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Facebook Twitter - Numérique en éducation musicale. Mrs. Miracle's Music Room: Assessment. IWB — Amy M. Burns. • - My (Amy M. Burns) free SMART Board notebook files • - SMART Board, Power, and Promethean Music Lesson (there are now some lessons connected to • - Wonderful SMART Board Music by Allison Friedman (there are now some lessons connected to • - Cherie Herring’s blog with many SMART Board activities and assessments. . • SMART Board files created by The Kodály Aspiring Music Classroom blog. • - Ashley’s Queen’s free downloadable music resources, many include SMART board music files. • - Interactive web-based resources for the music educator by Will.

More than 150 music notation images - free download | Midnight Music. Images, Images, Images When creating resources for workshops and online courses I find myself constantly in need of images, images….and more images. First, there’s a need for images of music instruments, or composers, or snippets of scores, and there’s often a need for notation images. And I can be fussy when it comes to notation images: I really like the notes to be clear, crisp at the edges when enlarged and preferably with a transparent background (which means they can be easily placed on top of a stave without blocking out half of the staves lines).

So I decided to make some myself. Well, it started simple I thought that I would just do the common rhythmic elements: crotchet, quaver, minim, semibreve and the equivalent rests. A library even. And then I decided that I may as well share it with everyone. A few examples of use 8 Ways to use your notation images 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Related: Learn Just 5 Tips To Create Your Own Awesome Music Resources Download the music notation library. RÉCIT. Wright-Stuff Music. 50+ Music Activities for Kids | And Next Comes L. We're passionate about music here. So passionate that we have done over 50 music activities for kids, including sensory bins, music crafts, and music theory games. From babies to toddlers to preschool and up, you are bound to find some wonderful, simple, and engaging music activities on this list. These music activities will keep the kids busy indoors and out while helping them learn about music notation, tempo, rhythm, music theory, instruments, and more!

Music Theory Activities for Kids These activities focus on teaching kids how to read music, learn music notation, explore rhythm and tempo, and even explore composition and music appreciation! Outdoor Music Learning & Homemade Instruments Get the kids moving outdoors with these outdoor music ideas and homemade instruments. 1. Other Music Activities for Kids From sensory play to science to fine motor, here are some wonderful music themed activities. 1. Music Themed Art & Crafts for Kids Feeling crafty? 1. Homemade Music Games for Kids 1. 1.