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Lead Poisoning Becomes Worse in America. Lead-Free Plastics to Help with X-Ray Shielding. Gunshot Wounds A Source of Lead? Vibration Dampening Iron Design For Golf Balls. Vibration dampening is an important consideration when it comes to designing and manufacturing golf clubs.

Vibration Dampening Iron Design For Golf Balls

Vibrations transmitted through the club during ball striking can have an adverse effect on performance and accuracy if not properly addressed. In the past decade, golf club designers have been tackling this issue which has led to developments in vibration dampening and related materials. Karsten Manufacturing, the creator of PING golf clubs, recently disclosed a patent application which showcased a club head design that the company was working on.

Copper Pipe Deal Finally in Place, Flint Moves Forward in its Road to Recovery. The long turbulent road to recovery from the lead crisis of 2014 has forced residents to depend on filtered and bottled water to save themselves from the dangers of lead poisoning.

Copper Pipe Deal Finally in Place, Flint Moves Forward in its Road to Recovery

That ordeal might finally be coming to an end as Mayor Keren Weaver announced that members of the Copper Development Association Inc. helped the city acquire 200,000 feet of copper pipes at a discount of $1 million to replace the lead-tainted pipes of about 5000 homes. Lead poisoning has haunted Flint for far too long and news of Lead replacement come as a much-needed relief for citizens who constantly live in the fear of things like premature births, learning difficulties, high blood pressure, developmental delays and joint pains. This deal is the latest to become a part of the Fast Start initiative, a program to remove lead-tainted iron service lines and LSLs, starting with the worst affected areas and houses that have kids and senior citizen. The Copper Vs. Plastic Dilemma. NASA to Test Radiation Shielding Vests on Lunar Mission. NASA plans to send astronauts to Mars in the 2030s on a mission that could possibly shape the future of humanity for all eternity.

NASA to Test Radiation Shielding Vests on Lunar Mission

Likely touted to be the most dramatic mission since Neil Armstrong first set foot on the moon, this mission could very well be the pioneering mission that sees humanity venturing towards other planets in search of new homes and great adventures. This 250 million mile voyage is sure to be fun and exciting, but it is also full of peril. One of the main issues that astronauts shall face on their journey is the constant barrage of dangerous particles from the sun in the form of solar radiation. To ensure their well-being, Tel Aviv-based StemRad, a NASA contractor, recently unveiled the AstroRad Radiation Shield that is made of and Radiation shielding materials and is already ready for real-world trials.

Mockups have already been made and tested and the first protective vest is expected to be produced by the end of the year. Like this: Like Loading... Lead Poisoning Claims Even More Victims. Lead has been used by humans in various forms throughout the ages.

Lead Poisoning Claims Even More Victims

From cooking utensils and beauty to commercial and industrial applications, this deadly toxin found its way into all walks of life before humans woke up and realized the danger that it posed in front of humanity and its future generations. Lead was consequently banned in the United States by the mid-nineties, but somewhat bafflingly, it is still used in bullets used to hunt small animals and game birds and in fish tackle. Why You Should Switch to Frangible Ammo. Bullets have been around for a really long time.

Why You Should Switch to Frangible Ammo

Man began using bullets made out of lead, stone or clay millennia before the concept of firearms was even developed and the Romans even managed to take the basic bullet to the next level with whistling bullets that traveled at speeds of 100 meters per second and were made using 1-ounce lead balls in their centers. The modern-day bullet has evolved tremendously, with one particular invention holding center stage- the frangible bullet. The Purpose of a Frangible Bullet Frangible projectiles were first created for shooting galleries back in the mid-20th century, but as science started to gain a foothold in the industry and the world progressed to a new era, these projectiles became more and more advanced. Importance of Radiation in Safety Healthcare. Vibration Damping Materials Enjoying Global Recognition. Vibration damping materials are becoming more and more important in modern-day industrial and electronic tools and applications.

Vibration Damping Materials Enjoying Global Recognition

They can be used to reduce or eliminate noise in cases where vibration and resonance are common problems as well. These materials essentially change the natural vibrating frequency of a product to reduce the radiated noise and increase the transmission loss of the material. An Increased Demand Recent years have seen the world waking up to the boons of using vibration damping as a source of reducing noise and improving performance. An increased demand is also expected to see a huge rise in the revenue generated from Vibration dampening materials. Taking the Fight to Lead Poisoning. Lead poisoning.

Taking the Fight to Lead Poisoning

You can’t live with it, and given how negligent we’ve been as a society to the whole issue, you certainly can’t live without it! In a sea of news talking about kids across towns and cities suffering from lead poisoning and toxic threats causing irreparable damage to the environment, it really made our day to learn that many public officials are now using advanced measures and lead alternatives to protect kids from lead poisoning. And we just HAVE to share this with you!! Time to Take Action?

After a Reuters report identified more than 1100 communities where kids are showing rates of lead poisoning that are at least the double of Flint, public officials have finally started taking action through advanced screening measures, property inspections and Lead replacements. Specific-Gravity Thermoplastics Open New Doors. Thermoplastics and High density materials continue another year of growth as recent developments and innovative design changes allow these materials to offer even more benefits in all kinds of environments and applications.

Specific-Gravity Thermoplastics Open New Doors

Thermoplastics found a place in mainstream business due to their ability to decrease the part count or weight of parts in a particular tool or appliance. Turns out that a new class of heavy plastics and high density compounds are entering the picture, ones that have a specific gravity varying between 1.8 to 10. A Bit of History To better understand how this could revolutionize the manufacturing process, let’s take a look at how engineered thermoplastics are made. After a base resin has been chosen, its electrical, mechanical and physical properties are altered and manipulated to achieve desired state.

Importance of Radiation Safety in Healthcare. Thomas Edison made history when he invented the fluoroscope, but soon stopped his research after his assistant died from x-ray overdose.

Importance of Radiation Safety in Healthcare

Marie Curie changed the world when she discovered radium, but soon died due to exposure. Modern-day experts have a far better understanding of how radiation works and are much better equipped to protect themselves from radiation poisoning with the help of radiation shielding and radiation protection methods. However, since radiation is odourless and invisible, it is easy to get complacent about its dangers, and that’s where we’re failing as a society. Metal Foam Could Be Used for Radiation Protection. Lightweight composite metal foams could prove to make all the difference when it comes to x-ray and gamma ray shieldingand neutron radiation protectionas they can absorb the energy created during high-impact collisions, says study.

Metal Foam Could Be Used for Radiation Protection

This study was published in the Radiation Physics and Chemistry Journal and was authored by researchers from NC State. The work was also supported by the Nuclear Energy University Program grant offered by DOE’s Office of Nuclear Energy. The Plastic Road to Cumbria. Heavy plastics have quickly emerged as one of the key materials for the modern world, making a place of their own in automobile and aviation market and quickly finding their way into most walks of life. There are several benefits of using high density materials, as they can be entirely customized to suit industrial requirements and eliminate the drawbacks posed by metals in all kinds of tools and appliances.

These plastic roads are excellent news as they not only offer a unique opportunity for the world to reduce the carbon footprint of constructing roads, but they also reduce the amount of bitumen needed in the asphalt mix, thereby offering enhanced road performance and reducing the amount of maintenance work needed. The Cumbria County Council trialled this new plastic road at a junction near Calthwaite in the month of December 2016. Lead Poisoning Not Just a Flint Issue. Missouri suddenly burst onto the national scene for all the wrong reasons when a single neighborhood had about 120 children being detected for lead poisoning since 2010, making it one of the most toxic areas in the state.

Flint put the issue of lead poisoning at the forefront, as its residents complained of all kinds of problems after being exposed to lead. Despite that, Flint doesn’t even rank among the most dangerous places for lead poisoning in the US! About 3000 areas in the US had lead poisoning rates that were more than double of Flint’s lead poisoning crisis at its peak. And roughly 1100 of these areas had poisoning rates that were at least four times higher! These areas can be found all over the country, right from Pennsylvania and Texas to Baltimore and Philadelphia. Says expert Dr. Frangible Bullets Could Make the World a Safer Place.

Frangible projectiles, also called soft rounds, are designed in a way that they break upon impact with hard surfaces rather than ricocheting everywhere during close-quarter action. It presents a great, much-needed change in the way bullets were made for centuries, and departs from the existing school of thought, both in terms of personal protection and range shooting. Most important is that a frangible bullet is made using copper jackets, a refreshing change from the lead bullets and all the damage and lead poisoning they bring along with them. Jason Villalba, a Texas State Representative, approached ballistic experts and members of the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement to determine the type of ammo that would be best used as ammunition which can be used by school marshals in active shooter situations. Around Your Home Preventing In Lead Poisoning. Impact of Materials on Medical Wearables.

With a value of more than $13 billion, medical wearables is quickly emerging as one of the fastest growing industries. Medical wearables are cost-effective and convenient, and they can accurately keep track of things like respiratory activities, blood pressure, disease state and other functions. These wearables store data and deliver feedback for further action. Wireless communication technologies and miniature sensors are largely responsible for this development, but the growth of engineered thermoplastics has also made things easier simply because all this growth would have been laid waste if the material that was to be worn was uncomfortable. Such is its importance that things like discomfort and skin irritation could actually lead to non-compliance. It isn’t just about compliance though. A Modern Trend? Even though medical wearables have become one of the most trending things today, they have actually been around for quite some time. The Dangers of Lead poisoning. Did you know that lead isn’t just dangerous for humans?

Could Earth’s Protective Shield Be Cracking. The earth’s magnetic shield is responsible for protecting us against meteorites and charged particles and offering radiation shielding capabilities. A Bullet Train with Fold-Up Beds. China just came up with a bullet train that has the capability to convert its seats into a sleeping berth in order to meet the demands of operating round-the-clock. Commonly known as the Panda due to its unique nose designs, the first bullet trains are just rolling out of the assembly lines in Jilin Province. Ammo the Key to Hunting Deer? Preventing Lead Poisoning In and Around Your Home. “Lead poisoning is one of the most preventable environmental diseases among young children,” says Marissa J.

Levine, MD, State Health Commissioner of Virginia. Radiation Shielding the Biggest Challenge to Life on Mars. They say once you grow crops somewhere, you have officially ‘colonized’ it. So technically, I colonized Mars. In your face, Neil Armstrong!” ATF To Approve Lead-Free Bullets. Saving Your Child from Lead Poisoning by Steven J. Stanek. Might Not Know are Made with Plastics You Things. Plastic Adopton Increasing With New EU Car Emission Targets. A recent story suggesting that diesel engines will all but disappear from a majority of European vehicles due to the increasing emission standards became news all through the month of September. The future of diesel cars in Europe has always always been under scrutiny ever since the new EU-emission targets were released, and this allows high density materials to make their move. "Renault has always said that it will adapt its offer according to the local market demand," says Chloe Yemm, a spokesperson for Groupe Renault.

The leading automobile manufacturer has typically been a heavy investor in diesel technology and diesel automobiles make up as much as 70% of its sales in the UK. The adoption of diesel cars came under scrutiny since the Kyoto treaty of 1997 that pledged to introduce solid measures to reduce carbon emissions across Europe by 25% over a 10 year period. New emission standards are expected to come into effect in the European Union by the year 2021. Importance of Radiation Safety for Patients and Healthcare Workers. Changing Concepts of the Big Game Bullet. Slide 1: Ecomass High Density Engineered Thermoplastics. Teens Tackle Lead Poisoning the Way They Know Best. Plastic Adopton Increasing with New EU Car Emission Targets. Changing Concepts of the Big Game Bullet. Importance of Radiation Safety for Patients and Healthcare Workers. The Benefits of Using Frangible Projectiles. The Benefits of Using Frangible Projectiles.

Protect Astronauts in Deep Space by Magnetic Radiation Shielding. Damping Down the Office. Frangible bullets for hunting deers by Steven J. Stanek. Composite Materials. Radiation Shielding Materials. Saving Your Child from Lead Poisoning. Radiation Shielding Protect Astronauts in Deep Space. Frangible Bullets for Hunting Deer. Vibration Damping Material Solutions - Ecomass Compounds. Composite Materials and Plastics. What are Lead Protective Garments? Benefits of Using Nontoxic Frangible Projectiles.

All you need to know about radioprotective garments. X-ray/ Radiation/ Neutron Shielding Techniques in Use at Ecomass. Lead Free Radiation Shielding. All You Need to Know About Radioprotective Garments. How to Prevent Lead Poisoning ? Ecomass High Density Engineered Thermoplastics. Ecomass High Density Engineered Thermoplastics. Lead replacement/substitute at Ecomass Technologies. Frangible Ammunitions The Future of Ammunition. Thermoplastic Primary Suspension Springs Make Their Way into Automobiles. Radiation Shielding Materials Could Protect Mission to Mars.

A Lesson Not Learnt As Cities Follow Suit. Using Low Recoil Ammo Doesn’t Have to be Shameful.

What is Frangible Ammunition Exactly?

The Global Impact of Lead Poisoning. Ecomass High Density Engineered Thermoplastics. Advantages and Disadvantages of Injection Molding. Ecomass High Density Engineered Thermoplastics. Ecomass Compounds Make Their Way into Ballistic Tips. Lead Replacement Materials - Ecomass. A Technology for Strong Moldable Thermoplastic Composite Materials. Mass Becomes the New Luxury. Ecomass High Density Engineered Thermoplastics. Lead:Hunting the Indigenous Hunter. Replacing Metal with Plastics. Types of Radiation Shielding Materials. Metal Vs 3D Printed Thermoplastics: The Move Away from Metals in Automotive - Ecomass High Density Engineered Thermoplastics. Because Being Heavy Isn’t Always a Bad Thing! Lead Free Radiation Shielding.

Heavy Plastics: A Symbol of Quality? Uses of Composite Materials. Radiation Safety in the Field of Healthcare. How to Choose a Vibration Damper. Ecomass High Density Engineered Thermoplastics — The Dangers of Lead. Ecomass High Density Engineered Thermoplastics. Applications of Thermoplastic Composites & Properties. Properties of Vibration Dampening Materials. Best Vibration Dampening Materials and Their Properties. 100% Radiation Shielding & Procedure of Operation. Ecomass High Density Engineered Thermoplastics — Vibration dampening and vibration dampening... Reasons why using lead bullets for hunting is a bad idea - Ecomass High Density Engineered Thermoplastics. Applications of Thermoplastic Composites & Properties. Ecomass High Density Engineered Thermoplastics — Vibration Dampening Applications. Ecomass High Density Engineered Thermoplastics. A detailed look at radiation shielding. Ecomass High Density Engineered Thermoplastics. Principles of radiation shielding. Ecomass High Density Engineered Thermoplastics.

Important facts about Radiation Shielding. Ecomass High Density Engineered Thermoplastics.