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Photo by desillusion. View topic - Building out a camper. Cargo Van to Camper Van. Original cargo van interior with metal shelving If you are looking for a small, affordable RV, I hope this article detailing how my sister Gail built her camper van will spark your DIY enthusiasm.

Cargo Van to Camper Van

This is not meant as a step-by-step tutorial. It’s intended to show you how she designed a camper that suited her unique travel needs. She wanted a van that she could overnight in without hookups one or two nights on the way to a destination. But once she arrived at her destination, she would plug into shore power. Raspberry Pi - Using Arduino - Episode 1 - An introduction... Raspberry PI - How to sent a text message from your Pi. Offgrid814. Van Life. World travel - Home. Robin and Miet. Name and age Robin Blondeel - 27 Miet Lassuyt - 22 Hometown Ghent - Belgium When did you start your travels?

Robin and Miet

August 28th 2011. Two Happy Kiwis. School Bus Converted Into a House (8 pics. Stealth pickup camper. Portal - Busfreaks Forum - motor home, self-development, engineering, electrical. WINDOW FITTING VW T4 T5 VAN CAMPER PRIVACY Southwest Vito Transit Vivaro Ford. Please read the full listing.

WINDOW FITTING VW T4 T5 VAN CAMPER PRIVACY Southwest Vito Transit Vivaro Ford

By clicking Confirm bid you commit to buy this item from the seller if you are the winning bidder. You will enter a binding contract. Place bid. TRAVEL VAN WORLD. This is the new van, parked at Charmouth beach on the way home from Cornwall.This blog will be documenting it's conversion into a bespoke travel van and our camping adventures.


After owning a VW t4 for five years my partner Vonnie and myself decided that we needed something bigger. We prefer wild camping, so Need a self contained van. Timeless Adventures: Dave Murphy: Building Rory (Updated Jan 2011) I recently discovered that some pictures were missing so I have just added the pictures back onto the page but there are no captions as yet.

Timeless Adventures: Dave Murphy: Building Rory (Updated Jan 2011)

Any questions ask in the comments.Kelly bought Rory (a VW transporter T28 84bhp in white) at the start of July 2011, we had both very busy with work, moving house and doing assessments so buying a van had dropped on the priority list. Suddenly we had 20days to find buy and convert a van ready for 4 weeks holiday. To see the whole building process we have been through then just keep reading or to see the latest changes scroll down to June 2012.Carpet from MegavanmatsVinyl from MegavanmatsLeisure Battery from This Ebay SellerInsulation from B&QWood from Powells in Cowley, OxfordshireLights from HMS Marine SuppliesEnjoy, please leave comments or questions at the bottom!! Volkswagen T5 LWB Panel Van into a Campervan. 140 Amp Heavy Duty Split Charging System, VW T4 T5 xtreme van - for all your xtremevan conversion needs. High Power Distribution Unit for the living quarters of a campervan / day van or surf bus which incorporates a split charging circuit, ensuring that your leisure battery is kept charged whilst fusing all relevant appliances.

140 Amp Heavy Duty Split Charging System, VW T4 T5 xtreme van - for all your xtremevan conversion needs

This is a voltage sensing system that requires no connection to the vehicle’s alternator; simply just connect to the vehicle battery. Below is an example showing how the split charging unit can be incorporated and used within a vehicle. Contained in a very neat box measuring just 19cm (L) x 11cm (W) x 9cm (D) with the provision for 11 fused outputs, one of which is particularly suitable for high drain applications of up to 100 Amps, such as I.C.E Amplifiers via an externally mounted strip fuse assembly. Various Fly Tortoise. My Bohemian friend Andrina owns what is humorously known as a plastic Tupperware container on wheels. Or a Wheely Bin. It's true that you won't see many here, in fact this is the first time one has ever featured on this blog.

Perhaps it won't be the last. From the outside, it's the same as the conventional ubiquitous recreational vehicle we see in many countries around the world. Glitter and Grit.

Van Living

Mk1 and Mk2 Transit. Mk1 Ford Transit. Smith and Deakin , good quality,strong fibreglass wings and bonnets for early transits and other early cars etc.Have had good reports from customers.

Mk1 Ford Transit

Hadrian. No Mk1 wings but sills,arches and suspension repair plates etc for transits.Helped with my Mercedes van queries and supplied repair sections for the door steps on my transit. . Still Stoked Lifestyle's Guide To Van Life. “The Split VW Splitty” by The Seedling Leaf Icon Art This is the time of year when most people with an urge for movement get on the road, for the temporary summer travels.

Still Stoked Lifestyle's Guide To Van Life

I’ve got some stuff which I reckon is pretty useful for the more serious surfsk8 explorer, who is looking for a full time van lifestyle. I have’nt come across a gypsy surfer yet but there must be a few amongst the estimated 10,000 gypsy travellers. Likewise of the estimated 3,000 “new travellers” I don’t know anyone who has said they travel with surfing in mind. TWO-STORY CAMPER. Paint Lawson. Bedford Molly's Blog. Bedford CF. Hacks Vehicle Mobile Homes.

Nelson, who is originally from Southern California, studied painting and drawing at both Bard and CCA.

Hacks Vehicle Mobile Homes

His work draws upon his love of surfing, the beach and experiences he had as a child helping his father do projects around the house. Rather than building things completely from scratch, Nelson enjoys the challenge of transforming things because of the resulting creativity found through restricted design limitations. “When we have limits, we have to compensate and force creativity,” Nelson said in an interview with CCA.

Nelson’s collection of adapted campers includes functional live and work spaces, which are all fully mobile. To make his functional vehicle structures, Nelson starts by imagining what he wants to make and then sketching out the concept to figure out how it will be built. Japanese mini vans. Just a Car Guy. Housetruck pics. Housetrucks homepage. Aussie Bus Conversion. Self-build motorhome. DIY Motorhomes. Convert a Van Into a Camper. Build Bed in your Van. The first thing you need for a road trip is a good vehicle. We used Bertha , our 2000 Ford E-150 van - a somewhat reliable automobile. We decided to keep one bench seat (so she could still carry up to 5 people) and remove the last row of seats to give us more room for the bed.

Measure the space you have available in the vehicle for the bed and make careful notes about any obstructions including the wheel wells, seat mounting brackets, etc. If you already have storage bins, measure their height and width. You really don't want to build the raised bed and then find out your stuff won't fit under it! Lining and Insulation. All of the walls and ceiling are going to be lined with ply wood and then hopefully carpet will be stuck to all of the exposed areas, apart from the kitchen splash back. The floor is 18mm ply - some of it is from the original fitting. Still some of the trim to be done but that will done near the end after all the other bits of wood have been dragged in and out . I'm keeping the original bit of chequer plate. Merc 307D. Building a home made campervan.

Merc 307D

The story of our old 307D mercedes van.Reincarnated as a motorhome but ultimately it died all over again Originally used to go to auctions and markets then as a delivery van for our shop and chandlers in Lowestoft ,our old merceds van was redundant and a bit frilly round the edges.After well over 250,000 miles and astonishing reliability we were reluctant to pension it off and decided to convert it into a home brewed motorhome or campervan.

A puka Mercedes workshop manual is mega money and Haynes seem not to realise Mercedes made thousands of these vans.I found it worthwhile to get at Mercedes 240D manual which gives some engine details.Most of the metal brake pipes I replaced using one of the cheap pipe flaring tools I sell on ebay. Picture taken close to kessingland beach near lowestoft.This was pretty much the last time we used the mercedes. Dodge 50. Traveller Vehicles - Trucks , Buses and Wagons.

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