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Eight ways to kill an idea : FLIRTing with the Crowds
Virtual Morality Virtual Morality Technology is dragging morality into some deep and murky philosophical waters, forcing us to reexamine our understanding of it as many of us choose to become actors in virtual worlds. By putting choice and consequence in closed virtual worlds where we can kill without harming others or facing punishment ourselves, we are forced to reconsider the case for moral behavior. New videogames such as Grand Theft Auto IV and online communities such as Second Life, invite an increasingly large percentage of society to participate in fantasy worlds where we are invited to experience life without rules – to be the bad guy or the sexual deviant. The implicit suggestion of these products is that, like gravity, morality does not necessarily exist in a virtual world. Morality and consequence can be switched off.
ORLANDO, Fla.--OK, IT managers, it's time to loosen up. That's how analysts advised Gartner Symposium attendees here Monday, arguing that corporate computing departments shouldn't block social networking and that security shouldn't completely lock down communications with the outside world. And even if information technology authorities want to shut down such activity, they can't. Gartner: Loosen up on social networks, security | Deep Tech - CN Gartner: Loosen up on social networks, security | Deep Tech - CN
Steven Pressfield Blog | A Video Series and Blog from Author and What It Takes Creating New Stars By Callie Oettinger | Published: January 17, 2014 “To an engineer, fan belts exist between the crankshaft and the water pump. Steven Pressfield Blog | A Video Series and Blog from Author and
Spa City fifth-graders first in region to learn on smart phones Spa City fifth-graders first in region to learn on smart phones SARATOGA SPRINGS -- Half the students in Kristin Passaretti's fifth-grade class at Lake Avenue Elementary School already stash cell phones in their lockers during the school day. With the introduction of "cellular computers" to her classroom on Monday, Passaretti has a new way to bring the technology out of the dark and use it to expand her students' learning. About 23 fifth-graders and three teachers in the school are participating in a pilot program that has them using the hand-held devices -- essentially smart phones with Internet access and miniature keyboards -- that they use to find, store and share information in their science, math, English language arts and social studies classes.

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Museum Box Homepage Important Change: This resource will be chargeable on a per-school basis from 14th January 2013. Click here for more information Welcome to Museum Box, This site provides the tools for you to build up an argument or description of an event, person or historical period by placing items in a virtual box.
Phony Cancer Scares Debunked The Danes, relatively inactive on the world scene since their conquest of Greenland and invention of that delightful pastry, have conducted one of the best health studies yet revealing that there's no apparent link between cancer and cell phones. Researchers at the Danish Cancer Institute (who, remember, don't want you to get cancer) followed more than 420,000 cell phone users, nearly a tenth of the Danish population, and found that their cell phone habits did not increase their risk of any type of cancer. The results were published last week in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute. Brain cancers can take many years to develop. The most reassuring aspect of the massive Danish study is that some of the cancer-free subjects have been using cell phones for more than 20 years. Phony Cancer Scares Debunked
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