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Now foods: Health & Beauty. PremierResearchLabs. Vegetarian Running. Plant-Based Ultraman Rich Roll's New Cookbook & Food Philosophy. When we interviewed plant-based Ultraman, Rich Roll earlier this year, we were blown away by the positive response.

Plant-Based Ultraman Rich Roll's New Cookbook & Food Philosophy

From Ironman Champion triathletes to people who had never hopped on a bike, everyone was inspired by Rich's transformation of his body and mind. Much of the curiosity focused on one key part of Rich's reinvention: food. What does this 44-year-old Ultraman eat? Where and how does he get his protein? Rich and his wife, Julie Piatt, are sharing the meals that have nourished and energized their family in their vegan e-cookbook, Jai Seed. So while we're on the subject of eating plant-based and awesome vegan cookbooks (and this one is a bargain at $9.99), I talked to Rich about his food philosophy, the misconceptions of being a plant-based athlete, and about getting started with a plant-based diet.

MBG: What's your food philosophy? RR: Food is so much more than calories. In addition, it was important to us to make it fun and inclusive -- accessible to everyone. We don’t preach. DoctorMyhill. Natural Health Information Articles and Health Newsletter by Dr. Joseph Mercola. AskMen UK - Men's Online Magazine. Try Nasal Washing To Ease Cold And Allergy Symptoms. Next time you feel the first stir of a cold or allergies — rhinitis, sinusitis, allergic asthma — try nasal washing with a saline solution for symptom relief.

Try Nasal Washing To Ease Cold And Allergy Symptoms

Nasal washing helps reduce the amount of mucus that drains from your nose and sinus passages during bouts of rhinitis or sinusitis. It is a particularly good practice to do before bed as drainage irritation is often worse at night. Nasal washing, also known as nasal irrigation, does not involve a drug, but a salt water solution that cleans mucus from the nose and sinus. It can make medication more effective, clean allergens and irritants from the nose, remove bacteria and viruses, and even reduce the swelling of nasal passages thereby boosting air flow.

As someone whose quarterly sinus infections are now ancient history due to regular nasal washings, it’s changed my life. The steps involved in nasal washing are fairly simple. After each use, rinse the nasal wash pot or irrigation tips in hot water and allow to dry thoroughly. Welcome to the Alliance for Natural Health. Switching to Biphasic Sleeping? Start here. Inside your skull is a massive supercomputer.

Switching to Biphasic Sleeping? Start here.

You own it free and clear. With its 100 billion neurons, and with a typical neuron linking to 1000 to 10,000 other neurons, your highly networked brain is incredibly powerful and capable. Pick up a simple object nearby like a pen or a spoon, and look at it. Turn it upside down. Spin it around. But what’s happening under the hood? Your brain even does some extra processing to compensate for the blind spot on the back of your retina. All of this processing happens subconsciously. Even when you focus your attention upon it, you can’t consciously access what your visual cortex is doing. Your visual cortex is only about 1/200th of your brain.

The truth is that this is a hopeless challenge. You may perceive the experience of thinking as a fairly linear process. The reality is that different patches of neurons are processing different thoughts in parallel at all times.