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Still Stone has become one of the most trusted and leading providers of granite marble and bathroom vanity units & fireplaces throughout Melbourne.

5 Fireplace Ideas To Warm Your Heart And Home. Fireplace warms your heart in winter as pools cools your stress in summer.

5 Fireplace Ideas To Warm Your Heart And Home

It’s an area where family members can chill, party or lounge on there off days and gather Fireplaces are for winter is what pools are for summer, a place where family members can gather, celebrating the season at hand and finding relief in the natural elements that most befit it. There is a style for every house, with a range of choices there is a fireplace to suit almost every home. 1. Traditional fireplace The most popular one, featured in romantic movies and children handbooks, there is a certain charm and allure to the traditional wooden fireplace stations. 2. 3. Luxury marble fireplace options are for those who have budget flexibility. 4.

You can have your fireplace in between of two rooms, so that it can have impact on two rooms simultaneously. 5. If you’re lucky enough to have a double-height ceiling in your living room, consider stretching the fireplace all the way to the top. StillStone. Top 5 Kitchen Renovation Tips With quality guarantee, Stone Still kitchen designs and renovations are handled with skilled profession as they work closely with the clients all the way from start to finish, managing designs and renovation.


The design team is ready to serve you in choosing your style of your kitchen or will provide you with a design to suit your tastes, space and lifestyle. Upgrading the appliances. A good kitchen renovation tip would be by upgrading the kitchen appliances to give the overall new look and the ease of usage as it would all look fantastic and function fantastic as well. A brand new cooktop, clean and renovated dishwasher, oven working all good, toaster or fridge will not only give a marvellous kitchen renovation but it will uplift the overall kitchen aesthetic and productivity level Replacing of benchtops. Renovating the fixtures Renovating the cupboard front doors and drawers can provide with an immediate lift and noticeable change in the kitchen appearances. Buying the Right Bathroom Vanity For Your Bathroom. Bathroom vanity units are an absolute necessary irrespective of the size of the bathroom.

Buying the Right Bathroom Vanity For Your Bathroom

People have a lot of products and gadgets that they use in the shower and hence it is imperative to have a storage space designated for them. Just because bathroom vanities are primarily of utilitarian nature, they don’t need to be boring or boxy; one can find a plethora of exquisite bathroom vanity units that suit their taste and preference. Vanity units can add the glamour factor to a mundane bathroom setting, immediately uplifting the looks. Buyer's Guide to Marble Kitchen Benchtops. Modern Bathroom Vanities in Melbourne for a Modern Bathroom. Posted by stillstoneau on July 8th, 2020 Bathrooms have become more than just a mere utility for households.

Modern Bathroom Vanities in Melbourne for a Modern Bathroom

Many are opting for a more functional space no matter the size. Even people with a small budget are looking for ways to renovate their bathrooms and re-design them in affordable ways. One of the methods that are being used for this purpose is having a small bathroom vanity installed. Given the options and the wide variety, many are opting for small bathroom vanities to cut costs while going for a makeover. Wall Mounted or floating vanities are now becoming the go to options for affordable small bathroom vanities. Different Types of Kitchen Benchtops in Melbourne and their Benefits : stillstone. Classy Engineered Stone Kitchen Benchtop in Melbourne - Still Stone - Granite Marble & Bathroom Vanity Units. Types of Bathroom Vanity Units in Melbourne – Still Stone. Bathroom vanities come in various different shapes and sizes.

Types of Bathroom Vanity Units in Melbourne – Still Stone

They are a combination of sinks and countertops with storage cabinets or shelves. Here are some of the most basic vanities- Shelf Vanity This is one of the most common and affordable bathroom vanity units. Choosing Stone for Your Kitchen When Renovating - STILL STONE. As granite is a nature’s work, no two slabs of natural stone are the same, so you have to be mindful that the natural stone you ordered online might slightly differ from the samples you choose as they might differ is the patterns and colour variations cane be expected.

Choosing Stone for Your Kitchen When Renovating - STILL STONE

The main advantage of a natural stone is that it has excellent heat resistant abilities and durability but if not managed well it can have a break or crack on the surface. As, it is said that hot dishes and serves might not leave a mark, but it might leave some spots or discoloration if exposed daily. Granite does comes on as an expensive option and may not suit everybody’s budget, but due to its elegant feature, a long durability aspect and time to time maintenance, it’s up to the owners to decide whether or not it serves the bills fairly. Quartz stones Quartz stones have become quite a popular choice in residents of Australia in the recent years. 5 Ways To Keep Your Bathroom Renovation Under Control - STILL STONE. Tiles covers the most area in a bathroom and can be quite expensive while thinking about its renovation.

5 Ways To Keep Your Bathroom Renovation Under Control - STILL STONE

In Australia ,there are tiles that cost $20.00 per square meter up to over $500.00 square meter, and there are products like natural stone such as marble and limestone which creates a sophisticated look, but the question you need to ask is does it really add value to your lifestyle or is it an unnecessary spending? There are many products that’s more durable for long run and for a much more affordable price range. The other way you can your cost is to lesser the space of the tile fittings, your bathroom doesn’t have to be top to bottom titles, just the beneath surface can be tiles and other can be just a normal wall with your favourite case cabinet hanging or a cute little painting. There is a lot of decorating option for your bathroom is to reduce the number of tiles. Tapware Off the shelf vanities Vanity Bowls The Bath.

Choosing Stone for Your Kitchen When Renovating - STILL STONE. 7 Cabinet Decision Factors While Renovating Your Kitchen - STILL STONE. Kitchen is a place in your home, that you tend to spend most of your time while you have a day off, be it preparing for guests you invited or prepping meals for the weekdays when you work.

7 Cabinet Decision Factors While Renovating Your Kitchen - STILL STONE

If you’ve ever considered renovating your kitchen, you know there are a lot of decisions to be made. From choosing tapware to benchtop surfaces, cabinet styles, dish holders and many more. One of the most vital ones would be to design the cabinet doors and style of how it’s going to hang in the Kitchen fonts as it should well fit with the aesthetics of your house.