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How to be perfectly unhappy. Freelancing Problems As Told By Dinosaurs [Comic] Ah, freelancing – the chance to be your own boss, work your own hours and choose your own office.

Freelancing Problems As Told By Dinosaurs [Comic]

It’s the dream! When you’re a freelancer you never face any issues and everything always works out. Except for all those times it doesn’t. But hey, at least you’re not extinct yet! This comic was created by Extra Fabulous Comics for the Toggl Team – the people behind the world’s no. 1 time tracking app. I hate dinosaurs but love freelancing. Well, you’re in luck, friend. If you want to improve your freelance efficiency and avoid a disastrous fate, we would suggest keeping a schedule and timing your work (or your procrastination, if that’s more your style). Also, if you work freelance, you may need to charge people, so it’s probably good to know how long that ‘one small change’ is actually taking you.

We also happen to have made a great tool for just that purpose! I’m already tracking my time and want a break – Got any more? 19 Times People On The Internet Accurately Summed Up Female Friendships. StumbleUpon. At first glance, these might look like your run-of-the-mill glitter gels... but they are so much more than that. Photo - Instagram is freaking out over Lemonhead's crazy glitter pastes. 13 Things I Found on the Internet Today (Vol. CCXIX) Phone dump b4 I'm dumped by Trump. Dog things that I send to my wife when she's feeling down. Stop What You're Doing And Look At This Hot Harry Potter Boudoir Shoot. It's always a good time to get personalized, stylized and organized! Signed Prints — Marc Johns. Humber's Theatre Production Program 2015 Slideshow.

100 Things Every 20-Something Needs To Realize In 2015. Every new year we make promises to ourselves to make significant changes in our lives in the upcoming 365 days.

100 Things Every 20-Something Needs To Realize In 2015

We all have our resolution or list of resolutions — even if it’s only a mental list. Making changes — lasting changes — isn’t a simple task because it doesn’t just require a change in action, it requires a change in mindset. But how can you change your mindset unless you understand what your mindset truly is? That’s why I recommend writing down realizations and theories you have on just about everything and anything going on in your life or on life itself. Just sit down and make a nice long list of some of the beliefs you have, making sure to go over it later to better understand the way you see the world. I have my list of 100 here to share with you. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 32 Of The Greatest Things That Have Ever Happened On Tumblr. 31 Images That Show The True Face Of The World. These images show how awesome humans can be , or how cruel , the world we live in is not simple or perfect , the pictures below show our true colors , for good and for worse Source: Imgur Popular On The Awesome Daily.

31 Images That Show The True Face Of The World

25 Questions About Emojis That Desperately Need To Be Answered. Some of the funniest gifs of all time. 13 Simple Steps To Get You Through A Rough Day. 30 Dogs Who Failed So Hard They Won. 17 Baby Elephants Learning How To Use Their Trunks. 32 People Who Absolutely Nailed It In 2013. Scout can stack anything on his head. This Mom And Her Son Blew Bubbles On A Freezing Day. The Result Will Absolutely Blow Your Mind. Woah. 33 Dogs That Cannot Even Handle It Right Now. How About Some Fucking Whimsy? The original front-door to MLKSHK when we were in pre-launch mode.

How About Some Fucking Whimsy?

You had to click and drag-out a circle to get inside. The error page you see is also a joke because we use Nginx. Two years ago I wrote a post with the subtitle “Complain about the way other people make software by making software.” It was then quoted in a book by Austin Kleon and every once in a while someone reaches out to me to tell me they liked the quote. The post was about empathy, making things, and thinking about the people who make things for you to use; but that subtitle is about making things work the way you think they should work because it’s a way to share your point of view. I am not into tricks to get users like faking engagement or sucking names out of your contact list. I believe people who do these things can go jump in a lake.

The only only only thing I think about when building things for people is creating delight.