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How to Customize the WordPress Admin to Your Needs. The WordPress admin dashboard is your home when it comes to WordPress.

How to Customize the WordPress Admin to Your Needs

But how much have you really done to make it actually feel like home? Are you still running the default WordPress admin? If so, this is the post for you. Because I’m going to go over every way you can customize the WordPress admin to make it your own. I’ll cover everything from changing your admin’s functionality, completely re-theming your admin, or just making some small color changes without installing any plugins.

Custom Fields. Languages: English • Español • Nederlands • 日本語 • Македонски • Português do Brasil • Русский • (Add your language) WordPress has the ability to allow post authors to assign custom fields to a post.

Custom Fields

This arbitrary extra information is known as meta-data. This meta-data can include bits of information such as: Mood: Happy Currently Reading: Cinderella Listening To: Rock Around the Clock Weather: Hot and humid With some extra coding, it is possible to achieve more complex actions, such as using the metadata to store an expiration date for a post. Meta-data is handled with key/value pairs. Keys can be used more than once per post. Divi, The Ultimate WordPress Theme. Jamuna Yoga ‹ Log In. Custom Fields.

WP Themes

Graphene Themes Solutions. Website Templates. 10 Must Have Wordpress Plugins for Amateur Web Designers - Downgraf. WordPress has a numerous number of plugins and widgets to help you make your blog much better and efficient.

10 Must Have Wordpress Plugins for Amateur Web Designers - Downgraf

Thus according to me WordPress is the best Content Management System available globally. WordPress plugins are the most popular plugins and extensions acclaimed globally by various webdesigners. There are some plugins, which will help you to improve the performance of your WordPress page like increasing the speed and improving the look of your page. I have included more than 10 plugins here in this post; these are the most frequently used plugins, and a must-have for marketing, utility and web development: This plugin is indispensable for those bloggers who want a professional touch to their blog.

This is also called a complete SEO plugin with proper page analysis and includes a snippet preview. Imagine you are in between of something very important writing codes and ca boom! This plugin is highly recommended by Matt Cutts who is one of the leading SEO experts in Google. 10 Must Have Wordpress Plugins for Amateur Web Designers. Top 20 Newest WordPress Themes. If you want a website that loads fast, looks great, is easy to manage and SEO-friendly, WordPress is your primary choice.

Top 20 Newest WordPress Themes

Powering more than 70 million websites worldwide, including web pages of CNN and NBC Sports, WordPress is the number one blogging platform and one of the most popular content management systems out there. This year the latest and most advanced version of WordPress – 3.6 – has been released, so with this new version your website can benefit from a number of great features and improvements. They include a built-in HTML5 media player, a user-friendlier menu editor, augmented autosave, and many more. 50 Best Multipurpose WordPress Themes. One often wonders about the high degree of specialization WordPress themes have come to possess.

50 Best Multipurpose WordPress Themes

There are millions of themes out there, churned out at regular intervals, available for free as well as at a price. Lots of them cater to different niches. You go looking for a theme in a particular segment and you can bump into hundreds of samples but there are also a good number of versatile templates based on WordPress. Multipurpose WordPress themes are what they are called and can take everything that you throw at them. A single multipurpose theme can serve as a blog, portfolio as well as an ecommerce platform. But the trick to getting the result lies in selecting the right themes. Appply Notable for its versatility, Appply is fit for blogs, magazines, web stores and corporate sites.

AppsPro Tech Meant for mobile app developers, AppsPro Tech is a new-age theme with the happening flat design, large image slider, additional typography styling, WPML support and much more. Aquarelle. Creating Simple Photo Gallery in WordPress 3.5 Without Plugin. WordPress is a renowned platform with millions of users worldwide.

Creating Simple Photo Gallery in WordPress 3.5 Without Plugin

With a huge volume of customer base and features, it is proved to be one of the best platforms for improving business of any sizes. A best and beneficial factor about WordPress (WP) is its easy-to-use features and functionality. So, it is well known that raising an online website using the WP site would be beneficial for your online business. However, you could still make more money from the WP sites with ease by adding simple photo galleries to the site. In order to achieve that you require nothing, except the photos to be uploaded. Why photo gallery and how it influences online business? 20 Hottest WordPress Magazine Themes For 2013. Clean yet trendy themes are all the rage these days in the gigantic community of WordPress.

20 Hottest WordPress Magazine Themes For 2013

Webmasters running informative blogs or websites, i.e., online portals heavily-packed with creative, insightful and valuable content, love to try out different WP themes that fit well with their content. Basically, they test different themes to find the one that can increase the organic traffic on their sites. So, if you are also looking for a theme to improve your returning traffic, then WordPress magazine themes will certainly be the most ideal option for you. Magazine style themes have attracted a great deal of popularity over the decade.

One potential reason may be the fact that these themes are dynamic in that they can complement finely with almost all sorts of niches. Regardless, if you also want to beautify your blog with a WordPress magazine theme, then check out some of the hottest magazine layouts that I’ve presented here, just for you. The Style.