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Stickman Cybersecurity by Design

Stickman is a cybersecurity service provider known for its 'Cybersecurity by Design' framework. We proactively manage cybersecurity threats, which leads to cutting costs and improving the efficiency of businesses. Apart from penetration testing and security operation handling, we also help in achieving various security compliances such as PCI DSS and ISO 27001.

PCI DSS Compliance in Australia: Challenges and Tactics. Increase the Cyber Resilience of Your Business with Effective Cybersecurity Services. Web Application Penetration Testing — The Best Technique of an Organisation's Security - Stickman Cybersecurity by Design. PCI DSS Compliance in Australia — How to Build Consumer Confidence: stickmancyberse — LiveJournal. Business owners have several responsibilities that await them every single day.

PCI DSS Compliance in Australia — How to Build Consumer Confidence: stickmancyberse — LiveJournal

They're tasked to oversee the company, ensuring that everything is in the right place at the right time. On top of that, business owners must ensure the entire organisation's safety and security, including staff, data, assets, and consumer data. Utilising a Cybersecurity Firm to Keep Your Information Secure - Stickman Cybersecurity by Design. PCI DSS Compliance for Retailers in Australia - The Facts. If your retail business is accepting or processing payment cards, you have to be aware of the security standards you are required to meet.

PCI DSS Compliance for Retailers in Australia - The Facts

Likewise, it’s crucial that you understand and apply them to your business, so you can securely process card payments and protect customer data. One of the standards retailers must consider is PCI DSS compliance in Australia. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard has the requirements that will simplify the way you ensure the security of every customer’s card information. Cyber Security Firms: What Can They Do for Your Business? Every day, businesses fall victim to the threat of cybersecurity.

Cyber Security Firms: What Can They Do for Your Business?

Whether random or targeted, cyberattacks can disable computers, destroy data, or serve as a launch point for another attack. There are a variety of ways by which cyber criminals launch attacks. The most common forms of assault are phishing, malware and ransomware. Even the world’s industry leaders are vulnerable to cyberattacks — companies such as Adobe, Sony and Yahoo have fallen victim to hacking and data breaches in the past. Businesses need a secure protection system to manage cyber threats proactively. PCI DDS Compliance in Australia — Why You Need to Take It Seriously – StickMan. All companies that process, store, or transmit information from credit cards are required to maintain a secure environment and protect the cardholder’s data.

PCI DDS Compliance in Australia — Why You Need to Take It Seriously – StickMan

How Web Application Penetration Testing Can Offer More Security – StickMan. Cybersecurity is a significant aspect of protecting your organisation.

How Web Application Penetration Testing Can Offer More Security – StickMan

A solid cybersecurity strategy can minimise the risk of cyberattacks through malware, phishing, and other methods. If your business regularly deals with customer data, personal information, and intellectual property, then you need the best possible security framework. Web application penetration testing is essential in this regard. Cyber Security Firms: What Can They Do for Your Business?

How Stickman empowers organisations to become Cloud-first. Introduction to Stickman. Cloud Security. Whose responsibility is it? We live in the era of cloud computing.

Cloud Security. Whose responsibility is it?

Consumer and business computing has been severely influenced by the emergence of cloud computing – and cloud security has become an enormous issue for individuals and businesses alike. We all know about data breaches from constant media reporting. Most of us have been impacted by a cloud security issue, whether we realise it or not. To understand why cloud security continues to be an ongoing issue, we must understand who is responsible for cloud security.

Who is responsible for cloud security? Corporations make a mistake in believing that when they migrate to the cloud, the responsibility of cloud security automatically shifts to the cloud provider. "Don't break anything" – Stickman Penetration Testing. Please don’t break anything!

"Don't break anything" – Stickman Penetration Testing

This request is often heard at the end of a sign-off meeting committing to a penetration test. This offhand client request speaks directly to the importance of selecting an organisation with penetration tester skills that are sensitive to the fragility and dependencies of complex IT systems. Every business-critical service and software application are at constant risk of attack. ISO 27001 – A Solid Investment in Cyber Security. Why ISO 27001?

ISO 27001 – A Solid Investment in Cyber Security

ISO 27001:2013 is the de-facto international Information Security Management System (ISMS) standard and is deployed globally. How can you improve the ROI of your PCI investment? Introduction and Background The Payment Card Security Council set out a simple goal when creating the organisation; ‘protect their payment systems from breaches and theft of cardholder data’ The Council was formed nearly two decades ago by a syndicate of credit card providers.

How can you improve the ROI of your PCI investment?

The Council’s stated goal was about improving security safeguards at every step of card transaction processing. The business driver was a commercial imperative – to protect cardholder data. To enable this outcome a security standard was created that mandated safeguards and defined processes that met the agreed objectives – Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS or just PCI). The standard is now in its third iteration having matured to meet emerging challenges as the security landscape has evolved. Remote Assessments and the Coronavirus. Dear Assessor, Does an assessor need to be onsite?

Remote Assessments and the Coronavirus

Keep Safe and Healthy. Amid all the uncertainty and the grim state of affairs across the globe, I have found myself reflecting quite a lot. Abartan Dhakal – Bugcrowd Ambassador. The WFH like culture VS. zero-day exploits in conference apps, what's in it for us? After several severe cases of novel coronavirus aka COVID-19, most businesses have shifted their business model from on-site to virtual. It was a perfect time for businesses to implement and test their Business Continuity Plans (BCP) and we saw some well-known names who implemented their BCP with ease, while others are still struggling. When businesses make a major shift towards a Work From Home (WFH) culture, a new ideology must kick in – “Zero trust networks”. This basically means that no devices and/or systems should be taken as a trusted source. However, we have seen cases where employees, students, kids, families and various high-profile government bodies started sharing the content that the internet did not necessarily need to know.

Most of us are currently using conference applications like Zoom to communicate and it seems people are very excited to show the world what they are either working, studying, playing or communicating on, from home. Let me walk you through… Mobile Penetration Testing – Best Practices. Know All About PCI DSS Compliance. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) refers to the security standards that ensure all organisations accepting, transmitting, storing, and processing credit card information have a secure environment.

The Standard is managed and administered by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC), an independent body formed by the major card brands, namely JCB, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express. 5 Things to Look for in an IT Security Consultant. Organisations are continually at risk of security breaches and cyber attacks, through deficits in their own systems, people and processes and potential vulnerabilities in their environment that are leaving them exposed to malicious threat actors. Preventing breaches and attacks is the first step to ensuring the safety and security of everyone in your workplace, and that of your customers’. An IT Security Consultant can help you determine what you need to do and can recommend the right solutions to safeguard your systems (software, and hardware), and identify and remediate any vulnerabilities in your networks and business processes.

When hiring a consultant, these guidelines will help you ensure you get the quality and service your business requires: The Importance of Cyber Security Management Services in Business. ISO 27001 Certification. Does your organisation comply with ISO 27001, the international standard for an Information Security Management System (ISMS)? With the increasing sophistication of cyber-attacks, and security vulnerabilities growing from year to year, the need for a globally recognised information security standard is becoming a need than a luxury. Managed Security Services Australia. Implement on-going cyber security protection for your organisation. SMBs face the same type of threats that much larger organisations do. Cybersecurity Managed Services. Cybersecurity Consultant. Cybersecurity Consultant Australia. Cybersecurity Companies in Australia.