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Deadmau5 controversy: "All we do is press play." - Deadmau5 performs at the Grammy Awards at Staples Center in Los Angeles… (Kirk McKoy / Los Angeles…) Deadmau5, who does a decent job of amping up the crowd at his concerts, is now stirring up the blogosphere by saying that all DJs do at live concerts is show up and click a “play” button.

Deadmau5 controversy: "All we do is press play." -

"I just roll up with a laptop and a midi controller and 'select' tracks [and] hit a spacebar," the Toronto DJ wrote Saturday in a blog post on his site titled "We All Hit Play. " This can be interpreted as blasphemy for several reasons. Create bigger sounds using layering. Download this tutorial as a PDF Listen to these tracks to see what you will be creating in this tutorial: Layered Bass: Layered Chord Synth: By Daniel Rothmann (T7) Honest conversation between driver and mechanic. The Best PlayStation 3 Ad Weve Ever Seen Will Give You Chills. Okay, help me out.

The Best PlayStation 3 Ad Weve Ever Seen Will Give You Chills

Let's see if we can ID everyone in the video. I have most of them, but get me the ones I missed. (I'm a little hazy on the people from shooters) Nathan Drake Lightning Old Snake Ezio Agent 47 Kratos and Athena Cole McGrath Paul Phoenix Chell Sackboy Helghast Chimera Sweet Tooth Little Sister Issac from Dead Space Some guy from Resistance? The woman next to that guy? The catcher? The football player? One of the guys from Army of Two? The soldiers are from Call of Duty? Are any of the characters in the bar just normal people, or is everyone from somewhere? Oh, and anyone recognize the different currency at the front desk? And I get to cheat because I can see replies directly! - StumbleUpon. Girl's funny reaction to boy's sneeze. Illusion of a dragon. Flag of Norway. Equivalentexchange - Gem Armor. Watch Whose Line is it Anyway? Free! Dancing at a party.


Future from 1910. Hippolyta. The Scale of the Universe 2. Duke Nukem Pick-up Lines. Real Life Master Chief. BeatBoxing. Real Code Game. Funny GIFs.

These animated GIFs are like looking into the mirror of your daily life.

Funny GIFs

When you see someone do math without a calculator: When you accidentally email something before you’re finished: When you’re in line and someone cuts in front of you: When you meet someone and find out they like the same band as you: When someone talks during your favorite movie: When someone wants to read something personal you’ve written: When someone says, “Hey, remember when you had a crush on…” When you know your pizza’s too hot, but you can’t wait so you bite it anyway: How fast you run in normal life: How fast you run when there’s food: When it’s your birthday and you go to Facebook to watch the notes roll in: When you walk into a room and a hot person leaves: How you eat in public: How you eat in front of your friends: Getting out of bed on a weekday: When you get a stain on your new shirt: When you greet someone you don’t like: When people leave food unsupervised in your presence: When you find an onion ring in your fries:

Google Abilities. Girls to Old Men Prank. Grid 16. How To Troll Someone's Computer. Chicken! January 30th, 2012 at 10:24 am - Today we have a number of videos just for you guys we found, Elder scroll V : Skyrim surly wins the title of The Game of the year 2011 and then they took an arrow to the knew.


Yes this arrow to the knew joke you heard everywhere if you don’t know is from Skyrim. Here are some of the videos which made fun of skyrim. Skyrim Schmyrim via Dorkly Arrow to the knew ThevideoGameraddict166 What will be i doing Tomorrow Rating: 7.2/10 (39 votes cast) Rating: +2 (from 6 votes) Videos makes Fun of Skyrim Including Arrow to the Knew, 7.2 out of 10 based on 39 ratings.