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Tour - Feathercap. Five Considerations When Designing Engaging eLearning Courses by Kyle Chambers. “If you really want to engage your learners, take a page out of the book of game design and craft the content using stories, creative content delivery, and immersive aesthetics.

Five Considerations When Designing Engaging eLearning Courses by Kyle Chambers

Make sure to maximize the power of the authoring tool of your choice, be savvy about expenditures, and implement gamification concepts in interesting ways.” The term engagement has been a bit overused, but what it really refers to is emotional involvement or commitment. It has been well documented that in eLearning, and learning in general, higher engagement produces higher retention rates, which translate to better performance results.

In the end, it is all about results, and engagement is a well-paved pathway to better results. A major reason that serious games and gamification techniques are so popular across industries is that they are designed to obtain emotional involvement from users. Tell a story An interesting and captivating story is the absolute best way to get people emotionally invested in anything. The Espresso Matchmaker. Melissa Milloway sur Twitter : "And another one for my project! Collaborative eLearning and mLearning Creation. eLearning Atlas. Cloud SCORM Cloud - A simpler way to deliver e-learning - SCORM. A simpler way to deliver e-learning.

Cloud SCORM Cloud - A simpler way to deliver e-learning - SCORM

SCORM Cloud lets you deliver training where your learners live. Try it Free Up and running in minutes It’s as easy as emailing a link. Just a few clicks, and you can connect learners to your content. Remain in control of your content You have control over your content, even after it’s in an LMS. SCORM Cloud is already integrated with some great apps. Interview with Ryan Tracey - eLearning Interviews Magazine. In one of the latest articles on your blog, you refer to eLearning through game-based learning.

Interview with Ryan Tracey - eLearning Interviews Magazine

In your perception, what are the benefits of this method? I’m an advocate of game-based learning because I think it has much to offer workplace L&D in terms of motivation and engagement – especially when motivation and engagement are lacking. But games are more than “fun”. They can be authentic representations of real life, so that the learner can develop their capabilities in a safe environment. Alternatively, while the game itself may be arbitrary, the experience of playing it is real; and that can surface themes such as leadership and collaboration. What is the most effective game in terms of being able to bring the best educational outcome?

If the game is intended to mimic real life, then dispense with anything inauthentic. One of my favourite examples of a well-designed game is Lifesaver by the Resuscitation Council in the UK. Wow, there are so many. I also advise learning from others. Toolkit: Elucidat by Joe Ganci. “Elucidat allows for API integration which means it can integrate with other systems.

Toolkit: Elucidat by Joe Ganci

This opens a variety of possibilities such as creating a single sign-on between systems and embedding Elucidat content into mobile apps.” This month’s review covers a tool called Elucidat, which touts itself with the tag line “Let’s make amazing eLearning together”—with the promise that it will be easy to do. As one who has long pronounced that there is no free lunch and that there is no easy-to-use eLearning tool that doesn’t have you hitting walls, I wanted to put Elucidat through the wringer to see just what it could do and what it would find too hard to handle.

Elucidat certainly proves itself to be easy and a bit fun. Take a look at the first menu in Figure 1. Figure 1: Creating a course As you can see, you can choose from a course library or you can start from scratch.