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PHP Password Hashing Tutorial
his article shows you how to use the most important iterator classes: ArrayIterator, DirectoryIterator, FilterIterator, and so forth, found in the Standard PHP Library (SPL), and how to integrate SPL with PHP Data Objects (PDO). The Standard PHP Library The SPL represents a collection of interfaces and classes for PHP 5 that help resolve some common problems and that let developers take full advantage of object-oriented programming. Some of the SPL's most used capabilities are: advanced array access, the ability to customize collection iteration with foreach or while, enhanced file and directory access, and advanced SimpleXML object handling. But the best new functionality that the SPL provides comes in the form of iterators. According to Wikipedia, an iterator is an object that allows a programmer to traverse through all the elements of a collection, regardless of its specific implementation. Using Iterators in PHP Using Iterators in PHP
BBCode-Parser mit [noparse]-Tag selbst gemacht BBCode-Parser mit [noparse]-Tag selbst gemacht Dieses Tutorial zeigt die Programmierung eines eigenen BBCode-Parsers. Grundkenntnisse im Umgang mit Regular Expressions (kurz: RegEx) sind sehr vorteilhaft, um die Funktionsweise nachvollziehen zu können! Inhaltsverzeichnis 1) Einleitung und Bezug 2) Die Ausnahme "[noparse]" 3) Das Kernstück: Der Reguläre Ausdruck (RegEx) 4) Die Parameter-Zeichenkette nutzbar machen 5) Umstellen der Callback-Funktion 6) Ein paar einfache Beispiele 6.1) Beispiel: Fett, kursiv und unterstrichen 6.2) Beispiel: URLs 7) Die Verwendung optionaler Parameter 8) Nicht existierende BBCodes im Text belassen 9) BBCodes ohne Close-Tag 10) Zusammenfassung 11) Abschließende Worte
Project homepage This is the project homepage of the StringParser_BBCode class. With the help of this class it is possible to parse so-called BB-Codes. Often this undertaking is solved by the use of regular expressions. Class that parses BBCodes for PHP Class that parses BBCodes for PHP
Oops... Page not found! We are sorry, but the page you are looking for might have been: removed, had its name changed or is temporarily unavailable. Where has the article I was looking for gone? PHP Login System with Admin Features PHP Login System with Admin Features
This PHP tutorial will show how to create a simple PHP class to search the flickr site for some photos. To get the data we use the flickr API to run a simple search and return the results in a serialized array. We will be using the php function "file_get_contents" to receive data from flickr. The data which we will receive will be a serialized PHP array which means all we need to do is unserialize the array and we will easily be able to use the data returned. As an alternative we can use a cURL function to get the data, for example if the function "file_get_contents" is not allowed on your web host. API Authentication Search for photos using PHP and flickr Search for photos using PHP and flickr
A Classification of SQL injection attacking vector until 2010. In a 2012 study, security company Imperva observed that the average web application received 4 attack campaigns per month, and retailers received twice as many attacks as other industries.[2] History[edit] The first public discussions of SQL injection started appearing around 1998.[3] For example, a 1998 article in Phrack Magazine.[4] In 2013 Emperor Blackhat performed SQL injection attacks for educational purposes that had never been done before. Forms[edit] SQL injection SQL injection
Prepared Statements in PHP and MySQLi – Notebook | Prepared Statements in PHP and MySQLi – Notebook | This article is intended for readers who have experience using PHP and MySQL. You should also have a general understanding of databases and programming (both procedural and object-oriented) as well as how to use PHP to execute a simple query to MySQL. I will not cover how to install PHP or MySQL, however at the end of the article are some links to help you get started with the installation process and for some further reading on the subject. I will be covering the basics of prepared statements in PHP and MySQLi and why you should consider using them in your own code as well as some technical explanation as to why you should use them.
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10 PHP functions you (probably) never use
Useful Classes And Libraries For PHP Developers « PHP Twitter Numerous PHP Frameworks have evolved to enable rapid web development with PHP. However even greater number of standalone PHP libraries and classes are available which provide similar benefits. W3Avenue has compiled a list of some really useful classes and libraries that every PHP developers should be familiar with. Whether you like to use a PHP Framework or prefer to work without one, your productivity can multiply with the help of these libraries and classes. Database Useful Classes And Libraries For PHP Developers « PHP Twitter
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PHPLinq - LINQ for PHP - Language Integrated Query
Overview The purpose of this tutorial is to discuss in detail how to create a NuSOAP/PHP/SOAP web service using Adobe Dreamweaver CS4. This tutorial is ideal for beginners and experts alike. I wrote an article some time ago discussing how to develop SOAP/PHP web services using NuSOAP. This was a very general tutorial and didn’t go into much detail in relation to actually writing your first web service. This tutorial uses some code from Scott Nichol’s website. PHP NuSOAP Tutorial PHP NuSOAP Tutorial
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Type Hinting Type Hinting People often ask about scalar/basic typehints. Here is a drop in class that I use in my MVC framework that will enable typehints through the use of a custom error handler. Note: You should include this code above all other code in your include headers and if you are the using set_error_handler() function you should be aware that this uses it as well. You may need to chain your set_error_handlers() Why?