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Electronic Data Management System. Leading Virtual Data Room from Stockholding DMS. A Virtual Data Room (VDR) is secure online service to store and share – critical documents, allowing only those with a password-protected access code to see your data.

Leading Virtual Data Room from Stockholding DMS

Virtual Data Rooms are often used to manage strategic corporate transactions such as Mergers, Acquisitions (M&A), joint ventures, IPOs and fund raising and allow parties to securely and confidentially share information with the assurance that the documentation will not be lost, copied or leaked. Using a leading VDR makes transactions faster and more efficient, allowing sharing information with multiple parties simultaneously.

StockHolding VDR is managed by an experienced team of professionals who bring a wealth of business, legal and financial experience and expertise to the table – they know how complex M&A and other corporate transactions can be and continuously work to make our service simple and efficient. Best Workflow Management Solutions from Stockholding DMS. Workflow Management Solution is a process which automates the flow of files within the organization till the file completes its lifecycle.

Best Workflow Management Solutions from Stockholding DMS

Workflow optimizes efficiency, enforces policies and automates redundant tasks. Workflow ties together DMS and other environments to connect people, process and information. It automates and enforces procedures within the organization. Thus the system is able to reduce the delays within the processes of the Client by reducing the languishing period of the files.

This assists in faster coordination between departments by facilitating files such as Admin related files, HR Files, Purchase Orders, Payments, Asset Record details, Auditing Reports etc. The Workflow has the following Modules: Simulation. Things To Consider For Workflow Document Management Solution There are generally many of the important things which are needed to be considered at the time of choosing the workflow document management system. Best Document Management System. Paper Shredding Services in Mumbai. StockHolding DMS offers a full range of confidential and certified information destruction services to help you ensure that your company’s confidential information is disposed of safely, securely, and responsibly.

Paper Shredding Services in Mumbai

Our hands free operation adds another level of security to the destruction. Following the process of shredding, the client receives a Certificate of Destruction confirming completion of your request and final disposition of the batched information. StockHolding DMS offers document destruction process at client site as well. StockHolding DMS allows your business to obtain the most effective and cost efficient records destruction, disposal and recycling programs. StockHolding DMS ensures strict control in its third party document destruction services such that there exists no way by which the original and replicated copies of these documents under its care remain in physical format.

Shredding Pulping Burning or incineration. Virtual Data Room in Mumbai. Blockchain Solutions for Business. Block-chain is basically a distributed and shared database of transactions that facilitates exchange of value.

Blockchain Solutions for Business

It's like a giant global spreadsheet which eliminates the need for third parties to validate transactions, reducing intermediary fees and increasing transparency. The Journey - As per current rate of evolution, Blockchain solutions could reach their full potential in the next 5 years. Blockchain for business : Append-only distributed system of record shared across business network Business terms embedded in transaction database & executed with transactions Ensuring appropriate visibility; transactions are secure, authenticated & verifiable Sand Box Environment POC for multiple use cases. Target Use Cases Land Records Insurance Companies What Are The Most Important Business Benefits Of Blockchain? After the financial cataclysm of 2008, Blockchain was mainly born to provide legitimacy to its Bitcoin master. What Is Blockchain? Online Document Management System. EDMS (Electronic Document Management Solution) is a suite of powerful electronic DMS products with rich features for archiving, managing, indexing and retrieving documents.

Online Document Management System

EDMS comprises of products/tools for Digitization, Scanning, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Image Conversions, Electronic Workflow Management, Document Archival, Advanced Search and Email Data Management. EDMS allows users to electronically store, locate, filter, retrieve, share and track document based information. EDMS can reduce cost and minimize errors with respect to the Document Handling facility of the Client. Thus increasing the profitability of the organization. Following are some of the features of EMDS:- Windows and web based application Import and export multiple file formats. Electronic Document Management Solution at stockholdingdms. Document Management System in India. Buy Hosted Document Management Solution with Affordable Price. Best Document Storage Service in Navi Mumbai. Document Management System. VDR - Virtual Data Room Services Provider in Mumbai, India.

Shredding Services - Document & Paper Shredding Services in Mumbai, India. Electronic Document Management System. VDR - Virtual Data Room Services Provider in Mumbai, India. Document Scanning & Digitization Services, Solutions Mumbai, India. VDR - Virtual Data Room Services Provider in Mumbai, India. Physical Records Management System. Electronic Document Management System. Shredding Services - Document & Paper Shredding Services in Mumbai, India. Document Scanning & Digitization Services, Solutions Mumbai, India. Workflow Management System. VDR - Virtual Data Room Services Provider in Mumbai, India.

Hosted Document Management Solutions provider in India

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