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Introduction. Free online tutorials for learning to use technology and ict in education. Add your voice to presentations, share online, and track viewing. Welcome // The Differentiator. KdmcBerkeley. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning. This is Me · 7. Digitally Ready and This Is Me in the wild. People and places we know about who are re-using the materials we have presented here.

This is Me · 7. Digitally Ready and This Is Me in the wild

Please feel free to let us know on the comments page if you are making use of the materials we provide. ReadyToResearch - a collaboration between The Open University, HEFCE, Mimas, the University of Leicester and The University of Nottingham provides Open Education Resources for research students. University of Victoria, Canada, re-uses the This Is Me materials in their advice for students on “Managing your digital identity” Florizel Media, a communications company, has a gues post from Professor Shirley Williams on Digital Identity. University of Leicester Careers Service uses a This Is Me leaflet to help raise student awareness of Digital Identity issues. The Washington Secretary of State Wikis have a draft of Digital Identity for Librarians, thanks to Nancy White of Full Circle Associates The Student Stories site has a nice re-worked document based on the This Is Me work.

Activitytypes - home. Google. Teachable Moment - High school activities, lesson plans, teaching ideas. For the 100 days following April 7, people around the globe will be marking the 20th anniversary of the genocide in Rwanda, which killed as many as one million people.

Teachable Moment - High school activities, lesson plans, teaching ideas

Through a project called Kwibuka20 (Remember20), Rwandans have asked "the world to come together to support the survivors of the genocide, and to ensure that such an atrocity can never happen again – in Rwanda or elsewhere. " In this activity, students learn about and consider the lessons from Rwanda’s remarkable efforts to achieve peace and reconciliation in the two decades since the genocide. Watch Free Documentaries Online. Digital Writing and Research Lab. Create interactive flash tools / games for education. Worldmapper: The world as you've never seen it before. MyStickies, Sticky Notes for the Web. Visual humour. What makes us laugh?

Visual humour

Funny dialogue, humorous stories, parody, exaggeration, absurd behaviour, odd characters and bizarre situations are all things that make us laugh. Explore the Visual Odyssey section of the resource Visual Humour1 to see various sorts of humour. View Laptop wrap: Advertising2 to learn about how to film an advertisement. PhotoPeach. Hector's World™ stories. StoryJumper: publish your own children's book. Power League. Home.

WordSift - Visualize Text. Block Posters - Create large wall posters from any image for free! Cool Websites - 21st Century School Teacher. Literature and Media. ALTEC. High School eLearning. Applied Tech Online. Resources for Learning Foreign Language and Culture. BluestockingCentral - AP English Voice Lessons. Trackable Dynamic QR Codes - TrakQR. Welcome to Flubaroo. TodaysMeet.

Updike (The Reading Experience) I am making my way through John Updike's The Early Stories.

Updike (The Reading Experience)

The book has been patiently waiting its turn on my To Read book carousel, its very heft causing me to turn right by it several times in favor of something smaller, something less demanding of my fully engaged attention. Reading a writer like Updike, a writer for whom language is more than a transparent covering on the "reality" it evokes, always requires one's willing attention, or there's no point in reading him at all. To make your way through 103 stories and 828 pages of Updike, however, makes one hesitate before finally summoning the commitment to go ahead with it. I have read many of these stories before, but Updike has re-arranged them in the way in which he presumably now wants them to be read, the arrangement that will convey most felicitously what they have to offer us. In my opinion, the two best stories in this section are "The Persistence of Desire" and "The Happiest I've Been.

" Media Literacy Clearinghouse: Resources for K-12 Educators. Academics. Pro. Technology Integration Matrix. Teachweb2 - home. TemplarsofTechnology - English-Speech-Theatre. NEW!!!!

TemplarsofTechnology - English-Speech-Theatre

Here is where I will post the newest "finds":Writing in Slow Motion...A TED-Ed video explaining how to slow down time when writing. Really cool, media rich Romeo and Juliet Fun way to learn about irregular verbsTest your many words do you know? TeachingBooks.netBringing authors and books to life Free Trial Here is a free sample....Adam Fortunate Eagle, 2012 Young Adult Winner of the American Indian Youth Literature Award,60 second recaps....Good stuff shared by PaulVideo Spark Notes...23 videos and counting.

Worth checking out.Reader's Theatre Scripts Teaching English with offers many links and is well organized. Check it out! Art of teaching National Writing Project has a helpful site dealing with writing, from teaching to student showcase at Digital IS Audio/Ebooks/Books Authors/Specific works (See also Literary Guides) Bibliography Generators Bibliography maker using ISBNCitation machine Bibme/online bib. creator:Bib Me Citation builders Fun Stuff.