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Commercial Vacuum in Kelowna. Industrial Vacuum Systemsrsullivan252015-12-17T22:30:37+00:00 D&L Environmental Services is a company which provides a wide range of services in Kelowna, Penticton and Vernon. In our industry, personal and environmental safety, come first, so we offer you the best vacuum trucks on the market. Our team aims to provide quality cleaning to our customers, find solutions to environmental problems they deal with on a daily basis, so they may continue their activity in a clean and orderly fashion.

Two of our most valued services are the commercial vacuum and the industrial vacuum. They are designed for large industries that want results, the cleaning power of commercial grade equipment, and a system backed by one of the finest warranties on the market. Industrial vacuum is an electronic device that creates suction and collects dirt and waste materials present on the floor or ground. D&L Environmental Services offers you different vacuums for different usages. Septic Cleaning in Vernon. Septic Cleaningrsullivan252016-03-16T16:44:15+00:00 There are a high number of properties in Canada which are served by septic tanks. While they continuously prove to be highly useful to citizens, these tanks remain a potential source of pollution due to nutrients, pathogens and even some toxic chemicals.

The risk of pollution grows higher as many homes have in use failing septic systems or ones that are not properly maintained. Septic cleaning Kelowna, and in all other areas for that matter, must be done by a trained professional since household wastewater contains disease-causing organisms, a high concentration of phosphorus, nitrogen and toxic chemicals. Therefore, the wastewater must undergo some chemical, biological and physical treatments before being released into the environment. Septic cleaning Vernon must not be taken lightly. There are ways for each homeowner to prevent possible problems with their septic systems. Grease Trap Cleaning Kelowna. D&L Environmental Services is a truly trustworthy company, specialized in hydro-excavating and environmental hazardous waste clean-up and hauling, as well as drain cleaning and septic tank pumping. We pride ourselves with providing the best such services in the Kelowna, Penticton and Vernon areas.

Our employees are experienced, properly trained, and most important, they are ready to help you. We offer a wide range of services, from Vacuum Truck and Septic Services to Hydro-Excavating just to name a few. We also repair and clean grease traps and lift stations, camera and video inspect lines – 3/4 up to 4 inch lines, power auger lines, etc. One of our main services is drilling mud. Drilling mud consists of a mixture of clays, water, and chemicals being pumped down a drill string while an oil well is being drilled to lubricate the mechanism, carry away rock cuttings, and maintain pressure so that oil or gas does not escape. Do you ask yourself why should you work with us? Pump Truck Vernon. Modern times require modern ways to solve the simplest or the most difficult problems.

This rule applies in the case of waste disposal or cleaning wells. D&L Environmental provides advanced equipment, such as several types of hydrovac truck and vacuum truck, in order to solve your problems, while respecting the environment. A vac truck can be helpful nowadays, especially because it can pneumatically pack liquids, sludge, and even solids through its suction’s large lines. Whether you need septic or vacuum truck services or hydro-excavating services, the best team of professionals are here for you, whether you are in Kelowna, Penticton, or Vernon. D&L Environmental doesn’t own only one vacuum truck, but eight tank trucks with heavy duty vacuum equipment. Also, we have certified trucks for hazardous waste removal and license to transport it.

A vac truck can help you to empty a septic tank or to clean a latrine, but is also good for cleaning the streets or for emptying portable toilets. Hazardous Waste Disposal Vernon. Times have changed quite a lot, and now we can benefit from effective and safe solutions to solve some of the most difficult tasks we face every day. The same thing happens with drilling mud operations, because we can use modern technology to produce trucks that combine high pressure and water to cut and remove the soil. These trucks, called Hydro Vac, can save you tons of time by effectively digging and moving soil.

At D&L Environmental Services, we offer you a wide range of hydro-excavating services, like the removal of contaminated soil or daylighting to expose the underground. Hydrovac is useful in various industries, including excavation, plumbing pipe, or pole installation. It gets the job done faster and cheaper, without affecting the quality of the executed work. Unlike conventional excavation, this method is less expensive and more efficient. Nothing is more important to us than to satisfy our customers and offer them the best solutions on the market. Septic Tank Pumping Vernon. Septic Pumpingrsullivan252016-03-16T16:43:28+00:00 Homeowners all over Canada have a septic tank on their property, so the importance of cleaning them is quickly growing.

However, the frequency of a septic pumping Kelowna varies based on the tank’s level of usage and size. A septic tank must be filled with water before it is used. This is necessary since the water starts the sewage treatment with the bacteria which help transform waste into wastewater and sludge. A septic pumping Vernon isn’t going to take place until the tank is filled with waste. There are two common septic tank pumping frequency mistakes: not pumping the tank frequently enough leads to costly repairs due to early drain field failure and pumping the tank too often is a waste in itself as more money will be spent.

A conventional tank’s contents consists of wastewater (watery sewage effluent and a floating scum layer) and sludge that settles on the bottom. Septic pumping Penticton is not something that should be ignored. Sewer Flushing Vernon. Sewer Backuprsullivan252016-03-16T16:45:15+00:00 Sewer backup is unsanitary and can be a serious health hazard in any building. Action must be taken immediately, starting with an inspection of the property, a proper cleanup and sanitization, as well as returning the waste, vent and drain systems to normal functionality. If there’s any chance that extension cords, electrical wires or electrical appliances come in contact with the standing water or wet materials, the electrical power must be turned off immediately.The sewage contaminated areas must be vacated by anyone not wearing adequate protective equipment.

No homeowner wants to deal with a sewer backup and the issues it entails. It would be best if everyone knew what to do when the septic or sewer system backs up into a building, how to clean up after a sewer backup Vernon, how to stop an overflowing toilet and how to fix backing up septic lines. About D & L Environmental Services. Sewer Backup in Vernon.