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The Hogben Chronicles of Henry Kuttner by Borderlands Press This is a Kickstarter project. Kickstarter is the most popular form of Crowd Funding available today. Kickstarter allows people with a dream to take that dream directly to you. The Hogben Chronicles of Henry Kuttner by Borderlands Press
The Alluring Art of Margaret Brundage: Queen of Pulp Pin-up Art (9781934331491): Stephen D. Korshak, J. David Sopurlock
Science Fiction and Fantasy Creators Who Became Their Own Genres Science Fiction and Fantasy Creators Who Became Their Own Genres Lovecraft, without a doubt the greatest omission and worthier than most of those on the list E. E. Smith Tolkien in his non-professional work Pratchett
Why We Need Big, Bold Science Fiction Why We Need Big, Bold Science Fiction The future isn't what it used to be. And neither is science fiction. While books about space exploration and robots once inspired young people to become scientists and engineers—and inspired grownup engineers and scientists to do big things—in recent decades the field has become dominated by escapist fantasies and depressing dystopias. That could be contributing to something that I see as a problem. It seems that too many technically savvy people, engineers in particular, are going to work for Web startups or investment firms. There's nothing wrong with such companies, but we also need engineers to design bold new things for use in the physical world: space colonies instead of social media.
Amongst The New Pulpeteers (Or, “What The Good Goddamn Is ‘New Pulp,’ Anyway?”) I don’t know what New Pulp is. But I think I’m it. Or, in it. Amongst The New Pulpeteers (Or, “What The Good Goddamn Is ‘New Pulp,’ Anyway?”)
New Pulp Fiction for Our New Hard Times New Pulp Fiction for Our New Hard Times Pulp fiction is back — in print, online, in ebooks, and on iPads. Tough guys, tough women, tough prose, action and more action, blood and thunder, heroes and villains presented unapologetically as heroes and villains. And why not? Why not have as much blood and thunder as we can handle right now, given that the last time we saw this much imaginative raw prose in the hands of readers, we were in the hard times of the early 1930s? Fans of the original old, tough, wild pulp stories have always been here, collecting the magazines when they found them at garage sales or at science fiction conventions.
Lost Classics of Pulp: Guy Boothby’s Dr. Nikola and Pharos the Egyptian
Why Buck Rogers Should Be the Next Pulp SF Hero to Make a Comeback Why Buck Rogers Should Be the Next Pulp SF Hero to Make a Comeback Gil Gerard as Buck Rogers in 1979 Despite many moviegoers not having any clue who or what John Carter was all about, the movie did prove one thing: bygone pulp SF heroes never die, they just get remade, rebooted, re-imagined or subjected to a host of other transformative verbiage. And even though John Carter hasn’t made its money back yet; the critical consensus from the SFF community, (including a review by yours truly), seems to be generally positive in an “it was fun” kind of way. Now that we’ve had some old-fashion fun with John Carter, which aw-shucks SF pulp hero will be invading our movie or TV screens next? Based on the mood of the times, my space dollars are on Buck Rogers. Why?
I think you're somewhat misunderstanding what I'm saying here. I'm not saying "No risk or experimentation." I'm saying those things are tools — use them to tell the story you want to tell, don't just use them because you want to use them. My interpretation of the article is that it's a sort of 'How not to be JJ Abrams'. How Not to Be a Clever Writer — io9.com — Readability How Not to Be a Clever Writer — io9.com — Readability
The Life and Mind of Edgar Rice Burroughs by Mark Linthicum
John Carter [of Mars] Is a Perfect Edgar Rice Burroughs Movie John Carter [of Mars] Is a Perfect Edgar Rice Burroughs Movie John Carter (2012)Directed by Andrew Stanton. Starring Taylor Kitsch, Lynn Collins, Willem Dafoe, Mark Strong, Dominic West, Samantha Morton, Ciarán Hinds, Thomas Haden Church, James Purefoy, Darryl Sabara. Update: Thank you to all Black Gate readers who have shown the love for John Carter and Edgar Rice Burroughs, and who boosted me with positive comments and emails regarding my long-term project of reviewing all the Martian novels. I’ve never felt so much support from the Internet in the eight years I’ve been an active blogger and reviewer, four of them at Black Gate. Don’t expect the brackets in my post title John Carter [of Mars] to endure.
Yellowed Perils: Yet another ‘John Carter’ post Yellowed Perils: Yet another ‘John Carter’ post Okay, I’ve been on a string of John Carter posts of late because of the movie’s release. Here’s another one… The game Back in the 1970s, we used to play strategy board games. Around the same time, I had been reading Edgar Rice Burroughs‘ Mars series so I couldn’t resist buying the “John Carter: Warlord of Mars” game when Simulations Publications Inc.
John Carter Film Review | INTO THE DARK by James Lowder | Flames Rising Webzine John Carter Film Review | INTO THE DARK by James Lowder | Flames Rising Webzine John Carter 2012, 132 Minutes Disney Director: Andrew Stanton Cast: Taylor Kitsch, Lynn Collins, Mark Strong, Dominic West, Willem Dafoe *** ½ (of 5) Before he secured his place in the annals of international pop culture with the Tarzan stories, Edgar Rice Burroughs offered up the initial adventure in the far more interesting and inventive Barsoom series. “Under the Moons of Mars,” later to be retitled A Princess of Mars for book publication, first saw print in the Munsey pulp The All-Story, from February through July of 1912. The six-part serial chronicles the adventures of Confederate veteran Captain John Carter, who stumbles across a cave in Arizona through which he is transported via psychic projection to Mars, or as the locals call it, Barsoom.
Building An Elder God by Jamie Chambers That old book you found in that locked safe in the hidden room underneath the Arkham library had some pretty interesting tidbits — including a formula to grow a terrifying tentacled beast. But your friends took a peek and now they all want to grow their own god. You’ve got your trusty twelve-gauge handy to blast a tentacle here and there and make sure your creature grows to completion first. And they call you mad … Signal Fire Studios is a new small-press game publishing company that combines proven experience, exciting new talent, and 21st century ideas.
A Dreamer of Mars: Edgar Rice Burroughs and John C... In 1911 Edgar Rice Burroughs, having failed at everything else, decided to write a novel. He was then in his mid-thirties, married with two children, barely supporting his family as the agent for a pencil-sharpener business. In earlier years he'd served in the Seventh Cavalry, worked as a rancher and gold miner, started an advertising agency, sold light bulbs and candy and uplifting books door-to-door, and not really made a go of anything. For occasional entertainment Burroughs read the early pulp magazines, especially All-Story. Named after the cheap newsprint upon which they were printed, the pulps supplied adventure and romantic fiction to the masses for half a century.
In 1912, Edgar Rice Burroughs created two memorable charaters, John Carter of Mars and Tarzan of the Apes. But he also wrote adventures set in medieval England, sent explorers far below the earth's crust, and wrecked U-boats in a land that time forgot. Here's a complete reader's checklist of all of Burroughs' fantastic adventures along with notes on cross-overs between series, early publishers, and how to identify true first editions. Rosemary Jones, a member of Science Fiction Writers of America, shares her love of all things ERB in this compact volume, perfect to take with you into the used bookstore or on a treasure hunt. amazon
Laurie's Wild West Looking for a place to send a timely donation before the end of the year? Everyone has their favorite causes; mine is pet rescue and spay/neuter initiatives to cut down on pet population. In addition, there is a initiative in Los Angeles to make all Los Angeles animal shelters no-kill by 2016. (I may have that year wrong.)
Win Scott Eckert.com And, without further ado,Final cover art with title design by the incredible Doug Klauba!It’s Honey West and T.H.E Cat, in the first new Honey West novel in over 40 years, A Girl and Her Cat! When an exotic green-eyed Asian doctor hires Honey to recover a stolen sample of a new Rubella vaccine from a rival scientist, the blonde bombshell private eye—suspicious but bored—takes the case. But after she’s attacked not once, but twice, on her way from Long Beach to San Francisco to track down her quarry, she knows there’s more—much more—to her femme fatale client than meets the eye.
Not by the Direct Method.
Not by the Direct Method.: This is why you should read history.
“The Language of Stamps:” A Cautionary Tale for Steampunk Writers.
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The Adventures of Captain Hatteras: Verne Lays the Foundation for Fictional Pulp Adventures to Foreign Lands
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