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January 25 Dennis Hlynsky is a professor of film and animation at RISD whose most recent work, titled Small Brains on Mass, looks at bird behavior, particularly how they interact when flying in groups. To better understand how flying as a flock is achieved, Hlynsky filmed the birds and then stacked the images on the same frame for a set number of frames, the results show each bird’s flight as a trail, but synchronized with the flock. MetaFilter | Community Weblog MetaFilter | Community Weblog - home of fine hypertext products Classic paintings brought to life by subtle motion JAN 16 Rino Stefano Tagliafierro took more than 100 paintings (from the likes of Reubens, Caravaggio, Rembrandt, and Vermeer) and set them in motion to music to form a slow motion oil painted dreamland. Lots of boobs, butts, penises, and even the occasional hint of sexual gesture in this one -- the motion sometimes fills in the blanks on all of those frolicking nymph-type paintings, making them seem to modern eyes even more sexist and outdated than the static paintings. - home of fine hypertext products
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Lazy Pythonista Today I'm starting off doing some of the posts people want to see, and the number one item on that list is Django and Python 3. Python 3 has been out for about a year at this point, and so far Django hasn't really started to move towards it (at least at a first glance). However, Django has already begun the long process towards moving to Python 3, this post is going to recap exactly what Django's migration strategy is (most of this post is a recap of a message James Bennett sent to the django-developers mailing list after the 1.0 release, available here). One of the most important things to recognize in this that though there are many developers using Django for smaller projects, or new projects that want to start these on Python 3, there are also a great many more with legacy (as if we can call recent deployments on Python2.6 and Django 1.1 legacy) deployments that they want to maintain and update. Lazy Pythonista
Stevey's Blog Rants Editor's Note: I totally did not write this post. My friend did. Hi-*her* name is Chaz...mina. So for all you dear people waiting on me for "stuff", whether it's Wyvern or js2-mode or Amazon War Stories or Talent42 or PVOTU or the Effective Emacs movie screenplay or whatever: you can rest easy, confident in the knowledge that I am working 24x7 on your personal needs. Stevey's Blog Rants
Programming First off, I apologize for the title - I couldn't resist. (If you don't know what the title is talking about, see this video). I ... Popurls has quickly grown to be one of my favorite websites helping me keep track what's buzzing around the web. It's a simple site that ... Programming Ne wcomers to this site will soon discover, I hope, that it is meant to be rather more than an archive of my own work. It started out that way, but merciful Providence intervened to remind me that my belated brain-wave might be more useful if I could put a lifetime’s experience as a cultural critic to a new use, and so offer a critical guide, through the next medium, to works of thought and art by other people, and sometimes in other eras. The only criterion for inclusion would be intensity of expression, with the aim of creating, in this latterday Babelic flux we call the web, an island of quality where every word is meant, and every image meaningful. Where there was music, it would be music I responded to because I couldn’t help it, and not because I thought I should. Clearly such a scope, even allowing for my prejudices, is without theoretical limit, so I shall be a doddering cot-case before the thing barely gets started, but I am very glad to have been in on its beginnings.
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