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Scientific Article Marketing: How To Beat Your Competitors At Their Own Game – Fair and Square

03 march 2021

Scientific Article Marketing: How To Beat Your Competitors At Their Own Game – Fair and Square

If you’re going to write articles, you might as well make them pay. The easiest way to do so is to pinpoint several specific, targeted keyword terms and base your articles on those.

Root keywords naturally garner the most attention. Almost everyone goes for the biggies that is why legit essay writing service do everything they can to make a quality content. So you’ll find many more sites in any niche using the root keyword than any specific long-tail term. It’s easy to check the number of competing sites for any single term.

Go to Google and enter the following–>> allintitle: “keyword term”

Enter any individual keyword term — with quotation marks. By keeping your term framed within quotes, you’re telling Google to narrow its search to include only those sites with the exact keyword term in the title tags for the page. It’s a precise match, so all sites using your chosen keyword within the page title, will show in the total count. and the number of total pages with your term in the title tags will show near the search bar. In other words, only web sites that have been optimized for the exact keyword term will show using this method.

You can also do a search for your keyword term alone to create a boomessays review. Just enter keyword phase by itself and frame it with quotation marks. Don’t add the “allintitle” designation for a more general search. This will uncover competing sites that contain your keyword, but are not necessarily optimized for that specific term. The numbers here will be larger than the number of sites that included the exact term with the title tag, but the majority of these would be easy to pick off simply by adding the keyword to your article title.

It’s a good idea to check on the number of competitors for your top keyword combo’s before spending any real time. This gives you an idea as to your chances of ranking high in the search engines for that particular term.

You want to target keyword terms with little competition, although “little” is a relative term. The actual numbers will vary and over time, will undoubtedly increase.

But the idea is to not waste your time trying to rank for terms with hundreds of thousands of optimized pages. Go for the low-hanging fruit as these are most often the most profitable keywords you’ll find anywhere.

If you can find keywords with 1000 or fewer competing sites – go after those first. It’s easier to move in on and capture traffic with keyword terms that have fewer competing pages. But because the overall numbers of searchers for juicy long-tail keywords are lower, you’ll need lots of these pages working for you.

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