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BitPay. Bitcoin Wallet, Map, and Business Directory. Coinlock: Upload files, Share Links, Make Money. QuantaBytes. Financial. For some, prepaid cards beat checking accounts Our typical markets – the security-minded, unbanked, underserved and youth—depend on new payment methods to help build credit, control spending and mitigate fraud and credit card risk.


An Aite Group report shows 50 percent of prepaid card users believe prepaid cards work better than checking accounts do. The checking-free prepaid approach – with general-purpose reloadable cards – works well for those with simpler financial needs, such as the college-age market. Because prepaid cards are a non-credit payment type, they are useful in helping users control their budget without the risk of running up debt; and with a prepaid card, there is no "maxing out" one's credit and no risk of overdraft fees.

However, not all are college-age. MyVanilla Prepaid Visa Card: The new reloadable debit card from InComm Take control of your money, track spending online and more without the usual hassles of overdraft fees or credit checks. Vanilla Reload Network. OpenBitcoinStore. You have discovered the easiest and fastest way to create a bitcoin store. Now, no credit card needed . All we need is an email address! Hosting is donated , software is free, support is free. NOTE: If you already have WordPress running, you can do this yourself in a matter of minutes, by installing these three plugins: [ 1 , 2 , 3 ]. Jump directly to section 3 below to start configuring the plugins.

Use the new Store Wizard . You cannot sell products or services that are illegal or require a license under US law. After clicking “Launch”, save the details for the next steps. Setup an account as a Bitpay merchant. Go to and apply for a merchant account . Note: In order to use Bitpay as a merchant, you will need to comply with their Terms and Conditions. Certain items cannot be sold through Bitpay. If you want to sell an item that is legal but is not compliant with Bitpay terms, you may be able to sell it via direct bitcoin payment to your address. 3.

Step 6: Click on “Products”. Mem's BITCOIN GAMBLING LIST. Hi Mem, I'm the owner of StrikeSapphire and also a standing member of the forum.


We've been running since July, 2011. To clarify, as our accounts are denominated in USD once Bitcoins are deposited, our minimum bets are: $0.01 on Roulette, $0.02/0.04 in Poker, $0.05 in most slots and video poker games, and $0.10 in Craps. Also, as far as mathematical verification -- if you mean full-blown auditing and certification as done by eCOGRA, or similar, then to my knowledge there is no currently operating Bitcoin casino which has gone through this (very expensive) process yet. However, we're the only casino we know of to publish every single hand of cards dealt, every roulette spin and craps roll, daily. We've also made more in-depth data available to Jacobson Gaming, who (though not a full audit) has confirmed the results to be fair and random. Moreover, we have lots of happy players around the forums who you can ask about our service. Secure lightweight international Bitcoin wallet.

Bitcoinstarter. Will Accept Bitcoins to Support Digital Liberty. Today, we’re happy to announce that we will be accepting Bitcoin donations through our website.

Will Accept Bitcoins to Support Digital Liberty

You can use them to make one-time donations, set up monthly donations or get an EFF membership (which includes awesome membership swag like EFF hats and digital freedom t-shirts). With PayPal-Like Ambitions For Bitcoin, BitPay Raises $2M Led By Founders Fund. BitPay, the startup with ambitions to become the PayPal of the bitcoin world, is today announcing that it has raised another $2 million.

With PayPal-Like Ambitions For Bitcoin, BitPay Raises $2M Led By Founders Fund

And in a kind of poetic justice, the round is led by none other than the Founders Fund, the VC started by what’s commonly called the PayPal Mafia. The Atlanta-based startup says that it was not planning to raise any money at the moment — it announced an initial raise of $510,000 only in January. That was its first outside funding after being bootstrapped internally. Lamassu Bitcoin Ventures — Bitcoin ATM Machine. Bitcoin Wireless. Providing instant transfers for the bitcoin economy - About us. Pay for Your Bitcoins Quickly, Conveniently and Securely BitInstant is a payment processor for various Bitcoin exchanges and other merchants. Frequently Asked Questions.

I've never heard of Bitcoins, what exactly are they?

Frequently Asked Questions

Developed in 2009, Bitcoin (frequently referred to as BTC) is a digital form of currency, revolutionizing the world by becoming the first online currency able to be traded between individuals without a "middle man. " This means that users of the Bitcoin system are able to trade Bitcoins with one another without going through a payment processor such as a bank, allowing you the freedom to buy, sell and trade as you please. For a lot more information check How it works or the official Bitcoin site Bitcoin . Is trading bitcoins and the usage of legal? BTC-e is a deposit collector for real money and virtual currency bitcoins (BTC), so yes. Buy bitcoin with Paypal. Bitcoinx. Bitcoin-Central. RTBTC. Mt.Gox - Bitcoin Exchange. CampBX Bitcoin Trading Platform - Buy and Sell Bitcoins Instantly.

Purchase Bitcoins with USD, Cumming, GA 30040, United States. Bitcoin Stack Exchange.