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Lucky Penny - 4
The Trenches - Isaac The Trenches - Isaac We were testing games in what was essentially a basement while the developers were up on the second floor. Between us and them sat an entire floor of offices filled with people related to, but not directly involved in, the development process to, I guess, act as a buffer between QA and Development. Well, down in QA there is only five of us including me, and no two of us are alike. It’s like a floor full of sitcom stereotype personalities if said show was about misery and suffering broken by the occasional interesting conversation… So I guess you could say working in QA was kind of like a sitcom.
Brawl in the Family Monday, December 23 — 3:00 PM Surprise! One last Christmas gift for you guys: Super Carol 64! I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to finish this one in time (I’m leaving the state to visit my in-laws in a couple hours), so it doesn’t have quite as many songs as I’d like, but I hope you enjoy. The concept is pretty simple–mashing up various Nintendo songs with Christmas carols. No lyrics or comic this time, but it should still give you some festive fun. Brawl in the Family
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