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Healthy Habits Seniors Should Start Doing Today. Seniors need to maintain their overall well-being, from dental check-ups, medications, to physical examinations.

Healthy Habits Seniors Should Start Doing Today

While it is true that young people who have good habits tend to become healthy seniors, it is never too late for seniors to start building and sustaining healthy habits. Where to begin? St. Mary Pharmacy prepared some steps below. Maintain a healthy routine. Preparing for the COVID-19 and Seasonal Influenza Double Whammy. The United States is only a few moments away from experiencing what experts Edward Belongia, MD, and Michael Osterholm, Ph.D., MPH, described as “a perfect storm.”

Preparing for the COVID-19 and Seasonal Influenza Double Whammy

For the first time, the U.S. will have to deal with a flu season alongside a dangerous global pandemic that has taken so many lives. Many questions have been raised about how the flu season might affect the ongoing pandemic and vice versa. Would the course of COVID-19 worsen with coinfection with the flu? Could influenza vaccinations help people protect themselves against infection? How To Better Prepare For Your Pharmacist Consultation. 7 Tips And Tricks When Buying And Taking Prescription Medications. We at St.

7 Tips And Tricks When Buying And Taking Prescription Medications

Prescription Medications at St. Mary Pharmacy in Palm Harbor, Florida. St.

Prescription Medications at St. Mary Pharmacy in Palm Harbor, Florida

Pre-Bedtime Rituals That Help Keep You Healthy. Steps to Becoming a Healthier You. We all want a healthier and stress-free life.

Steps to Becoming a Healthier You

“But that slice of sugary-sweet red velvet cake is just too tempting”. Didn’t you promise yourself you’d eat healthier? “Oh no worries, I can always start tomorrow”. And then tomorrow turns into the next day and then the next. St. Mary Pharmacy in Palm Harbor, Florida: Rx Services & Compounding. 5 Reminders when Doing Blood Sugar Monitoring at Home. Diabetic patients have to monitor their blood sugar level daily.

5 Reminders when Doing Blood Sugar Monitoring at Home

An unmonitored sugar level can spell dire consequences to the patient. In doing the monitoring at home, your ally is your set of test strips for blood glucose, which you can purchase from any reliable Pharmacy in Palm Harbor Florida. If you or a loved one is diagnosed with diabetes, it will be wise for you to observe these reminders. Place your supplies in an accessible location As you will be performing this monitoring on your own, ensure that your test strips are kept in an accessible place. But accessibility also means that they are out of your kids’ and pets’ reach. Bathroom Safety: Quick Guide in Choosing Safety Products. There are many areas at home that can be hazardous for vulnerable family members such as kids and seniors.

Bathroom Safety: Quick Guide in Choosing Safety Products

These are the bathrooms and restrooms. As their tiled flooring can easily be slippery when splashed with water, you have to provide safety measures to keep your family members totally safe while using them. In keeping your bathroom safe, we would like to recommend the following guidelines: Install sturdy grab bars and rails Install these grab bars in strategic locations in the bathroom. Don’t put them too high or too low so that your aging loved one will not have to expend effort in holding on to them. Immunizations at St. Mary Pharmacy in Palm Harbor, Florida. How to Find the Best Pharmacy for You. When you are looking for a drugstore in Palm Harbor, Florida there are a number of things to keep in mind.

How to Find the Best Pharmacy for You

Every pharmacy is going to be different. They all offer different kinds of services, products, prices, and more. Some will work great for others and not so much for some. What Can You Do To Save Money at the Pharmacy. It is no secret that medications and pharmacy services in Florida can be quite expensive.

What Can You Do To Save Money at the Pharmacy

However, these are services we need in order to maintain our health but is there a way to save money? You do not have to spend a fortune on your health care supplies! There are a number of methods that you can use in order to save money the next time you are at the pharmacy, such as: 5 Pieces of Advice to Live a Healthy and Happy Life.

Achieving good health and happiness is one of the most sought-after goals in life.

5 Pieces of Advice to Live a Healthy and Happy Life

But how can we accomplish it anyway? It sounds obvious. Eat a well-balanced meal, get enough sleep, drink more water, exercise regularly, stay positive, and your life will improve. 6 Ways You Can Help Improve Your Senior’s Medication Adherence. It is alarming to know that many older adults fail to take their prescriptions or follow their doctor’s instructions. Could your senior be one of them? Taking multiple drugs for different conditions (a.k.a. “Polypharmacy”) is very common among older adults. But no matter how ordinary it seems, this raises potential health risks too. How Can Your Local Pharmacy Help You? 3 Common Medication Errors Among the Elderly. Millions of seniors are living with a chronic disease. According to the National Council of Aging, over 80% of the elder population, adults aged 65 and over live with at least one chronic disease while 77% live with at least two.

Seniors living with different health problems require medications to improve their function and maintain a better quality of life. It is, therefore, not surprising to find many seniors committing medication errors. Managing multiple medications can be very difficult. The goal of taking medications is to promote good health, however, when misused it can lead to serious health consequences instead. Overdose Taking a medication more than its prescribed dosage is common among the elderly. All of these can be prevented with effective communication and coordination among the seniors’ healthcare team. Out of Sight: 5 Ways To Take Better Care of your Eyesight. While the saying, “out of sight, out of mind” may ring true for many things, one concern that should always remain within your sights is caring for your own eyes! No matter what age you or your loved ones may be, it is never too late to take steps to ensure your eyesight remains healthy, and the onset of issues can be slowed or prevented.

Be conscious of your overall healthHaving healthy eyes requires a healthy physique, too! Being mindful of your overall health entails eating healthily, staying away from harmful vices such as smoking, making an effort to keep fit through exercise, and maintaining control over any existing health issues. With a healthy body, healthy eyes can better follow suit.Up your health game by having a regular intake of vitamins, too! Children vs. Medicine: 4 Clever Tricks Parents Need to Know. More often than not, parents are faced with many challenges when it comes to having their children take their medicine. Scenarios such as crying, refusal to open their mouths, or straight up running away at the mere mention of the word “medicine” are all too familiar to parents of these young, defiant, strong-willed warriors. A Few Tips That Can Help You Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle. Are you interested in improving your lifestyle and health but you find it difficult due to work, responsibilities, and lack of time?

How Can You Benefit from Pharmaceutical Delivery Services?