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Cross platform mobile framework. Screencasts. Help. Friends. User Experience. Analytics. Rejserplus. Ecom. E-Commerce: Building E-Commerce on Rough Econom. Although the shadow of the recent recession is still lingering over us, many business owners are moving toward starting an e-commerce business, which can seem like a scary leap to take.

E-Commerce: Building E-Commerce on Rough Econom

However, a reason to take that leap is that the number of consumers shopping online is growing. Webinar: The New PCI 3.0 Standard Learn the steps to take to get your company ready for PCI DSS 3.0 changes coming January 2015. We cover all of the details you need to know as we head to the deadline to complete and pass your PCI DSS 3.0 audit. View the PCI Webinar Series Now. Shoppers are increasingly turning to e-retailers for their product needs instead of wandering through the mall, hoping that they find the right product, and that it is the right size, color, price, etc. Ensuring that your e-store has a good range of products in stock at all times, as well as marketing your store to the right target audience can make all the difference in the world when launching an e-store in this volatile economy.

33 Newly Fresh Web Design Layout Tutorials. Learning how to create your own web design layout could be more easier if you have lots of tutorial options.

33 Newly Fresh Web Design Layout Tutorials

That’s why I collected the newest photoshop tutorials on creating web themes and layouts to improve your knowledge and skills on web design. These list of tutorials is more on beginners and intermediate level so i guess it will not be too hard for you to understand the step by step procedure as you go along with the tutorials. And here it is, a showcase of 33 Newly Fresh Web Design Layout Tutorials for you to learn. How to Make a Green & Sleek Web Layout in Photoshop A web design tutorial were you will learn how to create a beautiful, green, and sleek layout in Photoshop. Create a Clean and Colorful Web Layout in Photoshop In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a clean corporate layout in Photoshop. The Big Push for My Book - Get Seen Official Publish Date 1/18/1.

This is it.

The Big Push for My Book - Get Seen Official Publish Date 1/18/1

It's time to buy Get Seen. Official Book Release Date: January 18, 2010 Where TO BUY GET SEEN: Blog post outlining Where to Buy Get Seen. I'm excited that Monday is the official release date for my book Get Seen. I wrote Get Seen, this year, to compile all the knowledge I've gained about sharing video online. Thanks to those of you who have already purchased the book or ordered it online. It's been shipping for a short while now and reviews are starting to come in. The early reviews that have come in on are very satisfying. What's in the book In addition to everything I know about choosing a camera, lighting, sound, editing, hosting, conducting interviews, making videos without a camera and going live, I've included interviews with many successful online video creators.

Home. 50 Inspiring Portfolio Designs. We are always looking for inspiration, specially when it comes to web design.

50 Inspiring Portfolio Designs

We just can’t get tired of browsing around websites to check out layouts, colors, typography, styles and everything else that a cool site can offer. With this selection, I will show you 50 inspiring portfolio designs. Some of them you probably already know, others are new – some are minimalist, others are colorful and full of elements.

The idea here is to show different ways to show your work online. As we can find lots of interesting portfolios out there, making a selection is a bit tough, so let me know if you want to see more of them…I’m pretty sure that we have enough material for 4 or 5 collections! Portfolio – Clarideaz Notorious Design wedesignwise lairdesign Sarah Longnecker Creative State colagene Matt Hamm lecaid Rikcat Industries Second And Park designme Josh Puckett – 55eleven spoongraphics.