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Tim Berners-Lee

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Linked Data Planet 2008-06-17 (1) Allows the user to make their own mashups!

Linked Data Planet 2008-06-17 (1)

E.g. Tabulator Users explored linked data web, finds new data sources User finds interesting pattern Machine finds all matching patterns in the data out there Query across previously unconnected sources Analyze the results a la spreadsheet, etc Use views for coordinates: timeline, maps. Tim Berners-Lee on the next Web. The Semantic Web Clipboard - Design Issues. Up to Design Issues One way of looking at the Semantic Web is a breaking down of barriers between applications.

The Semantic Web Clipboard - Design Issues

An example I have often quoted is that I would like to be able to drag a photo album onto a calenar application and see the photos on my calendar. What would this actually take?