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Steven Odzer

Steven Odzer went to Yeshiva of Flatbush High School and then to the Brooklyn College Scholars Program.

Steven Odzer Announces BT Supplies West, Inc. Acquires OK Uniform. Steven Odzer, philanthropist and the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 2000 in the area of distribution has orchestrated a monumental deal for BT Supplies West.

Steven Odzer Announces BT Supplies West, Inc. Acquires OK Uniform

The company recently announced that BT Supplies West, Inc. has acquired the 85-year old New York City uniform company, OK Uniform. Steven Odzer Encourage Philanthropy to Help Against COVID. Coronavirus is back, and this time it’s hitting with a vengeance.

Steven Odzer Encourage Philanthropy to Help Against COVID

As we go into the winter of 2020 all the predictions are coming true about how the cold season combined with COVID-19 is triggering some of the worst caseload expected without a cure. Steven Odzer, like everyone else, is living through this pandemic of the modern century and wants all of us to do something about it. He’s leading by example. Stepping Out in Front, It’s What Steven Odzer Always Does Back in earlier 2020, Steven Odzer led the way by taking $100,000 of his own funds and purchasing invaluable personal protective equipment for the very frontline health workers, nurses, and doctors helping all of us and working tirelessly around the clock in the New York City hospitals. Steven Odzer Explains How Compound Interest - Steven Odzer. There is no one out there who understands money as well as Steven Odzer.

Steven Odzer Explains How Compound Interest - Steven Odzer

He is an expert at business and philanthropy and no one can rival his knowledge. Steven Odzer knows that there are too many people who are trying to get rich quick. The get rich quick mentality has plagued the world since the beginning of time and only a few people actually have ever benefited from it. Instead, there are too many people who have become hurt because of this mentality. They have thrown away everything to make a quick buck only to find themselves without anything. Steven Odzer COVID-19 Pandemic - Steven Odzer. When the CDC (Center for Disease Control) changed the recommendations in the ongoing battle to decrease the spread of COVID-19 over the summer, mask-wearing became the number one to do for people to protect themselves and others from the potentially deadly virus.

Steven Odzer COVID-19 Pandemic - Steven Odzer

Entrepreneur Steven Odzer embraced the importance of mask-wearing then took it to a whole new level by launching a campaign to provide the funding to purchase masks for people who need them. His spirit of giving does not stop there, though, as he also sponsors the Stephen Odzer Scholarship Fund. Starting Out Young | Steven Odzer Steven Odzer grew up in Brooklyn, NY, and had an entrepreneurial spirit from a young age.

He created his first business at the age of 18 in the basement of his parents’ home. Steven Odzer Explains How Company Acquisition is a Good Thing - EIN Presswire. Steven Odzer of Brooklyn, NY Explains Why Business Acquisition Can be a Good Thing NEW YORK CITY, NY, UNITED STATES, March 29, 2021 / -- There is no one more versed in the world of business like Steven Odzer.

Steven Odzer Explains How Company Acquisition is a Good Thing - EIN Presswire

He is an incredible businessman, philanthropist, and family man who puts values first above all else. However, Steven Odzer of Brooklyn, NY is here today to explain why business acquisition can be a good thing for employees and business owners alike. It may seem like a bad thing on the outside but in reality, business acquisition can be incredibly helpful for a business to grow and can provide employees with plenty of opportunities when it comes to job security.

Steven Odzer on the Technological Approach to Fighting COVID. Steven Odzer is renowned for his work in philanthropy, his expertise in politics, business, and for his efforts to benefit the nation of Israel and its communities.

Steven Odzer on the Technological Approach to Fighting COVID

We sat down with him to discuss the changes that can be expected to develop within the field of charitable giving as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and how technology will drive these changes. According to Steven Odzer, information technology will be key in achieving the new normal when it comes to reaching out to donors as well in how aid and charitable giving is to be delivered to communities in need. Here’s what we learned: Remote Efforts Steven Odzer explains that remote access to spaces, offices, homes, hospitals, and the community was already on the rise before the outbreak early in 2020. Online Outreach & Robots It is becoming increasingly common for companies like Instacart to allow customers to perform their shopping online and to deliver. Distance Learning. Steven Odzer Recommends Generosity as New Year’s Resolution.

Steven Odzer Partners with Rabbi for COVID Relief Efforts. Steven Odzer Discusses the Stephen Odzer COVID Relief Fund Helpi - WBOC TV. Steven Odzer Discusses The Importance of Sports Amid The Pandemic. iCrowdNewswire Feb 2, 2021 2:53 AM ET New York, NY / Steven Odzer is happy to see sports come back after a long break due to the pandemic.

Steven Odzer Discusses The Importance of Sports Amid The Pandemic

He is an avid fan of the Las Vegas Knights and has been a sports fan all his life. As the country begins to recover, sports will provide a distraction that will help unify the American people. Steven Odzer Spearheading Efforts - Steven Odzer. There’s no doubt about it: masks work to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Steven Odzer Spearheading Efforts - Steven Odzer

However, not everyone has easy access to masks, especially people with lower incomes. CEO and philanthropist Steven Odzer is stepping up to lead efforts to distribute masks to people in need, allowing people of all socio-economic statuses to protect themselves and their loved ones from the coronavirus. While the reports on how to best stay safe from COVID-19 have changed drastically over the past few months, research has shown that masks do, in fact, work.

Amid Isolation, Steven Odzer Reflects on the Lessons Learned From Raising a Large Family - Creatively Conscious Life. Steven Odzer Shares 3 Ways to Make Your Business More Charitable. Steven Odzer is a seasoned entrepreneur who has been highly successful in the business realm.

Steven Odzer Shares 3 Ways to Make Your Business More Charitable

Although he has worked in a variety of industries, Steven Odzer’s dedication to leveraging his business acumen in helping the less fortunate has remained a constant throughout his career. Steven Odzer believes in infusing the spirit of philanthropy in any business he is involved in helping. For companies who are seeking methods of being more charitable, take heed to the following tips: Incentivize Volunteer Activities As demonstrated by Steven Odzer, one of the top ways to make a company more charitable is to incentivize volunteer activities.

Take on Causes that are Affecting the Area Another method of making one’s company more charitable according to Steven Odzer is taking on causes that directly affect the area the business is located. Balancing It All: Steven Odzer Balancing Family Time And Corporate Life. How Renowned Businessman Steven Odzer Manages To Have It All Steven Odzer is known for many things: his commitment to charity, his admirable business acumen, his commitment to supporting immigrants, but most of all, for being a man who puts family first.

Balancing It All: Steven Odzer Balancing Family Time And Corporate Life

It can be hard to rise to the top in business like Steven Odzer, while still maintaining a rich and vibrant family life. Steven Odzer has managed to do exactly that, and he’s sharing his tips to help others do the same. Steven Odzer recommends striving for a balance between work and home life, but remembering that it doesn’t necessarily need to be 50/50 all the time. It’s natural for some weeks to have more time spent focusing on family, and other times focusing more on work. Steven Odzer recommends being honest with both your company and your family when the other needs to take priority. Steven Odzer On The 26th Anniversary of the Death of His Cousin. World Needs More Tolerance, Peace, and Kindness, Says Steven Odzer On Oct 14, 1994, Hamas terrorists killed Israeli Defense Forces sergeant Nachshon Wachsman after the Israelis failed in an attempt to rescue him from the Hamas kidnappers.

On the 26th anniversary of his death, his cousin Steven Odzer remembers Wachsman, who was also a U.S. citizen. Supporting Americans With Disabilities: How Steven Odzer Is Doing His Part - EIN Presswire. Steven Odzer Believes People With Disabilities Deserve To Shine. Here's How He Makes That Happen NEW YORK CITY, NY, UNITED STATES, December 2, 2020 / -- CEO of YBT Industries, Steven Odzer, is a leader in the distribution industry with over 30 years of experience. In addition to changing the way distribution is done across the United States, Steven Odzer also believes in giving everyone the opportunity to succeed in the workplace. Steven Odzer believes in family above all else, and knows that by prioritizing the creation of employment opportunities for people with disabilities, he's not just helping the person with a disability - he's helping their entire family.

Steven Odzer believes that all people should get a chance to work at a job they love, and people with disabilities are no exception to that rule. The Vegas Golden Knights Partner with Steven Odzer and BT Supplies. iCrowdNewswire May 2, 2020 7:00 AM ET HENDERSON, NV / November 19, 2019, the Chairman and CEO of the Vegas Golden Knights, Billy Foley, announced an exciting new partnership. According to Billy Foley, the Vegas Golden Knights signed a long-term agreement partnering up with BT SUPPLIES WEST, INC. The terms of the agreement will change the name of the Vegas Golden Knights Community Arena in Henderson, Nevada, to its new official name, “Lifeguard Arena in Henderson.” Since BT has its headquarters in Henderson, NV, the partnership made sense. In a statement, CEO Bill Foley said, “The Vegas Golden Knights and BT Supplies both share the same foundational principles of commitment to our community and dedication to growing the great game of hockey.”

The Vegas Golden Knights Partner with Steven Odzer and BT Supplies. Pro Ag Farmers Co-op - Stock Quotes. Steven Odzer Talks Advocacy for Arabic and Jewish Business Organizations. Steven Odzer understands firsthand the importance of supporting Arabic and Jewish businesses based out of the United States. At the mere age of 18, the budding entrepreneur single-handedly started his own successful business out of his parents’ basement. Steven Odzer: Making Family a Priority While Growing Your Business. Although Steven Odzer is a successful businessman, he knows that success in only one area of your life leaves a lot to be desired. Many people have found great success in business, but their families have suffered because of it. In the end, what do they have?

It is essential to make his family a priority along the way, or you wake up one day, and all the money in the world means nothing. Achieving this balance is not always an easy thing to do, but it is well worth the effort. Steven Odzer says it takes vigilance and reminding yourself of what makes life worth living. Steven Odzor says he had a great example in his late father, Yehoshua BenTzvi Hakohain Odzer. Steven Odzer Assists in the Fight Against COVID 19 With Sizable Donation. Steven Odzer: How Bris Avrohom Helps the Jewish Community Thrive.

Steven Odzer Talks About Traveling Outside of NY State. Steven Odzer Discusses Using the Pandemic to Launch the Entrepre - Steven Odzer Explores Entrepreneurial Scholarships for Students – The Education Insider. Students of All Faiths Can Find Scholarships for Entrepreneurial Studies, Steven Odzer Explains College is expensive. US News & World Report recently identified that the cost of college tuition is on the rise. For state colleges and universities, the average tuition is $11,260 while private universities average $41,426. How Distribution Issues Should Be Handled, According to Steven Odzer. Press release content from NewMediaWire. The AP news staff was not involved in its creation. New York City, NY - ( NewMediaWire ) - November 06, 2020 - The COVID-19 pandemic has led to countless distribution issues. Companies have had to deal with extensive delays in shipping to their customers. Some parts are no longer available due to factories being shut down, either temporarily or permanently.

Steven Odzer Answers the Question: Is It Wise to Start a New Business During Covid-19? NEW YORK CITY, NY, UNITED STATES, October 29, 2020 / -- Steven Odzer has turned small startups into significant successes over the years and has the kind of experience that makes him an expert on many elements of the marketplace. For example, he recently discussed why new businesses are a great idea during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Steven Odzer Celebrates 30 Years in the Distribution Business. Steven Odzer Discusses the Response to Coronavirus in Israel. Steven Odzer: NY Yeshiva Raised Funds and Distributed Protective Gear. Steven Odzer discusses how one New York yeshiva has helped curb the impact of COVID-19 by finding ways to get protective gear to the medical professionals who need it. There are a lot of people and organizations trying to do what they can to make a difference during these trying times. The coronavirus has caused a lot of harm on a variety of levels, and the medical personnel on the front line tasked with handling patients who may be infected by this virus are among the most harmed group of people, especially considering how much time they spend around so many.

As a result of this time and work, they have been extremely strapped for necessary medical supplies like masks, hand sanitizer, and others. Steven Odzer explains how a New York yeshiva worked to help these essential workers. Steven Odzer Explores Attending Synagogue During the Pandemic. Synagogues around the country closed at the same time as other religious buildings. However, those in the Jewish faith struggled with this change. Going to the synagogue is a sign of community as much as it is for faith. Steven Odzer’s Late Father, Yehoshua Ben Tzvi Hakohain Odzer Receives Award - Steven Odzer.

Stephen Odzer Discusses the New York Yeshiva That Is Currently Distributing Protect Gear to Local Medical Facilities. Steven Odzer Identifies the Importance of Family During Pandemic. Steven Odzer Shares the Meaning of Having a Large Family. Exclusive Facts No One Knew About Steven Odzer - Steven Odzer. Not Registered to Vote? Steven Odzer Shares Why It’s Time to Register to Vote. How Steven Odzer Built Multiple Companies in His 30 Year Career in the Distribution Industry. What 30 Years in the Distribution Industry Have Been Like: An Interview with Steven Odzer. Steven Odzer Accepts Award on Behalf of His Late Father Seymour Odzer.

Steven Odzer Shares Exclusive Facts About His Life. The Vegas Golden Knights Announce their Partnership with BT Supplies and Steven Odzer - Steven Odzer. The Stephen Odzer Scholarship Program Will Soon Announce Its Winners. Steven Odzer Shares Facts About His Large Family.