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Pearltrees. Workboard - Registration. Turlockjournal. <lcObjective>Be able to write well-formed, measurable objectives.</lcObjective> Dawn Stevens, Comtech Services, Inc.

<lcObjective>Be able to write well-formed, measurable objectives.</lcObjective>

With the introduction of the Learning and Training specialization for DITA 1.2, technical writers now have access to an entire set of elements that many have no training on using. Just as desktop publishing introduced the "ransom note" effect to document design, the Learning and Training specialization opens the door to misunderstood and poorly used elements. Although these elements might seem exclusive to training departments moving to DITA, effective collaboration between technical documentation and training can be encouraged and enhanced if both groups share a common understanding of how these elements can and should be used. Furthermore, a basic understanding of the instructional design theory behind these elements, in particular those dealing with objectives, can also improve all topic types, whether or not they are specifically developed for training materials.

At the heart of all training content is the instructional objective. Speed. Applying the Content Management System Maturity Model. Every organization has a system for managing the content it produces.

Applying the Content Management System Maturity Model

It may be undocumented and fragmented, with storage and processes determined by individual users; or it may be a full-fledged, highly-integrated component content management system that manages everything from versions, to source and target languages to style sheets. There’s a good chance your organization’s content management system lies somewhere in between.

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iRise Visualize 2012 Keynote - Chad Hahn of Square One Solutions. Middle Schooler Wins FIRST® LEGO® League Competition Using iRise. Most middle schoolers are focused on convincing their parents they need an iPhone, scoring tickets to the Justin Bieber concert, or finding the perfect outfit for the upcoming school dance– but not Ben.

Middle Schooler Wins FIRST® LEGO® League Competition Using iRise

Ben DiFilippi, a middle school student at the Packer Collegiate Institute, had a mission. His 85-year-old grandmother and her caretakers needed a better way to keep track of all of her health information so she could continue to live independently. This included doctor’s orders, medication, nutrition, logistical information, and more.

Coincidentally, FIRST® LEGO® League, an organization Ben had been involved with through his school’s robotics team for five years, had announced “Senior Solutions” as its theme for the 2012-2013 season. Teams were challenged to develop innovative ways to make the lives of the elderly easier and healthier. Visualize Conference DC 2012. Join the iRise Federal community and visualize new ways to create software that transforms opportunities into success!

Visualize Conference DC 2012

On Thursday, November 8th, we will be hosting Visualize 2012 @ DC where you can network with peers, learn how we can help reduce development time and costs, and see how new iRise platform extensions can transform and speed business innovation in your organization. Mission Possible - Live on Stage Registration Open (lobby level) Executive Welcome and Agenda Gregg Blatt, iRise iRise OnDemand Overview Charles Sword, iRise More Info Tools and Techniques for Creating a Culture of Innovation Keynote Speaker: Michael R Nelson, Bloomberg Government & Adjunct Professor, Georgetown University View Bio.

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Agile Creativity. Application Visualization by iRise Demo. Career. The New Data Features in iRise 8.11. Tools. Innovate DC event brings together community of “intrapreneurs” %%sep%% The Official iRise Blog - Go Beyond Prototyping Tools. ADP on Visualization — The Blueprint for Faster Development. Turnaround is the name of the game when you’re developing software.

ADP on Visualization — The Blueprint for Faster Development

Once a client — whether internal or external — provides its list of requirements, the development team’s goal is to visualize the design and deliver a prototype to the client as quickly as possible for user-experience testing and review. Ideally, that prototype should be interactive, but in reality, sometimes it isn’t. So when Jose Coronado was first told about a new solution that could dramatically reduce the time it took his organization to go from requirements to an interactive prototype, he thought it was too good to be true. Fortunately, he didn’t stop there. As the Senior Director of User Experience at human capital management technology and service provider Automatic Data Processing, Inc. The moment that Coronado’s organization receives requirements, the clock starts ticking until the team can deliver a prototype to the client for user testing. Pilot Takes Off. Visiting Nurse Service of New York - After Superstorm Sandy: Donate to the VNSNY Relief Fund.

As parts of our city get back on their feet, other areas remain devastated.

Visiting Nurse Service of New York - After Superstorm Sandy: Donate to the VNSNY Relief Fund

We will continue to deliver supplies and medical care where they are needed, and we will continue to work with our partner agencies and organizations so we can focus our efforts where they are needed most. Read The Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy: VNSNY’s Mission at Work. The New York Times reported that “more than 5,000 nurses, aides, social workers and others were out serving patients around the city during and after the storm.” Read Enduring the Storm for Homebound Patients. ABC’s Diane Sawyer covered one of our nurses climbing the stairs in the dark to reach her patient on the 17th floor:

At Sapphire Madrid. Sapphire Madrid took place November 13-16. iRise’s booth featured a giant iPad to showcase how iRise can mobilize your SAP installation, and to play a life sized game of Angry Birds.

at Sapphire Madrid

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