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User story. History[edit] User stories originated with Extreme Programming (XP), whose first written description in 1998 only claimed that customers defined project scope "with user stories, which are like use cases".

User story

Rather than offered as a distinct practice, they were described as one of the "game pieces" used in the planning game. However, most of the further literature thrust around all the ways arguing that user stories are "unlike" use cases, in trying to answer in a more practical manner "how requirements are handled" in XP and more generally Agile projects. This drives the emergence, over the years, of a more sophisticated account of user stories. [1] In 2001, Ron Jeffries proposed the well-known Three C's formula, i.e.

Introduction to User Stories. 1.

Introduction to User Stories

Introduction to User Stories A good way to think about a user story is that it is a reminder to have a conversation with your customer (in XP, project stakeholders are called customers), which is another way to say it's a reminder to do some just-in-time analysis. In short, user stories are very slim and high-level requirements artifacts. 2. Facebook广告API又推重磅,广告优化的参考指标被大大扩展. 先前我们网站曾撰文《 Facebook对Google的威胁在哪?


看看两大巨头的“广告生成工具”你就明白了》,其中披露了 Facebook 强大的广告生成工具。 现在,Facebook 广告 API 又推重磅:广告商通过这个新型 API,可以让广告专门显示给那些在点击广告之后最有可能开展一系列后续活动的用户,比如将一个品牌内容分享到其他新闻流中,在应用内购买虚拟商品,或者将 Facebook 上面提供的买家优惠在实体商店兑现等等。 先前,Facebook 的广告 API 和自助工具只允许广告商根据广告点击,用户喜欢的页面,用户是否安装某款应用,用户是否签到等几个指标进行广告优化。 现在,广告商的参考指标被进一步扩展,包括: 用户讨论的内容(是否有用户在讨论广告相关的内容) Wordpress 图片类主题瀑布流实现方案. KISSY - Keep It Simple & Stupid, Short & Sweet, Slim & Sexy... Developer - Creating a 'Hello World' Sproutcore application for OpenSocial.

This tutorial could also be titled: How to turn a Sproutcore application into an OpenSocial application.

Developer - Creating a 'Hello World' Sproutcore application for OpenSocial

We will run through writing a Hello World OpenSocial application using SproutCore. We will start from the basics of installing sproutcore before teaching you how to create a sproutcore application and turning it into an OpenSocial application. jQuery Masonry. 社会化评论系统 - WordPress插件. Comet:基于 HTTP 长连接的“服务器推”技术. “服务器推”技术的应用 传统模式的 Web 系统以客户端发出请求、服务器端响应的方式工作。

Comet:基于 HTTP 长连接的“服务器推”技术