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50 Happiest Companies in America for 2013. Ready for a happier career in 2013?

50 Happiest Companies in America for 2013

The CareerBliss annual 50 Happiest Companies in America awards is a great place to start your job search because these companies have been voted by their very own employees as a happy, rewarding workplace. To reveal the top happiest companies, CareerBliss analyzes thousands of independent employee-submitted reviews. The reviews ask professionals to rank how they feel about key happiness factors at work, such as the culture of the company, compensation and people you work with. Untitled. Untitled. Best Ways to Job Hunt in Web Game Development. Programming Web games is the coolest job going.

Best Ways to Job Hunt in Web Game Development

It’s a massive growth area with companies like Zynga making millions from running Facebook games — so how do you break in? In the good old days — i.e. in the last century — the old-fashioned way was teach yourself to program, develop a game, send in a demo and hope someone offered you an interview. Or you went to college, got a degree in something like computer science, and tried to break in through recruiters.