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Customer Service and the Butterfly Effect. Google Hotel Finder Goes Mobile. Google’s Hotel Finder, which launched in June 2011, is now available on mobile devices.

Google Hotel Finder Goes Mobile

Google said all you need to do is go to directly on your smart phone and search for your destination. Listings will come up almost immediately, giving you the ability to filter the search results by price, hotel class, user rating and distance. Each hotel listing page will show you photos, hotel amenities, reviews and its location on a map. Video Optimization Tips for Your Online Presence ← Video Explainers BLOG. Video optimization tips If you are contemplating an explanatory video for your company, you need to define its purpose before deciding on its form.

Video Optimization Tips for Your Online Presence ← Video Explainers BLOG

Even though it may not technically be an “advertisement” in the mind of the business owner, an explanatory video is subject to the same audience, the public. One of the video optimization tips is to mold it from the beginning to fill its role. Chris Atkinson, in his online review of the San Francisco Summit, “Tips and Best Practices to Optimize Your Video Advertising Campaign,” noted: “Once all the introductions and everything got out of the way, Julie Perry made mention that the ad spend in 2013 would be $4 billion.

Tailor your effort to your audience These comments are pertinent to any marketing strategy, not just advertising. Vacatures. The most popular mobile OTA and metasearch apps so far in 2013. Which travel apps were the most popular in the first half of 2013 for the United States and the United Kingdom?

The most popular mobile OTA and metasearch apps so far in 2013

That question was answered this month in a report by Kevin Kopelman, equity research analyst at investment bank Cowen & Company. He crunched the numbers from benchmarking services AppData and App Annie. Here are his estimated six-month average rankings, based on reported average monthly rankings between January 1 and June 16: Top 10 iPhone apps, ranked Expedia Kayak TripAdvisor Hotel Tonight Priceline Orbitz Airbnb HomeAway Top 10 iPad apps, ranked: Expedia TripAdvisor Kayak Orbitz Travelocity Hotel Tonight Priceline Skyscanner. 10 awesome digital marketing campaigns from Nike. Following on from Andrew Warren-Payne’s post looking at various digital marketing campaigns from McDonald’s, I thought it would be interesting to take a similar look at one of the world’s biggest sport brands.

10 awesome digital marketing campaigns from Nike

Nike has achieved a great deal of brand exposure from its excellent digital campaigns, particularly through social, and here are 10 of the best examples. Many of them tie into its overarching #MakeItCount initiative and the Nike+ network, but others are memorable viral videos or interesting social competitions. So here they are... Social Travel Agency Recommends Vacations Based On Hashtags [Video] As part of its promotions for its All-in-1 Travel package Vodafone Netherlands created a social travel agency that provides travelers with destination suggestions based on popular travel-related hashtags.

Social Travel Agency Recommends Vacations Based On Hashtags [Video]

Travelers can log on to #Hashtag Holidays and select their dream holiday based on popular hashtags from major cities in Europe. The site uses an algorithm to analyze the different geographic locations of hashtags related to eating, partying or shopping. Some of the hashtags that the site analyzes include #foodporn, #YOLO, #romantic, #shopaholic, and #partyhard. Flight Centre - Home page. Web Content Producer - Digital Distribution // Omni-ChannelSummaryThe role of the Web Content Producer requires proficiency in writing, editing, and web production skills to provide the efficient and timely publishing of website content for FC USA digital properties.

Flight Centre - Home page

The website content is an integral part of overall omni-channel marketing. As such, the Web Content Producer must interact across FC USA teams as well as external vendors.As a member of the Digital Distribution & Omni-Channel team you will report directly to the Online Marketing Manager, and overseen by the Vice President.General Responsibilities include:• Write engaging high quality Search Engine Optimized (SEO) content for web pages that are accessed through search engine results pages. 8. Pitch timely and topical story ideas that convey key messages and tell stories with the goal of creating compelling and deeply engaging content experiences for and other digital properties readers.9. 13.

The Great Hospitality Three-Way: How Hotels Really Work. Video Marketing with a Coupon Mentality: Why This Shouldn't Be the Approach. Swedishness. 13 predictable user experience problems on travel websites. You Can Observe a Lot by Watching Movie Trailers. NIXON SURF CHALLENGE 2013. How To Integrate Video Into A Robust Content Marketing Strategy. Stimorolthy : Santini Icecream. Santini : I Gelati Più Fini del Mondo. The dark side of ecommerce. The explosive growth of transactional and online shopper data means consumers are swamped with information.

The dark side of ecommerce

In just one internet minute, there are now 2m Google search queries, £83,000 in sales on, 100,000 new Tweets and 6m Facebook views. The retail industry is no exception. Whilst in-store product ranges are limited by the physical constraints of shelf-space, online retailers can display ten times the amount of products on their sites. This leaves consumers with overwhelming choice. Yet research shows that most products are going un-noticed. Colorado Turns to Masses For New Tourism Campaign - Interactive. Tripadvisor-20-ten-travel-websites-to-watch-8557378. According to Google, the average holiday decision involves a whopping 50 searches on the internet over 2.5 hours.


Here in the UK, four out of five of travel purchases are made online – the highest figure for any country in the world. With TripAdvisor now worth an estimated £2.5bn, it's not hard to see why companies are clamouring for its crown. "Consumers like to read what other consumers think about somewhere they have visited," says Kevin May of travel-tech website Tnooz ( "It is called 'the wisdom of the crowd' – and TripAdvisor uses that very well. " The main problem for those vying to be TripAdvisor 2.0 is the battle for online visitors – managing to survive as a new website until a critical mass of reviews has been achieved, and enough social buzz to make them successful. Tablet Brochure. Turquoise holidays are a travel specialist focusing on luxury holidays and honeymoons.

Tablet Brochure

With a very visual product Turquoise wanted to create an iPad brochure which was unique in the market. As with most other travel companies they only had PDF brochures available to view from their website, but saw the potential in having a bespoke, interactive travel app that engaged their growing tablet audience. At the time of looking at mobile marketing, a staggering 40% of their traffic to their website came from mobile devices. With such a high percentage of their web traffic coming from mobile, Turquoise saw a need to engage with this growing market.

By providing information alongside their product offering, their tablet brochure delivers value to the customer through engaging experience and content, while providing valuable leads and a heightened level of engagement for their brand. Let Calcutta Surprise You. Digital Tourism Think Tank. The best tourism marketing videos of 2013, by Skift. With Brand USA, a campaign to lure foreign tourists — and their money. But as global travel and tourism has boomed to historic levels, tourism industry officials said the U.S. share of those visitors has shrunk by almost a third in the past decade.

With Brand USA, a campaign to lure foreign tourists — and their money

That’s partly because of increased U.S. security after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, but industry analysts say it’s also because China, Turkey and other nations have become huge tourist magnets. So the United States is now doing what once seemed profoundly unnecessary: shelling out millions of dollars to promote America as an international travel destination. It’s an investment, U.S. officials said, in growing the economy and creating jobs in hotels, restaurants, stores and anywhere else where tourists spend money. “The more folks who visit America, the more Americans we get back to work,” President Obama said last year in announcing an executive order designed to increase visitors by marketing America abroad and cutting red tape for tourists seeking visas.

Officials at the U.S. Three reasons why advertising and social media don't mix. In an attempt to deliver more tangible returns from their social media investments, brands are falling back on tried and tested methods of 'pushing the needle', most often using the familiar tools of advertising. This partly stems from the misuse of 'proxy' measures in determining social ROI, such as followers, likes, shares and fans. 30 content marketing tips for independent hotels and hotel groups. NB: This is a guest article by Aubrae Wagner, content strategist with EnVeritas Group, a global content marketing firm that creates, manages, markets and distributes content for Fortune 500 companies.

Because the travel and tourism space remains extremely competitive, it’s important for individual hotels and hotel groups to establish and maintain a competitive advantage in their marketing efforts. One increasingly important way of doing this is to recognize what content marketing is and how to integrate it into your overall marketing efforts. Content marketing is the active process of creating relevant and sought after content with the end goal of attracting your target market’s eye, mind and pocketbook. Successful content marketers take the time to develop an integrated content strategy that focuses on the user experience, from market research to distribution, site copy to images and search engine rankings to measurement.

Pre-game. Google Hotel Finder: 3 belangrijke ranking factoren. 32 Must-Read Video Marketing Blog Posts - SmartShoot. How to Make Video a Successful Part of Your Content Marketing Strategy. In Travel, We’re All Boomers Now. In Travel, We’re All Boomers Now. How Your Brand Can Make The Most Out Of Breaking News. Top 10 Hospitality Industry Trends for 2013. Destination Marketing: Social Media Campaigns that Work. Slovenia, through the Slovenian Tourist Board (STB) has a well developed digital presence promoting the country as a tourism destination. Why is Video Marketing So Important? - Video Maker Tips. Social media and fancy video to lure people to the latest Best Job in Travel. NTA Explores Millennial Generation Travel. November 16, 2012By: Newswire Travel Agent. One Night in Bangkok: Instagram Reveals 2012 Photo Hotspots. Top 10 Social Media Resources for the Travel Industry. For travel brands, it’s critical to establish lines of communication to customers.

Social media affecting travel decisions - Story. How May I Help You? Technology Infographics / Travel videos matter Along the traveler's road to decision #infografia #infographic #marketing #tourism. Montana Tourism's embarrassing Facebook fail. The State of Facebook: What’s Working Now. Automatische ondertiteling Youtube nu ook in het Nederlands. Sexy travel advertising. Kill the Sales and Marketing Funnel. How to respond to a negative TripAdvisor review. Social Media Case Study. Great customer experience don't let fear get in the way. Social Media and the Hotel Industry, Why They are a Perfect Match. HotelMe attracts $3M in funding and USA Today as partner for unique hotel review site. 10 Things You Didn't Know About Yelp. Success Is A Journey: Marketing Video by

Win big in the distribution landscape. Mobile and Facebook Hotel Bookings on the Rise. Is traditional marketing really dead for the tourism industry? Delhaize ontzegt senioren toegang na 16 uur « TV Olen. How a hotel should use Groupon effectively. The power of locals in destination marketing. Over 1 Billion Ways to Say 'Come Visit' How To Use Pinterest For Marketing Research. Travelmole. Every city needs a brand. Teva The List - Deel je ultieme verhalen. 8 Tips for Training Social Media Marketers. Chuck Studios. We Called It America - NOFX. Wouter De Jonckheere: videoboodschap carrière switch. 5 Foolproof Ways to Generate Leads From Facebook. Value of North Shore Events (IMPACT STUDY) Share photos and videos on Twitter. Mobile email design in practice: the new Campaign Monitor newsletter. Timothy Mouton — Online Marketing Manager Instruxion UK.