elderly This Flu Season. With the arrival of the winter season, comes the fear of flu and its symptoms.

Easy Tips To Help Elderly This Flu Season

As far as seniors are concerned, it becomes essential for both, elderly and their caregivers to follow some preventive measures. Without a doubt seniors are at greater risk of flu and infections during winter months. 5 Ideas To Celebrate The Holidays With Loved Ones In Assisted Living Facilities. Assisted living facilities are gaining popularity these days for a number of reasons.

5 Ideas To Celebrate The Holidays With Loved Ones In Assisted Living Facilities

If you have elderly living there and you want to make them feel special this holiday season, here are some great ideas. Explore and have fun! No matter the reasons your seniors are residing in an assisted living facility, they need your attention during the holiday season. Away from their families, in a senior care center, they still need to feel they are at home. This feeling of being at "home" can be easily highlighted during the holidays. Assisted Living - Stonecrest Rochester Hills. 10 ENGAGING ACTIVITIES FOR PEOPLE WITH DEMENTIA. Memories are treasures we want to keep with us till we are alive.


People with Dementia tend to forget them and so here are 10 activities to help them. Dementia is a state where a person’s memory tends to fade away with time. The memories which are one’s precious treasure will soon start diminishing as if those memories never existed. How to Celebrate Halloween with Your Grandkids. From pumpkin carving to haunted houses, these ideas guarantee an unforgettable Halloween with your grandchildren.

How to Celebrate Halloween with Your Grandkids

Did you know that Halloween is the second most popular holiday in the United States? This is the day when excitement is high. The enthusiasm for Halloween is matchless, especially among kids. 5 Engaging Activities for People with Dementia. If there is someone in your family who is suffering from dementia, there is a good chance you would like to help them improve.

5 Engaging Activities for People with Dementia

Below are some engaging activities that can help people with dementia. Did you know as per the Alzheimer’s Association maintaining strong social connections and staying mentally active can help lower the risk of cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s? If you are looking for ways to build connections with a loved one who has dementia, here are 5 activities to help keep your loved one engaged; Set a Routine Experts say that a simple daily or weekly routines will lead to improvement in your aging loved one’s quality of life.

The Benefits of Meditation on Senior Health. A recent study found that mindfulness meditation can help older adults to overcome loneliness.

The Benefits of Meditation on Senior Health

This is an important benefit for seniors because loneliness is a significant risk factor for several health conditions such as Alzheimer's and cardiovascular disease. How Mindfulness Meditation Helps To Overcome Loneliness The principal benefit of mindfulness meditation is that it supports people living in the present moment. This is particularly essential to overcoming loneliness because the internal and external conditions of loneliness take place in the existing moment. The practice also supports the development of more effective social skills.

Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate for Seniors. Chocolate has the credit of being a sweet and sinful treat that is full of calories and sugar.

Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate for Seniors

But according to research, by consuming chocolate there may be surprising health benefits. There are many different benefits from eating chocolate. It contains antioxidants that help your immune system by lowering the risk of infection. We have listed additional benefits of eating chocolate below. Recently a study was conducted at the University of Oslo in Norway that showed that there is a connection between the brain function of elderly and chocolate cocoa. Further studies have shown that chocolate can also be beneficial for the heart. When utilized in moderation, this yummy treat has some very important health advantages for elders which are listed below. Good For The Heart - Chocolate improves blood flow which also decreases the chance of blood clots in elders. How Indoor & Outdoor Gardening is a Rewarding Activity for Seniors. Gardening for seniors allows many therapeutic benefits for seniors.

How Indoor & Outdoor Gardening is a Rewarding Activity for Seniors

It is beneficial because they can enjoy fresh air, they are doing something very fruitful, and they are getting exercise to improve their health. They are planting and harvesting fresh vegetables and fruit that they can eat, and cultivate beautiful flowers that they can admire. Major Advantages of Gardening for Seniors: Mentally Challenging — Gardening can support seniors mind’s by performing different tasks and challenges. Gardening demands close attention to detail. Develops Strength and Durability — Gardening for seniors demands some lifting, bending, and walking around. Delays Osteoporosis — Gardening can benefit seniors by strengthening their bones, which is excellent for preventing or inhibiting osteoporosis. Reduces Stress — Gardening encourages stress relief in seniors. Social Interaction — Like other rewarding activities for seniors, gardening gives them the opportunity to work and interact with others.

Tips for Touring An Assisted Living Community. When touring an assisted living community, it is important to take time to ask as many questions as you can.

Tips for Touring An Assisted Living Community

Be prepared with these tips. Finding the appropriate senior assisted living facility for your loved is one of the most significant decisions you will initiate as a caregiver. Tours are an exceptional way to decide which location is the best choice. These tours will give you an opportunity to see where your loved one would be relaxing, eating, and spend time, as well as asking the staff questions and getting a fresh view on how other residents are doing.

Tips for Staying Hydrated in the Summer for Seniors - Vimeo. Ways to Celebrate Milestone Birthdays of Seniors. As you age, birthdays seem to become even more special whether you are going to be 50 or 100.

Ways to Celebrate Milestone Birthdays of Seniors

You obviously don’t want to celebrate your 70th birthday the same way you celebrated a decade earlier. The time has come for you to break the routine. The choice of whether or not to celebrate a birthday is a personal decision for seniors. As we enter the month of parties where our weekends are spent celebrating grads, communions, confirmations and many more let’s have a look at some interesting ways you can celebrate your senior’s loved one’s birthday: Choose a Destination: Take a vacation, this will help break the monotony of your normal routine.

Top Senior Discounts You Should Know About. Is your retirement everything you have always dreamt of? You now have freedom to pursue your new interests and hobbies. You are growing on a personal level and building new relationships. How To Keep Senior’s Heart Healthy - Submit Free Article. Seniors can easily keep their hearts healthy even when they are older by changing a few bad habits and incorporating some good ones. It’s never too late to start a healthy lifestyle and keep heart diseases in check. Heart disease is one of the major threats to elderly people these days. Tips for Staying Hydrated in the summer for Seniors. Some parts of the southern U.S. has started to experience temperatures in the nineties and above, so it’s good time to think about maintaining good health in the warm weather while keeping ourselves colder. Seniors are more likely to experience the devastating effects of hot weather in the form of heat exhaustion, heat stroke and heat cramps.

In order to stay out of health trouble in the warm climatic conditions seniors need to understand their own limits, get protection from the sun and stay hydrated by drinking enough water. The following are some useful tips for seniors to stay healthy in summer heat: Avoid Consuming Dehydrating Substances: All forms of alcohol and coffee are diuretics. This means that they flush out the much required water from the body and ultimately cause mild dehydration in the process.Drink Lots of Water: To beat heat stroke and exhaustion, you must have plenty of water. How Gaining Weight Is a Big Problem Among Seniors. Affects Of Age on Senior Driving – Warning signs of unsafe driving. As we age driving remains an essential element of maintaining our independence. However, it’s usual for our driving abilities to change as we get elder. By incorporating safe driving practices you might be in a position continue driving safely into your senior years.

You may have driven your whole life at ease and take immense pride in a safe record, however as you age it is important that you realize you’re driving capabilities changes with time. How Consumption of Alcohol for Senior Can Be Harmful To Their Health. As people get older, their bodies change. They tend to develop chronic health problems and may have to take more medications than they used to. All of these changes can pose a lot of wellness problems for seniors. Although moderate drinking can have a positive impact on senior’s health, heavy drinking can have negative effects.

For seniors dealing with chronic conditions or may be on medications, any amount of alcohol may cause health issues. Some of the physical symptoms of alcohol abuse comprise of: Difficulty in concentrationChanges in eating habitsBlurred vision and dry mouthPoor hygieneCognitive impairmentSlurred speechSleep changesUnexplained bruisingVomiting or unexplained stomach painsAgitation Many seniors take medicines which include over the counter drugs and prescription drugs. Tips on Communicating With Alzheimer's Patients.

10 Things You Can Do To Combat Senior Isolation. As the baby boomers grow older, isolation among seniors will continue to increase in prevalence. 5 Best Options To Pay For Assisted Living in Michigan. Stonecrest of Rochester Hills — Ways to Save Money with Assisted Living Rochester... Stonecrest of Rochester Hills - Senior Housing Michigan : Celebrate Older Americans Month 2017 with Your Loved Ones. The 2017 older Americans month theme is called ‘age out loud’. What it means to age has changed and older Americans month 2017 is a good opportunity to recognize and celebrate what getting older looks like in today’s world. We can make the most of this day by sharing stories or experiences of older adults and those that serve them.

Stonecrest of Rochester Hills - Senior Housing Michigan : Tips to Find the Senior Living Near Detroit with Overall Care. Modern senior living communities in Detroit MI are not the same as you might remember. It wasn't that long ago that assisted living homes were thought to be for just the physically impaired seniors.Today you will come across a diverse variety of senior living communities with state of the art services, professional medical staff and effective monitoring.

Senior Assisted Living Rochester Hills. Stonecrest of Rochester Hills - Senior Housing Michigan : Tips to Finding Inexpensive Assisted Living Around Detroit. There are some states in U.S. where government programs can help pay for the cost of assisted living. A Remarkable Guide to Look Younger than Your Age. Assisted Living vs. Nursing Home — Which One is Right for Your Loved One. At some point in your life, you realize that your loved one has reached the point where they need more care than you can give. Valentine’s Day Tips for Families Visiting Assisted Living Communities. 6 Functional Gift Ideas for Seniors in An Assisted Living Facility – Site Title. When it comes to gifting elders, you always want to choose what matches their style and personality. 5 Reasons to Choose Assisted Living. Explore 5 Reasons Why People Fear Of Growing age! In your childhood, you might have heard that age brings intelligence, wisdom, beauty and experience. Senior Housing Michigan.