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Steve Urkel

Fortune Innovation is leading Dubai Web Development Company providing innovative online solutions to get your business moving in right direction.

Gamification: How to Gamify Your Mobile App Successfully? The following is a guest post by Steve Urkel.

Gamification: How to Gamify Your Mobile App Successfully?

Steve is working as Marketing Specialist for a web development company called Fortune Innovations Dubai. He is a passionate marketer with flair for writing about websites, apps, content management systems and technology trends. Well, you’ve launched your first mobile app and have seen millions of downloads in a matter of weeks. So, what next? Enjoying the success of your first app launch?

Your app is not successful yet, it has just seen some downloads. So what can you do about users uninstalling the app? App Design and Website Design: How Different Are They From Each Other? ”Which is better, Application or website?”

App Design and Website Design: How Different Are They From Each Other?

This has been the question of designers from long ago and it’s not gone yet. Both website and application are good in their own way as both are used to convey some information or to promote the brands. However, the primary aim of a website is to provide some information to the user who visits the site to get some information. Of course, there are some websites which make users take some actions as well, but that again is after user gaining some information from the website.

On the other side, the primary aim of an app is to allow users to perform any task; they basically are meant to solve the problem or satisfy the desire of a user. So, before going ahead and making decisions, it’s very important for a designer to understand the differences between website and app design. Here we’ve listed 5 main points to tell you how different they are from each other.

5 Most Common Design Mistakes That Make Website A Disaster. Having a well-designed website has not remained as an option for the businesses anymore; in fact, it has become a requisite for them to thrive in their field.

5 Most Common Design Mistakes That Make Website A Disaster

A website can help you become a frontrunner in the field if it’s designed properly keeping in mind the prospects of web design and development. But if it goes into the hands of an amateur, your website will be a disaster which greatly affects your business. What are those common design mistakes that make website a disaster? Here we have brought to you the 5 most common web design mistakes one has to avoid. 1. Consistency is the one of the most important things you’ll have to keep in mind while designing a website. Many designers these days focus more on fancy design bringing in sudden changes in the colour scheme, content layout and the side bar position, making it really difficult to use. Dubai news. 7 Noteworthy Predictions on WordPress Web Development in 2015. Every year we can see one or the other change in the technology as innovation has no end.

7 Noteworthy Predictions on WordPress Web Development in 2015

This year too we can expect a lot of technical improvements; WordPress design trend is one of the hot topics when it comes to technical up-gradation. So, most of the users are curious about the development trends which are expected to happen in 2015. Here are a few WordPress development trends we can expect in 2015: The responsive design: The best feature of responsive design which makes it stand out of the box is that, the design can adapt to any screen size.

So the design can be used on any monitors or mobile screens. Genymotion: A Highly Advanced Android Emulator. Dubai: If you are into Android application development and are using the default emulator, you will have certainly experienced the frustrating slow performance of the emulator.

Genymotion: A Highly Advanced Android Emulator

The default emulator is not only slow in booting up, but also on all the successive runs of your application. An efficient solution for this was the development of AndroVM which provided a virtual machine client for VirtualBox. This ensued as a remarkably faster emulator than the default one. Later, AndroVM was bought by Genymobile and they released Genymotion which was the improved version of AndroVM.

In-house Apps Enhance Employee Productivity. Dubai: In-house application is the term used to describe an app or software which a business would use to aid the organization in interpreting enterprise problems.

In-house Apps Enhance Employee Productivity

In-house applications are typically designed keeping employees in mind which helps them to manage their task better and be more productive.These apps are deployed across a wide variety of networks (like Internet, Intranet and corporate networks) which helps in meeting the strict requirements for administration management. The workflow in any environment is always fast paced, whether it may be a large organisation or a small enterprise. Mobile apps focused on the needs of an employee are more likely to build a fluid workflow which helps them to attain the intended result easily. The Best 7 WordPress Plugins Your Website Needs to Thrive. With more than 30,000 WordPress plugins stated in the authorised WordPress plugin directory alone, it is no shock that WordPress users are a bit unsure about what plugins they must be using.

The Best 7 WordPress Plugins Your Website Needs to Thrive

There are just so many to pick from; which explains why there are a lot of plugins top lists online. The majority of plugins concentrate on which plugins are at the top, however the plugins which are listed as the top generally have more features. At least one website you come across now-a-days is powered by WordPress. In all possibility, most of your preferred sires employ the world’s most accepted content management system (CMS). Maybe your business runs on it as well. As per WordPress, across its network of websites, more than 409 million people view over 15.8 billion pages every month. Content is created more than the audience to handle. Luckily, you won’t require building everything from scratch. 1. Email has constantly been the horrible stepchild of marketing. 2. 3.

10 Cool Mobile Apps to Enhance Customer Loyalty. eCommerce Magento Web Development. Magento is an open source eCommerce platform designed to manage your online store. eCommerce Magento is packed with wonderful features such as an inbuilt administration interface with SEO, catalogue-management tools and marketing.

eCommerce Magento Web Development

At Fortune Innovations, we are a bunch of designers and programmers having valuable experience in framework installation, Magento theme design and Magento customization. We also give you the resource signing facility for your Magento development projects including a payment gateway, integration, programming, theming design and customization of an existing Magento eCommerce website.

Wordpress Web Development. WordPress is an open source blog publishing application based on PHP and MYSQL to help build website and blogs for your services and products.

Wordpress Web Development

Drupal CMS Website Development. Drupal CMS Website Development. Joomla!

Drupal CMS Website Development

Is an advanced yet simple to manage Open Source Content Management System written in MYSQL and PHP. This PHP-based CMS allows web administrators to build all ranging from simple websites to complex applications. After the initial installation, Joomla offers some great back end features that enable a web admin to content items, configure sections, polls, categories and so on.

Since the front-end, you can manage in the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) mode with the basic knowledge of HTML. This makes it a user friendly and easy CMS for publishing and managing content on the web. Google. Hire Facebook App Developer. Fortune Innovations is a leading Facebook application development Agency. We have a skilful group of Facebook app developers and designers working with the latest and emerging web technologies to build secure Facebook applications. Using cutting-edge technical skill and expertise, Fortune Innovations Dubai develops and designs useful Facebook applications keeping up with the ever-evolving social trends. Hire Android Application Developer. Google’s Android, the open source mobile application development platform has won the race ever since its presents. Android is a Linux-based open-source operating system with an extensive java library and unique application development abilities.

Fixed together with the brand name, Android has become a hot property to developers and users as well. Fortune Innovations is a leading Android app developing company providing services in Dubai and across the UAE. We bring the best talents in application development for Android OS to meet the various requirements of our customers. Our services in the Android platform range from casual applications to complex business and enterprise applications. At Fortune Innovations, we have the best Android Application Development team who has a complete understanding of the Framework, API’s and Android SDK, which places us in the perfect position to develop great applications in Android. Contact Us. Website Designing Dubai. Hire Web Developer Dubai. Fortune Innovations is one of the leading web development companies in Dubai providing services across UAE.

We offer state-of-the-art website designing and custom Web development across a wide range of technology platforms as suitable for our clients’ business strategies and area of operation. As a leading web development and Design supplier, we invite our customers to work with us to get the first class, quality and affordable web solutions from us. We continue our services to clients from various domains like Construction and Management, IT and communication, Financial Services, Real Estate, Shopping Cart, Automotive, Healthcare, Social Networking, to Retail and Education.

Dubai Fortune Innovation’s News provides updates on the latest trends & technologies happening around the globe. Fortune Innovations Dubai - Web Design. Fortune Innovations Dubai - Web Design. Dubai web design website development mobile application search engine optimization. Hire Web Developer Dubai. Google. SEO Company Dubai. With a million searches every day and the presence of scores of social media sites, opportunities are galore for start-up and medium companies.

It is essential to get your website in the first few pages of search engines, however, to strengthen your online presence. iPhone Application Development. Hire Mobile Application Developer. Fortune Innovations provide innovative development services for mobile applications tailored to your requirements at flexible rates. Dubai web design website development mobile application search engine optimization.