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Type. Publishing Links. I Think Publishers Have Lost The Battle & The War. By Eoin Purcell The thing about the end of Agency is that it’s not over.

I Think Publishers Have Lost The Battle & The War

That is to say that the rearguard action by the legacy publishing establishment isn’t finished. And make no mistake, Agency Pricing and the rules and agreements that supported it were an attempt to stop the clock and buy the established players a breather against the tide of innovation. Book Design: Choosing Your Paragraphing Style. Anyone who wants to do their own book design can spend some very worthwhile time studying books that are old.

Book Design: Choosing Your Paragraphing Style

I mean really old, like going all the way back to the beginning of printed books. Early on, I found these books and the book typography that’s used in them very stimulating when thinking about how I wanted the books I was working on to look. Even though the technology back then was primitive according to today’s standards—no electricity, basic, natural materials, and everything done by hand—the books produced by early printers are prized, quite rightly, as outstanding examples of artful book design.

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Princeton Offers New Digitized Collection of Revolutionary Texts. Programs & Sites. News & Info Searches. Vatican’s Library begins to Digitize 80,000 of Its Manuscripts With NASA Technology. Supreme Court Says Congress May Re-Copyright Public Domain Works. Igor Stravinsky.

Supreme Court Says Congress May Re-Copyright Public Domain Works

Photo: Wikimedia/Library of Congress. Congress may take books, musical compositions and other works out of the public domain, where they can be freely used and adapted, and grant them copyright status again, the Supreme Court ruled Wednesday. In a 6-2 ruling, the court said that, just because material enters the public domain, it is not “territory that works may never exit.” (.pdf) The top court was ruling on a petition by a group of orchestra conductors, educators, performers, publishers and film archivists who urged the justices to reverse an appellate court that ruled against the group, which has relied on artistic works in the public domain for their livelihoods.

They claimed that re-copyrighting public works would breach the speech rights of those who are now using those works without needing a license. Scientific publishing: The price of information.

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