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How To Do Yoga Pose: Vrksasana (Tree Pose) | My Yoga Planet. The friendliest of balance poses, Tree Pose is portable, needs no special equipment (no mat, no problem) and can be easily customized (works great with one hand on the back of a chair). Make this pose a regular part of your daily routine. This pose is very simple but effective in improving balance. Benefits of Tree Pose: Strengthens legs and improves balanceMay lead to feeling grounded, expansive, and cheerful How To Do Tree Pose: Precautions: Due to the balancing nature of the posture do not practice tree pose if you are currently experiencing: HeadachesDizzinessLight HeadednessLow Blood PressureHigh Blood Pressure Also, don’t press the raised foot directly on the knee joint. Like this: Like Loading... Related Meaning Of Yoga And Importance Of Yoga In Our Life The word Yoga comes from the sanskrit word” Yuj” meaning to yoke, join or unit.

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