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Acting. Free music downloads. Movie clips and movie scenes at - Song lyrics archive with more than 650,000 lyri. Listen to Free Music Online. Experience your favorite Grooveshark artists live with ScoreBig.

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We’ve built a completely new kind of live event ticket company. By partnering with the biggest names in sports, music and theater, we bring our customers access to premium live event tickets at up to 60% below box office price. With our unique Name a Ticket Price engine, you can get better seats for less than other ticket companies. Grooveshark Listeners, we have an exclusive offer just for you. Try us out today and save an extra $10 when you enter promo code GROOVESHARK10 at checkout! In April 2015, the streaming service was discontinued. Check out the following alternatives: ScoreBig has also stepped in to make sure Grooveshark’s audience will have continued opportunities to access new music.

Inkpop: The Online Community of Rising Stars in Teen Lit. Theme songs of early UK TV programmes. Adam Adamant • The Addams family • The Adventure Game • Agony • Alias Smith & Jones • All in the Family • Alvin & the Chipmunks • Andy Pandy • The Andy Williams Show • Annie Oakley • Are you being served?

Theme songs of early UK TV programmes

Bagpuss • The Beverley Hillbillies • Bill & Ben • Billy Bean and his Funny Machine • Billy Cotton Band Show • Blackadder • The Black Brigand • Blankety Blank • Bonanza • The Brady Bunch • Bruce’s Big Night • The Buccaneers • Budgie • The Bugs Bunny Show • Butterflies. How Handel played the markets. A chance discovery in a ledger at the Bank of England suggests the composer Handel may have been a smart financial operator. I am a bit old now for scoops, but I seem to have run into one the other day, deep behind the scenes at the Bank of England. BBC Radio 3 asked me to take part in the extensive commemoration of the 250th anniversary of the death of the great Anglo-German composer, George Frideric Handel.

They wanted to know about Handel's money and how he made it, ending up with a fortune (maybe £3m in today's money) in financial times no less tumultuous than our own day. Interesting, and a programme rather different from my normal output on In Business and Global Business. For one thing, no carbon footprint was required. There is, of course, a torrent of wonderful music, but really rather few recollections of Handel the person. Born in Germany, he ended up spending most of his life in London after his employer in Hanover became George I in 1714. Children's Songs and Games. UK television adverts 1955-1985. Models 1: Europe's Leading Model Agency.