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Wagamama Recipes

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Food - Recipes : How to make chicken teriyaki. Recipe search, share and store. Japanese inspired recipes. Japanese inspired recipes. Japanese inspired recipes. Marinated-chicken-stir-fry. Marinate the chicken in the morning (or the day before) for a flavour-packed stir-fry instructions put the chicken strips, lemongrass, chilli, garlic, 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil and the fish sauce into a large bowl mix thoroughly, cover and refrigerate overnight. heat a wok over a medium heat for 1 – 2 minutes or until completely hot and almost smoking add the remaining oil and the red onion stir fry for 1 minute until lightly caramelised add the chicken and its marinade and continue stir frying for 1 minute to seal the meat add the mangetout, beansprouts and green pepper continue stir frying for further 2 minutes or until the vegetables start to wilt add the salt, sugar and half the peanuts and stir fry for a further minute add the soy sauce and water mix the cornflour with 2 tablespoons water to make a paste remove 2 teaspoons of sauce from the wok, combine with the cornflour paste, return to the wok and toss well continue cooking for a further 4 – 5 minutes until the sauce is thick and glossy.


Japanese inspired recipes. This dish has become known as yaki soba even though, traditionally, it doesn’t use soba noodles. you can use ramen instead if you prefer (as we do in our restaurants) instructions cook the noodles in a large pan of boiling water for 2 – 3 minutes or until just tender drain thoroughly and refresh under cold water put the yaki soba sauce, the onion, spring onion, beansprouts and prawns in a large bowl and mix the noodles heat a wok over a medium heat for 1 – 2 minutes or until hot and almost smoking and add the vegetable oil.

japanese inspired recipes

Wagamama’s Amai Udon recipe. Eating Amai Udon has become one of my favourite past-times.

Wagamama’s Amai Udon recipe

Popping into a bustling Wagamamas and wolfing down a dish of the stuff makes me very happy indeed, and now I know I can do it at home, I just can’t stop. It turns out that making this delicious flavour-filled noodly fest is real easy. Not only can you put it all together from scratch in about 15 minutes, but all the ingredients can be found in mainstream supermarkets. I’m lucky enough to live close to a few small east-Asian supermarkets so I can choose from 5 different types of tofu, buy beansprouts by the carrier bag and get extra delicious fresh fat udon noodles. Nevertheless, you can still make a plate of sweet-sour noodly goodness with stuff you can grab from any local supermarket and it’s relatively cheap.

You can feed 3 people for about £7, if you have a few store cupboard essentials (vinegar, soy and ketchup) and for those who have never been, that’s the same you’d pay for one portion in Wagamamas. Amai Sauce Amai Udon. Chicken katsu curry recipe. Japanese inspired recipes. One of our most popular sides, impress your dinner guests with this easy yet memorable side dish. check out the wagamama cookbook for this great recipe ingredients 275g (10oz) boneless, skinless chicken thigh meat 12 spring onions salt and white pepper 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil 4 tablespoons yakitori (see below) sauce 6 bamboo skewers, soaked in cold water for 2 hours for yakitori sauce - makes about 200ml (7fl oz): 6 tablespoons sake 180ml (6fl oz) light soy sauce 6 tablespoons mirin (sweetened sake used for cooking) 1 tablespoon caster sugar instructions cut the chicken into 2.5cm (1in) cubes trim the green end and root of the spring onion and cut into 2.5cm (1in) chunks from the root up thread the chicken and spring onion pieces alternately onto the skewers (each skewer should have 3 pieces of chicken and two pieces of spring onion) season with salt and white pepper cook the skewers, turning frequently, for about 5 – 6 minutes until golden brown.

japanese inspired recipes