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Cloud Computing (in Plain English) Network Security. : Samsung SHS-7020 Keypad Door Lock (New) : Access Control Keypads : Electronics. Physical Security: Managing the Intruder. No information security guide is complete without a chapter about securing physical access to information resources.

Physical Security: Managing the Intruder

After all, physical access gives even the moderately skilled attacker access to the network, unencrypted workstations and servers, and hardcopy information just waiting for someone to come by and pick it up. Have you looked at the output bin on your shared fax machines and printers, lately? Physical security does include more than stopping human intruders. However, information on heating, cooling, fire suppression systems, and power backup is available simply by discussing your needs with your facilities management staff. It is not so easy when it comes to intrusion controls. In this chapter, we look at the objectives of physical security and various controls to meet those objectives.

The best definition I could find for physical security is available from the United States Geological Survey: Motive, Opportunity, and Means Figure 13- 1: Expanded Risk Formula Barriers. Coca-Cola suffers data breach after employee 'borrows' 55 laptops. Coca-Cola has admitted falling prey to bizarre slow-motion data breach in which an employee apparently stole dozens of laptops over several years containing the sensitive data of 74,000 people without anyone noticing.

Coca-Cola suffers data breach after employee 'borrows' 55 laptops

The unnamed former worker, said to have been in charge of equipment disposal, reportedly removed a total of 55 laptops over a six-year period from its Atlanta offices, including some that belonged to a bottling company acquired by the fizzy-drinks giant in 2010. Only after recovering these during November and December did Coca-Cola realise that they contained 18,000 personal records that included social security numbers plus a further 56,000 covering other types of sensitive data.

All but a few thousand were Coca-Cola employees or otherwise connected to the firm. None of the records were encrypted in line with the firm’s security policy, the company told employees in a memo seen by the Wall Street Journal. Affected individuals were being contacted. 10 Network Security Steps for Every Small Business - Page 3.


10 Network Security Steps for Every Small Business - Page 3

Use VLANs Not everyone in your small business necessarily needs access to the same network assets. While you can determine and set access with passwords and permissions on applications, you can also segment your network with VLAN or virtual LANs. VLANs are almost always part of any business class router and let you segment a network based on needs and risks as well as quality of service requirements.

For example, with a VLAN setup you could have the finance department on one VLAN, while sales is on another. Mitigating risk is all about providing access to network resources to the people who are authorized and restricting access to those who aren't. 8. A firewall isn't always enough to protect a small business network. In addition to the firewall, Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) technology can play a key network security role. 10 Pcs White 125Khz 1.9mm RFID Access Proximity Card: Home Improvement. 4500 power supplies. 10 Network Security Steps for Every Small Business - Page 3. At_a_glance_c45-468316.pdf. The Three Things Every Small Business Needs to Know about Network Security. By Corporate Computer Services, Inc.

The Three Things Every Small Business Needs to Know about Network Security

What do Emulex, the White House website, and Microsoft have in common? All have been the victims of network security compromises. While these are some of the more high profile cases, there are daily examples of network security failures and the high costs imposed on companies as a result. There was a time when only large companies worried about network security breaches. However, in this brave new world where everyone from the home user to the large corporation relies on technology for functions that range from email to the storage of sensitive data, it seems no one is immune to the havoc that viruses, worms, spyware and hackers can wreak. Pl-security.pdf.

A Brief Guide to Virtualization and Cloud Computing. VMware Benefits of Virtualization, Increase IT Efficiency and Virtual Management. What are the Business Benefits of Cloud Computing, IaaS, PaaS and SaaS? VoIP for Small Business. VoIP for small business bundles phone, data, and video into one unified service so you can do more with less.

VoIP for Small Business

Now you can enjoy the speed, flexibility, and security of unified communications on your own network. Network-enable-your-cloud-with-mpls-vpns.pdf. Demo.iprsoftware. Welcome to Forbes. Cloud Computing Benefits And Importance On Redesign Your IT Infrastructure. Cloud Computing Benefits and Importance on Redesign your IT Infrastructure Cloud computing can simply be described as computing based on the internet.

Cloud Computing Benefits And Importance On Redesign Your IT Infrastructure

In the past, people depended on physical computer storage or servers to run their programs. However, with the introduction of cloud computing, people as well as business enterprises can now access their programs through the internet. This kind of computing is rapidly growing in popularity and especially with small business enterprises. To understand why so many businesses are making the transition to cloud computing, let’s have a look at some of its benefits. Cost savings of the cloud Opting for the cloud helps a business save money in several ways.