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Free PDF Sewing Patterns, The Pinafore Dress Pattern, The Great British Sewing Bee Free Sleeveless Top Pattern Download, The Free Test Block from Angela Kane. Jackets and Coats Roll Collar Coat Pattern No 692 - One of the very best coat designs.

Free PDF Sewing Patterns, The Pinafore Dress Pattern, The Great British Sewing Bee Free Sleeveless Top Pattern Download, The Free Test Block from Angela Kane

Wear with just about everything. Carbon Chic » DIY Knife-Pleated Skirt. Hey guys, what up?

Carbon Chic » DIY Knife-Pleated Skirt

We’re back with another little “skirts for dummies” tutorial! Hope you’re not sick of them yet. This time around, we’re looking at a slightly different technique to achieve that “schoolgirl chic” look with a knife-pleated (or side-pleated) skirt. I’m using a woven tartan here, but you can use whatever material you prefer for yours, so long as the fabric is thick and sturdy enough to be pressed (so obviously no chiffon, satin, or velvet–you know what I mean). Tutorial: How to sew a bra / Tutorial: Confecționarea unui sutien. Știu că deja existe tutoriale pe acest subiect.

Tutorial: How to sew a bra / Tutorial: Confecționarea unui sutien

Totuși, vreau ca tutorialul meu să fie foarte detaliat și cu multe imagini. Molde, corte e costura - Marlene Mukai : Vestido Envelope ou Transpassado. O Vestido Envelope foi criado pela estilista belgo-americana Diane von Furstenberg em 1974 e nunca mais saiu de moda.

molde, corte e costura - Marlene Mukai : Vestido Envelope ou Transpassado

Isto porque veste bem todos os tipos de corpo, pois alonga a silueta e disfarça a barriguinha saliente. Segue molde do tamanho 38 ao 54. Fiz molde para tecido plano. Se for fazer em malha, diminua as medidas em 20% no ombro, busto, cintura e quadril usando uma calculadora. Vestido Envelope tamanho 38. Vestido Envelope tamanho 40. 5 Resources to Help you Create and Sell PDF Patterns. Please recommend a good book on pattern making. Another author you might consider is Winifred Aldrich from the UK.

Please recommend a good book on pattern making

You can preview some of her books on Amazon. 30 minute easy skirt by Deby Coles. Basic Skills Necessary: Basic sewing skills only Pattern Description:

30 minute easy skirt by Deby Coles

Tipare de croitorie gratuite. Pe gasiti un tipar gratuit pentru o rochie simpla de vara.

Tipare de croitorie gratuite

NancysNotions. Professor Pincushion. Simple girl's sundress with flutter sleeves. Wie geht eigentlich ...: ...eine Maßbüste? - How To. Brother ScanNCut Introduction. Learn to Sew Clothes with Simplicity Patterns – Sewing a Classic Gathered Skirt. Tipare de croitorie gratuite. What You Need to Know Before You Learn to Sew. The Top 10 Sewing Patterns of 2015! A Briar Valentine - megan nielsen design diary. Deby Coles. Rice bag feet warmer. This would be a perfect holiday gift for neighbors, friends, or teachers. it's fast it's cheap and essential for the cold weather!

rice bag feet warmer

What you'll need:one bag of rice (i used a 1 lb 12 oz bag) one fat quarter of muslin and one fat quarter of really cute fabric. (this particular fabric is moda) first you are going to cut two 14 x 7 inches rectangles out of your muslin (this will be your rice bag) sew together along three sides of your muslin pieces using a 1/4 seam allowance. turn it inside out and fill it with the whole bag of rice. fold in the raw edge in on itself and sew shut. your rice bag is done, so put it aside. now lets start working on your cover. Start Making Patterns with the Right Drafting Tools. Clothing Patterns 101 › Drafting and Design Tools By the way, I am an affiliate of Amazon, AllBrands, and Fabulous Fit, and I get a few cents for any item sold from this page.

Start Making Patterns with the Right Drafting Tools

It helps to keep the site free for you to use, so please use the links below if you decide to order these items. I am not an affiliate of, nor am I compensated by, JoAnn Fabrics, but you can get many of these items there as well. Free Sewing Patterns for Download. IDEAS. Here is a list of Tutorials that I have found, tried or have wanted to try.


I had been keeping them bookmarked and tagged, but still found it hard to keep track of them all. So, here is my compiled list of wonderful tutorials by all kinds of amazing crafters and artists. Of course, there is not enough time in the world to make ALL of these great things, but when I need an idea for a gift, this is where I can go- and maybe you too. I’ll be adding more as I find them. Tutorials by Me! Clothes & Refashions Flowers Softies and Dolls. Sewing Tips for Beginners & Pros.

With so much excitement about learning to sew, improving skills and the new Sew Crazy Monthly Challenges, I thought it would be a good time to pull together a list of all sorts of sewing tips for beginners, pros and everyone in between. Let’s face it, probably almost all of us have things to learn and things to work on in our sewing, so today I’ve got a list of 50 Sewing Tips, Tricks and Techniques to help you in your projects. Sewing Tips for Beginners and Pros: Here we go! Adding Hidden Side Pockets to Anything (skirt, pants, shorts, etc.)

A friend asked me a few weeks ago how to add side pockets into a skirt that she had. I tried explaining in words…..but I could tell the verbal explanation just wasn’t making sense. It was sounding way more complicated than it needed to be. I could see that if I had fabric in my hands to show her, she’d be able to see just how simple it really was. So, I figured there may be others out there as well, who would like to see the simplicity of adding in basic side-seam pockets. Because really, you’ll love how easy they really are.