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Senior Living Apartments: Types, Services & Qualifications - DailyMotion Video. Senior Living Apartments: Type, Services and Qualifications. Before moving into senior living apartment, it is important to think over the accommodations and amenities available.

Senior Living Apartments: Type, Services and Qualifications

Senior living apartments are suitable for the seniors looking for affordable accommodation where they can be taken care of. Generally, senior living apartments offer services like dining, housekeeping, basic medical care and social activities. From a single room to the luxury suite, you can choose from a wide range of housing options according to your budget and comfort. Who Can Live There? Senior living apartments are made for all seniors age 55 or older. One or Two BedroomsChoice of Private or Shared ApartmentsChoice of Fully Furnished ApartmentsShowers and Safety FeaturesTVCommunity Dining Room with 2–3 Times MealLaundry Rooms with Washers and Dryers Premium Amenities May Include: Pharmacy Home DeliveryRecreational and Educational ActivitiesTransportation24 Emergency StaffDaily Bed Making. Benefits Of Socialization For Caregivers and Care-receivers.

Have you noticed a change in the behavior of your beloved seniors?

Benefits Of Socialization For Caregivers and Care-receivers

Are you worried that your loved one is not getting out of the house enough? Listed below are the benefits of socialization for seniors and their caregivers. There can be many reasons why elderly adults isolate themselves and become less socially active than before. 5 Fun Activities For Senior Living Homes. Staying in assisted living homes doesn’t have to be boring.

5 Fun Activities For Senior Living Homes

There is a lot you can add in to make it a more interesting and happier place. Find out 5 activities that can turn even the most sluggish environment into a more active one. Are they really boring? Are there no activities available? Suicide and Seniors: Warning Signs and How to Help. Essential Safety Tips to Prevent Seniors From Accidental Falls in the Winter. Winter is knocking on the door, and with it will come the problems associated with the season.

Essential Safety Tips to Prevent Seniors From Accidental Falls in the Winter

While it brings forth Christmas time, it is worth noticing that it can be a quite dangerous time for the elderly. They might face accidents due to falling on snow, ice or even wet surfaces during this time. How Couples Can Benefit from Living in Senior Communities. 5 Smart Tips for Seniors to Eat Healthier. How Exercise Can Protect the Brain From Alzheimer’s! Exercising regularly offers great protection against Alzheimer's disease.

How Exercise Can Protect the Brain From Alzheimer’s!

According to a recent study, it has shown to be true, even for people genetically at risk. Generally, people indulging in more moderate physical activities are more likely to have healthy patterns of glucose metabolism in their brains, which is a sign of healthy brain activity. Below are some of the health benefits of exercising that can guard the brain against the Alzheimer’s!

Regular Exercise According to studies by the Alzheimer’s Research & Prevention Foundation, regular physical exercise can reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease by up to 50 percent. Seniors should aim for at least two hours or more of moderate exercise each week. Building muscles pump up your brain. There are many advantages to older couples moving into an assisted living community.

Because seniors have worked all their lives, looked after children and want to have a simpler life, a senior independent living community may be the answer. From health to housing options, the senior care community is equipped with a wide range of services that can make senior couple’s life easier. Have you ever thought about moving into an assisted living facility with your spouse?

There are many benefits to older couples when they move to an assisted living facility. 6 Simple Ideas to Protect Your Vision As You Age. Learn how to take a Caregiving Break. Learn how to take a caregiving break.

Learn how to take a Caregiving Break

For caregivers, it is important to stay healthy. To do this it is essential to take regular breaks and give yourself to feel refreshed. Here are some tips on how to the much needed micro breaks during the day. 3 Common Myths of Aging You Should Know - Vimeo. Senior Assisted Living Communities in St. Louis: 3 Common Myths Of Aging You Need To Know. It is a fact that everyone gets older.

Senior Assisted Living Communities in St. Louis: 3 Common Myths Of Aging You Need To Know

However, with this fact, there is a list of myths about aging that needs to be debunk. No matter how much you try, you cannot keep yourself from aging. Even if you try to keep yourself young, using Botox, cosmetic surgery, or anything else, growing older is simply not going to go away. There's nothing you can do about it, everyone ages. But this doesn’t mean you need to fear of aging! 5 Things You Should Never Say to Your Caregivers. Caregivers do a noble job by taking care of your beloved elders.

5 Things You Should Never Say to Your Caregivers

The job also requires them to be determined and sensitive. It’s important to remember that they are human beings first and foremost. They may feel frustrated, exhausted or discouraged. Sometime they are so tired or low that they can take your well-meaning but careless comments in the wrong way. How to support a senior suffering from food insecurity. Insecurity of food has really proven to be a matter of great concern for Americans.

How to support a senior suffering from food insecurity

Did you know it has adversely affected more than 15 million citizens? There are several issues like poverty, shortage of jobs, and many more contributing to the growth of this problem. Food insecurity is a state in which a family has inadequate access to healthy food, which they can afford but still suffers from hunger. Seniors constitute a majority of the population suffering from food insecurity. The worst thing is that it has been found in several studies that seniors who suffer from food insecurity are likely to be prone to develop prolonged health problems. In case your loved ones are fighting food insecurity, take some time to understand the factors responsible for it. 5 Positive Effects of Humor for the Elderly. Summary: Laughter brings happiness and joy to all, but for the seniors, it is even more important. Find out how it helps them to stay healthy.

We are sure you have heard the old saying that laughter is the best medicine. This has turned out to be true, various studies have shown different ways laughter is great for your health. How to Find The Right Assisted Living for Senior Couples. Finding a senior care community for both parents with different health needs is challenging. We have listed some tips you can use to simplify your search for the right assisted living facility. Finding assisted living for a single senior can be pretty easy. But things become more difficult when it comes to finding a single facility for both parents with different needs. Gait and Balance Disorders in Seniors: Signs, Symptoms and Treatment. Gait and balance disorders in seniors are characterized by poor balance and instability in their gait.

We have rounded up some essential information about gait and balance disorders that you need to know. Gait and balance disorder is common in aged adults and is one of the major causes of falls. In this disorder an aged adult, even a healthy one, is not able to secure their balance due to erratic foot placement, instability of trunk and bilateral posture. Balance problems make them vulnerable to injury, disability and other serious health concerns which further affect their quality of life. 7 Reasons Why Seniors Have Trouble Sleeping. To stay healthy, it is important for you to have good sleep. However with growing age it’s easy to start falling short of hours needed for healthy sleep. We have listed what leads to this deficiency.

Are you experiencing some changes in your sleeping patterns? Are you becoming sleepy earlier? Or you are waking up earlier? Whatever the reason is, disturbed sleep leads to waking up already being tired. Below are listed some common causes of sleep problem in seniors; Bad sleep environment: Is someone in your home into the habit of watching TV until late at night?

Pain or health conditions: Aging can lead to several health problems like frequent need to urinate, pain, diabetes, osteoporosis, arthritis, asthma, nighttime heartburn, and in some cases Alzheimer’s disease. Medications: With the increase of health problem also increases the number of medications. Tips For Planning Activities To Keep Alzheimer's Patients Busy. Taking care of the elderly can be a challenging task. If the senior is suffering from Alzheimer's, it can be even more difficult. Don’t fret over we have listed tips on how you can keep such patients busy. Did you know it is highly important to keep Alzheimer’s patients busy in order to stimulate their brains? People with dementia need a sense of usefulness and accomplishment. But as time passes they start losing the ability to select satisfying activities. THE BASICS OF AN IDEAL ASSISTED LIVING FACILITY. How The Retirement Community Industry Has Evolved Over Time.

Retirement communities have gone beyond the nursing homes of the yesteryear's. We’ve listed what you can expect from the today’s retirement community industry. There was a time when seniors only had nursing homes or old age homes to look at after retirement. Over the years, the retirement community has gone beyond these nursing homes. Today the industry has evolved into levels and types of designated senior living arrangements that are covered by the category of senior housing. Unlike nursing homes, modern retirement living facilities have everything to let the seniors live a wonderful life.

So are todays senior living facilities different from their yesteryear’s counterparts? Let’s have a look: 6 Simple Stress Managing Tips for Seniors – Olizin. Stonecrest of Town & Country — How Seniors Can Make New Friends in Assisted... Stonecrest at Clayton View: Senior Living St Louis MO: Safety Features to Look in Assisted Living in St. Louis, MO. Senior Assisted Living Communities in St. Louis: Ideal Size of Retirement Community in St. Louis for Your Parents. Making a decision on the perfect size of a retirement community in St. Louis highly depends upon the preferences of your parents. A community with thousands of residents might feel like home to one person, but to another, a more intimate setting that houses less than 3 dozen residents might be a more suitable fit.

Usually, people who live in an urban environment might like a big community with a huge access to make more friends. If people have lived in more of rural areas they might find a smaller environment setting more comfortable since it gives them more opportunities to explore the world around them. Senior Assisted Living Communities in St. Louis: Choose Between Retirement Communities and Assisted Living in St. Louis. Stonecrest of Town & Country — How Moving Into Senior Living Homes in St Louis... Senior Assisted Living Communities in St. Louis: Retirement: It’s Time to Prepare for the Rest of Your Life.

Given the challenges we face in our retirement years, it's important to devote plenty of time to determine how you will live a long, happy and comfortable life for years to come. So, before it's too late, make the best possible decisions and be sure not to miss anything in your retirement planning. Senior Assisted Living Communities in St. Louis: How to Find the Right Senior Living in St Louis Missouri. Assisted Living 1 & 2 Bedroom Floor Plans in Town & Country St. Louis. Senior Living Community Programs in Town & Country. Why Loneliness Can Be Fatal In Seniors and How to Help. Great Valentine's Day Gifts for Seniors. When you visit nearby stores during this time of year, you'll notice a unique range of gift items in red, pink, chocolates and flowers that seem to occupy the shops everywhere.

This is how you know Valentine’s Day is approaching and the time has come for you to express your love towards the ones you can’t live without. And, don't forget, they can be your elders too because love is not just for young couples. Why Assisted Living Is Better Alternative to Nursing Homes in St Louis? With a friendly environment, less cost, choice of accommodation and a range of activities, assisted living facilities have emerged as a better alternative for seniors.

How Much Does Assisted Living Cost in St Louis? Senior Living Community St Louis. 5 Defy-Your-Age Tips to Look Young and Feel Young. Senior Assisted Living Communities in St. Louis: Age Related Memory Loss Makes Housing Concerns Complicated. Declining Memory is a common complaint among elders which is often frustrating. St. Louis Senior Living. Assisted Living In St. Louis.