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Hobbs Straus attorneys come from different backgrounds and experiences, but we are like-minded in our dedication to assist tribes in strengthening their governments and improving the lives of their members. We maintain a supportive, collegial environment with a healthy work-life balance and a genuine respect for all members of our team. Knowing that we are addressing the most critical challenges facing tribes today and bringing about meaningful change is what engages us each and every day. Hobbs Straus is always looking for talented and dedicated individuals committed to working with tribes and tribal organizations. Careers | Hobbs | Straus Careers | Hobbs | Straus
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Welcome to Lewis & Clark Law School in Beautiful Portland, Oregon Welcome to Lewis & Clark Law School in Beautiful Portland, Oregon Only 30 miles from campus, the scenic Multnomah Falls stands 620 feet tall and is a popular destination for Portland locals and visitors alike. Mount Hood, located 45 miles from campus and in view of downtown Portland, is a popular destination for skiing and snowboarding in the winter, or hiking and camping in the summer. The Student Lounge in the Legal Resource Center is a place to eat, socialize, and attend events. Copyright, Steve Hambuchen The walkway facing Wood Hall near Boley Law Library Robert M Reynolds The amphitheatre outside the Legal Resource center provides a central area to relax, study and play. Robert M.
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