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Create and host websites from your dropbox. - websrvr. JSHint, a JavaScript Code Quality Tool. ! Web Design Dashboard (Huge Portal) ! Free Web Dev & Webmaster Resources. Free Webmaster Resources Welcome to's directory of free webmasters' resources.

! Free Web Dev & Webmaster Resources

Your guide to becoming a web developer. WEB DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT. Quick Ref. 5 Best Responsive CSS Frameworks For Web Design. In the terms of web design, a framework can be defined as a package made up of a structure of folders and files of standardized code (CSS, HTML and Java Script documents).

5 Best Responsive CSS Frameworks For Web Design

Most of the websites have a very similar structure. The main purpose of frameworks is to make available those similar structures for the web developers, so they can reuse the given code without rebuilding a structure from scratch. It helps developers to save their lot of time. Basically, there’re two types of frameworks: Front-end and Backend.

The front-end framework is usually a set of files and folders of standardized code, while Back-end framework is a set of files with the libraries used to access session management, template structures, and databases. In this article, we’ve described 5 best responsive CSS framework for front-end web development. Let’s have a look at them one by one. Twitter Bootstrap: Foundation: Foundation, developed by ZURB, is the most popular and advanced responsive front-end framework. Skeleton: Create Responsive Material Card Design with jQuery Plugin. Queness - Design Inspirations, jQuery Tutorials and Web Design & Development Community.

Awesome Free PSD Files for Designers. Free PSD Files for Designers. PSD files are very useful for every designer you should save your time.

Free PSD Files for Designers

Friday Freebies Free PSD Files for Designers, This weekly post is a collection of some high quality and fully layered PSD files, You may find in this collection UI Kit , Icons and PSD web template or some others useful PSD Files. Today we share a small but truly awesome and beautiful collection of PSD files. Hopefully our readers must like this collection. Samsung Galaxy S4 Device Mockup & Wireframe PSD Sports Website Freebie Icons PSD Freebie PSD: Flat UI Kit 2.

Design Inspiration and Web Developing Blog. Free Download. Site Developement. Tools. 10 Principles Of Effective Web Design. Usability and the utility, not the visual design, determine the success or failure of a web-site.

10 Principles Of Effective Web Design

Since the visitor of the page is the only person who clicks the mouse and therefore decides everything, user-centric design has become a standard approach for successful and profit-oriented web design. After all, if users can’t use a feature, it might as well not exist. We aren’t going to discuss the implementation details (e.g. where the search box should be placed) as it has already been done in a number of articles; instead we focus on the main principles, heuristics and approaches for effective web design — approaches which, used properly, can lead to more sophisticated design decisions and simplify the process of perceiving presented information. Please notice that you might be interested in the usability-related articles about 10 Usability Nightmares1 and 30 Usability Issues2 we’ve published before,we’ll cover more principles of effective design in our following posts. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Web Design Trends: Don’t follow it Blindly - Hi-Tech ITO. Google Web Design trends and it will show numerous results stating what is in and what is out.

Web Design Trends: Don’t follow it Blindly - Hi-Tech ITO

For a web designer, keeping tab on the latest design trends and market scenarios play a crucial part. It helps them to create aesthetically pleasing site which is high on UX. However, getting trend-addicted and following them blindly often lead to disasters! Web design trends very much like your fashion trends are temporary. Sometimes, it’s the necessity which bring a change, for example popularity of responsive design skyrocketed with increased use of mobile devices. Joomla, WordPress or Drupal; your best CMS. Social – Next Big Thing for eCommerce. Social channels were not a meaningful source of direct traffic and sales.

Social – Next Big Thing for eCommerce

Till 2013, social channels contributed only 1.55% of all traffic to some of the top eCommerce sites on the web. They were commonly regarded as a means of promoting products, but not necessarily the force that drives conversions and sales.But believe me, this is all set to change, and change for good. Ecommerce is evolving big time and empowering brands and businesses to generate that awareness, invite and engage customers, and also facilitate purchases conveniently through social channels. So let’s call is social commerce, as it is an approach that is fast being adopted and has made its place in strategies that are discussed and decided upon in board rooms.

Social commerce has been really a success when it comes to taking several forms, with all of them having a different impact on conversions and sales for online stores. Peer to Peer Marketplaces Group Buying Platforms Peer Recommendations. Should you use single-page, Animation Rich Parallax Website? Surfing the internet in the past year so, you would have certainly noticed a trend with websites avoiding that multi-page approach and instead putting up the content, across the site, on a single page.

Should you use single-page, Animation Rich Parallax Website?

At times you would have also seen interesting animations and movement effects as you scroll down the page. These are known as a Parallax websites, and as popular as this trend might get, there are aspects, good – not so good and bad, in using this approach. The Good One of the good sides of using a parallax website is “it looks cool”. You are empowered to create some really interesting effects with parallax sites and add that element of “wow” to it which will impress and excite your end users. Apart from the visually rich benefits that a parallax site delivers, this approach also enables a smoother user experience; at least once the page is fully loaded. Now that everything is on one page and when it gets loaded in the browser, there is no delay waiting for new pages. The not so Good The Bad.