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Grim's Tales. Finding Home: Community in Apocalyptic Worlds. Edited by C. Dombrowski In the next cycle of expanding humanity, communities will thrive in a post-industrial world.

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I Am a Tie-in Writer. Writers' Symposium. Steven Saus - Author, Nuclear Medicine Technologist, Sociology and Economic Wonk and Pronoaic Memebroker - Steve Saus. The Alliterates. 12 for '12 (2.0): Shotguns & Sorcery Novels by Matt Forbeck. As we roll toward the last day of the Shotguns & Sorcery Kickstarter drive, it seems clear that I set the final goal too high again.

12 for '12 (2.0): Shotguns & Sorcery Novels by Matt Forbeck

I really want to write these books — all three of them. So I'm going to do what I did last time to help ensure that. I'm lowering the stretch goal for Book 3 — this time to $10k! If we reach $10k and unlock all three books, everyone who backs this drive for $50 or more gets a free set of the ebook editions from the Brave New World trilogy Kickstarter too!

This is the second part of my 12 for '12 project, a year-long challenge in which I plan to write a novel every month in 2012. By novel, I mean a work of fiction that’s at least 50,000 words, a bit shorter than most of my novels, which tend toward 80,000 words. I plan on breaking 12 for '12 up into four trilogies, and this Kickstarter project represents the second of them: the Shotguns & Sorcery Trilogy. And then my wife got pregnant with quadruplets. Dave Gross. GRUBB STREET. The Stannex › … Home of All Things Stan! Adventure guaranteed. (Monsters optional.)

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J.M. DeMatteis's CREATION POINT: BEWARE THE NAYSAYERS. My old buddy Danny Fingeroth used to edit a terrific (and now, sadly, defunct) magazine called Write Now! Back in 2005, Danny asked a group of professionals, including yours truly, if they had any advice for fellow writers, especially those beginning their careers.

This is the answer I gave him then. Rereading it today, I realized I’d offer the same advice now (not just to you, but to myself: I'm in need of constant reminders)—which is why I’ve decided to share it here. The best advice I could give to any writer—aspiring or otherwise—is simple: follow your bliss. Yeah, yeah, we've all heard the old Joseph Campbell cliche a thousand times...but it's a cliche because it's true. Don't get sidetracked by practicality. As for business advice...well, here's something it took me years to figure out: Always remember that you're a freelancer.

I'm not saying that you can't have a terrific relationship with Marvel or DC or Dark Horse or Whoever. You're a freelance. Alan Garner: The Weirdstone of Brisingamen, The Moon of Gomrath, and Elidor. In mid-March the news emerged that writer Alan Garner was returning to the storylines of his first two books, The Weirdstone of Brisingamen and The Moon of Gomrath. His next novel, Boneland, to be published this August, will complete the trilogy he’d always envisioned. Garner was quoted as saying “Trilogies are strange creatures. The lack of the third book, I discovered, gave the readers of the first two a sense of urgency. There are nuggets in the text that hint of unfinished business.

Garner’s longstanding fans are elated. I had vague memories of reading Brisingamen when I was very young. Elidor, the first book in the omnibus, was actually written after the other two stories. The battle the children have become involved in is never really defined, and we never really learn how it works out. Brisingamen and Gomrath are in a sense more conventional, although that’s misleading. J.M. DeMatteis's CREATION POINT: THE AMAZING RAY. As I've made clear many times, there are few people on the face of the planet who have influenced and, more important, inspired me as much as the great Ray Bradbury. Reading a classic Bradbury short story or essay on creativity, immersing myself in his novels (especially Dandelion Wine, one of the most glorious and magical books ever written), is an experience that strips away the layers of what I call the CNN Reality—the voices of Doom and Naysaying Cynicism that seek to tell us that we're small and helpless, ordinary and afraid—and opens our hearts and minds to a deeper, truer, more joyful reality: one where life is sacred, creativity is an expression of pure delight and the universe is viewed with eyes of innocence and wonder.

Bradbury's words set fire to my soul decades ago and they still do the same today, which is why I was so delighted to come across a 2001 talk—Advice to Young Writers—online yesterday. Listen to Bradbury. Unfold your soul and let his words wash over you.