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Inflatable Jumpers For Sale – Check List You Should Follow. Bounce House Safety Information. Summer fun is bound to end in just a few weeks and people are making the most out of the remaining days by hitting the beach and throwing parties.

Bounce House Safety Information

Yup, it seems like the goal of everyone is to end a summer bang and for that reason, people are scouting for the commercial bounce house for sale. Why so? A bounce house for sale is a wise investment because you can use it at parties, gatherings, etc. While it does come with a price, it’s made of the material that’s built to stand the tests of time.

Things to Know Before Purchasing Inflatable Water Slides. Learn Where You Can Find Water Slides For Sale. Commercial inflatables are making a buzz these days because they can easily up the ante at any event.

Learn Where You Can Find Water Slides For Sale

Organizers of these events are very much aware of the thrill, fun, and excitement that bounce houses and water slides bring. These colorful bouncy commercial inflatables easily spell enjoyment, regardless of the age profile of the guests. Another good thing about bounce houses and water slides is that it also appeals to any type of occasion, be it a birthday party, corporate event, special gathering, concert, whatever! Name it, and the bounce house will easily appeal to the event guests.

This is one of the reasons why organizers, or anyone who wants to own one, are on the hunt for these inflatable structures. Marketing Ideas for Your Bounce House Rental Business. Summer Fun with Commercial Bounce Houses For Sale & Inflatable Slides. When we hear the word “summer”, we immediately think of fun activities under the sun such as surfing, swimming, boating, diving, and a whole lot of other things.

Summer Fun with Commercial Bounce Houses For Sale & Inflatable Slides

Some resorts have already installed inflatable water slide to amp up the fun. Maintenance Tips for Moon Bounce House. Tips to Buy Commercial Bounce House. Custom inflatable structures never fail to bring happiness to the young and the young at heart.

Tips to Buy Commercial Bounce House

It doesn’t matter if it’s a kiddie party, social gathering or corporate event, commercial bounce houses are a sure fire way of entertaining the guests and keeping everyone in the party alive, what with the outburst of endorphins and all. Inflatable Jumper Rental Price. Maintenance Tips for Moon Bounce House. Bounce houses are a fun item that kids and adults can enjoy when they are at functions.

Maintenance Tips for Moon Bounce House

Below are some essential maintenance tips that you can use to ensure that your moon bounce are lasting you a long time and giving customers a lot of fun memories. Only Allow Kids of the Proper Age in the Moon Bounce Most of the inflatables for children are only suitable for kids up to age 10. It’s also important to consider weight, since children who are over the maximum limit can also cause damage. Follow the weight and age limits that are mentioned by the manufacturer. Make Sure all Shoes and Sharp Objects are Removed Since shoes and sharp objects such as jewelry and key-chains can damage the inflatables, it’s important that they are removed before the person enters the moon bounce.

Safety Precautions for Commercial Bounce Houses. Fitness Benefits from the Bouncce House. There are so many ways to spice up parties, gatherings, corporate events, and special occasions these days.

Fitness Benefits from the Bouncce House

What’s starting to become a staple among these events are commercial bounce houses. Ask any event organizer and they will attest to how easy it is to attract people to attend the party once they see these inflatable structures. The vibrant colors, themes, and obstacle courses are always a delight to see, plus they instantly bring fun and excitement to the guests. The different themes, especially those from Bouncer Depot bring happiness to people both young and old. Bounce Houses - The Best Option for the Party. Unique Idea for Party - Commercial Bounce House. Best Way to Enjoy the Party with Commercial Bounce Houses. Are you scouting for unique ways to spice up a party?

Best Way to Enjoy the Party with Commercial Bounce Houses

Are you worried that your guests will be bored out of their minds from the usual lineup of activities that you have every year? Are you thinking of a different theme for your party this year? If your answer to most of the questions is yes, then you should consider adding some custom inflatable structures from Bouncer Depot. More Jumps, More Fun An inflatable water slide is just one of the many custom inflatable structures that can be installed to amp up the fun at any party.

Investing in commercial bounce houses is highly recommended since they can be used for birthdays, anniversaries, graduation, special occasions and corporate events. Wait, did we just say “corporate”? Oh yes, we did. If you’re the manager of a company, your employees will appreciate you even more if your parties come with these bounce houses. Bouncer Depot Announces New Inflatable Slides and Bounce House Models. LOS ANGELES, Nov. 17, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- California-based bounce house manufacturer and designer Bouncer Depot is announcing all new designs for 2016 via its website

Bouncer Depot Announces New Inflatable Slides and Bounce House Models

Photo - Photo - According to spokesperson, Steve Johnson, the new designs include two module castles and two towering water slides that are sure to be a hit during the upcoming year. "We're very excited about our new designs. The industry has come so far from the old bounce house days where you'd only have simple designs and low quality materials. With new technology and design capabilities, you're really only limited by your imagination," said Johnson. "One of our new inflatable water slides is 23-feet high and 68-feet long with five distinct archways along the straight away. "We design and manufacture all of our inflatable bounce houses here in the United States, which is rare for our industry. "We've recently redesigned our website to be more intuitive and navigable.

Choice for New Year Party - Inflatable Bounce House. The song is probably playing in your head right now and that's perfectly fine.

Choice for New Year Party - Inflatable Bounce House

As a matter of fact, “Jump” by Van Halen has been playing nonstop when I was looking for commercial bounce houses for sale. The most wonderful time of the year is finally here and I have been busy buying presents for the people dear to me. Unlike some who mindlessly grab the first item they see, I take into consideration the personality of the person I'm giving the gift to. For some reason, I feel that it is my responsibility to make that person happy so I really put so much effort into the presents I buy. Well, that and since I'm the one paying for the item, might as well make sure that the receiver will appreciate it. Commercial Inflatable Water Obstacle Courses. Inflatable obstacle course deliver unforgettable fun to any event!

Commercial Inflatable Water Obstacle Courses

Whether it’s a kids party or a corporate function, these obstacle courses and inflatable games are fun, exciting, and extremely entertaining. From little kids to full-grown adults, everyone will love a party that features an obstacle course! Great for Big Parties If you are hosting a corporate event, inflatable obstacle course are great way to bring team-building and camaraderie to your party. You can have your group form teams and compete against each other, or you can see which employee can get through the inflatable obstacle course the fastest. Commercial Grade Inflatable Jumper - Bouncer Depot. Commercial Grade Inflatable Jumpers Compact Combo Balloon With Water Slide # MC005 1 review(s) Wholesale Price Request.

Commercial Bounce House Sale-28% Off-3 Yr Warranty-100% USA Made! Commercial Bounce Houses For Sale Arch Style Castle Bouncy House # 1001 2 review(s) Wholesale Price Request. Why You should buy an Inflatable Water Slide. The Benefits of an Inflatable Water Slides by stevebd010. Why You Need an Inflatable Water Slide. A fine sunny day is best enjoyed by lounging in the backyard pool. You can even add commercial inflatable water slides to make things even more fun. Aside from making your backyard (or any space you rent for that matter) look like a water park, inflatable water slides have other benefits that you can get from them. There are so many water slides for sale that you’ll probably be a little bit overwhelmed with the number of designs, color combinations, themes, and size that you can choose from. What usually helps trim down options knows what benefits one can get from commercial inflatable water slides. After knowing this, you can then begin to think of the options that you want to zero in on, and hopefully choose while browsing the water slide sale.

The Benefits Right at the top of the list is portability. Commercial Kids Celebration Inflatable Bounce Hou by stevebd010. Channel Your Inner Astronaut with these Commercial Inflatables – Inflatable Slides. Astronauts seem so at peace with themselves. Despite the bulky feel of their uniform they seem so light, happily bouncing as they make their way around the moon. It’s a profession we’ve all probably written in our journals when we were younger, but after realizing that there is so much mental work in order to become one, we set that dream aside to pursue something else. Bounce Houses and Inflatable Slides at Bouncer Depot.