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Metaballs. 1: The influence of 2 positive metaballs on each other. 2: The influence of a negative metaball on a positive metaball by creating an indentation in the positive metaball's surface. ; three-dimensional metaballs tend to be most common, with two-dimensional implementations popular as well).


A thresholding value is also chosen, to define a solid volume. Then, represents whether the volume enclosed by the surface defined by. Exploring Metaballs and Isosurfaces in 2D. Introduction Posing the Question In the history of game development, there has always been a "standard" means to represent data in the game world.

Exploring Metaballs and Isosurfaces in 2D

During the 2D era the world and its components were shown by using sprites -- collections of pixels to form an image. As the industry moved into 3 dimensions, this standard-format became the 3D model. Metaball math. Introduction to metaballs Note: bold letters are vectors, normal letters are scalars Metaballs are described as: - mn = location of metaball number n - sn = size of metaball number n - k = number of balls - g = "goo"-value, which affects the way how metaballs are drawn - r = treshold for metaballs - p = place vector - |x| = magnitude (length) of vector x For a more "concrete" example, here's the same formula, written for two 2d metaballs: You could try to solve y from that equation and draw the metaballs like any normal 1-dimensional function, but as the number of balls increases, solving y becomes impossible.

Metaball math

Ryan's Guide to MetaBalls (aka Blobs) Metaballs (also known as: Blobs) By Ryan Geiss - 3/10/2000 Contents: I. Metaballs II. Rendering III. An Optimization IV.