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Reality Maker. Pinterest. Fab Lab Sevilla on Pinterest. The Fixer’s Manifesto. In a short time, Sugru has become quite a phenomenon amongst people who share a passion for creativity and resourcefulness.

The Fixer’s Manifesto

The team behind this extraordinary putty have enjoyed becoming a hub for Fixers so much that they put their heads together to come up with an equally extraordinary document: The Fixer’s Manifesto. “We made this to fuel the conversation about why a culture of fixing is so important.” Drawing inspiration from documents such as the Repair Manifesto by Platform 21 amongst others, this variation seeks to expand and grow by tapping into the huge community of makers, thinkers and fixers that have already shown such inspired creativity using Sugru. Click through to see the The Fixer’s Manifesto in full, buy yourself a print to pin up in your own creative space or download a copy to edit with your own additions. In true Sugru style, one key aspect of The Fixer’s Manifesto is that it is intended to be tweaked and tinkered with by everyone and anyone. ← Newer Older → We’re All Entrepreneurs.

What I cannot create, I do not understand. Expert enough manifesto. Makerspace i hackerspace w tym samym miejscu. Fab Lab Łódź - Łódź - Formation, Lieu de travail. Fundacja Promocji Rekreacji KiM. Budowa Quick Canoe. Zobacz wątek - Quick Canoe 155 - sklejkowe. PaddlesFree.pdf. Christmas 2009 006a. EL-wire - pomysł na kreatywny portret z efektem płomieni. Obecnie dzieci są bardzo biegłe w obsłudze elektroniki w tym aparatów cyfrowych.

EL-wire - pomysł na kreatywny portret z efektem płomieni

Jeżeli jednak chcemy, żeby nasza pociecha robiła coś poza zdjęciami selfie czy na Instagram nie wystarczy pożyczyć jej swojego smartfona. Przedstawiamy kilka porad jak zarazić dziecko swoją pasją do fotografii. 1. Nettigo: ElWire - przewód elektroluminescencyjny 3m - czerwony. Glowing Bean Bags with EL Wire. Ergonomic Portable Chair. This fantastic ergonomic chair is highly portable, keeps your bum dry and supports your back all at the same time.

Ergonomic Portable Chair

Great for picnics, festivals, nursing mothers, round the campfire, or wherever you need a chair really! It packs up so small you can carry it around or pop it in your bag. The ultra smooth slats, made out of natural birch wood, are specifically positioned to ensure lower and upper back support. The Human Slingshot. Homemade folding kayaks. Homemade folding kayak.wmv. Homemade folding kayak - maiden voyage. Make a folding kayak. Sails in the city (a rainy, stormy NYC) 8' folding kayak. Notes on Rolling Globe. Notes I have been collecting on Walking/Rolling globes.

Notes on Rolling Globe

This is unsorted, and often contradictory, but it contains lots of valuable tidbits on both building and walking rolling globes. Building a rolling globe trainer: Need: (2) 2x4's as long and as straight as you can get them (2) 12x12x½ plywood Screws Set your 2x4's on the ground so that they are parallel to each other, and just far enough apart that the edges touch the side of the globe as shown. As your student progresses, you can move one end of the 2x4 further apart so that at one end so that the further they go, the harder it becomes. Circus History Message Board 1435.

Reply: 02 August, 2006 - There are two, vintage rolling globes in the artifact collection in the basement of the Circus World Museum library. KMJ1 Oct 20 1994, 3:01 am show options Newsgroups: rec.juggling From: k... In article <grooverCxnsBs.... I've got a fiberglass globe (28 inch) which I purchased from an older circus and dog act trouper who makes them himself. DIY Snow shoes. After a tip from a swedish outdoor forum I have made me a couple of simple and cheap snow shoes.All material comes from a low cost warehouse, snow mats, in plastic, 60x23cm. 99SEK/2 mats.

DIY Snow shoes

-VP-tubes 20 mm. Russki Surfski - Fyne Boat Kits. Product Description Russki is a short surfski or sit-on paddleboard for catching waves and manoeuvring in surf.

Russki Surfski - Fyne Boat Kits

The Russki has a simplified structure with enough buoyancy to support a paddler of up to 90 kg (200 lb). Its short length allows tight turning while surfing the face of a wave. The really high performance waveskis are usually a couple of feet smaller for even better turning – they can turn much tighter than most of us would need when a good ride on a moderate sized wave is the focus. The slightly greater length of the Russki will paddle easier on flat water and provide a good, fast ride on a wave. A surfski's portability and ease of storage also makes it popular for smoother waters.

Laser printer: my keyfobs. Fablab team made the Polish subtitles. Learning inkscape: cartoon. Giant stick constructs. Bellyboard factory. YEO`S BELLYBOARD FACTORY. by Tony Cope, Nov. 2011.

bellyboard factory

After WW2 , 2-week seaside holidays became incredibly popular, with huge numbers of people arriving by train every summer weekend in Woolacombe. Bert Yeo at his hut, Woolacombe late 40s/early 50s and again in the 60s with a mixture of coach trips and bellyboards on offer. one bellyboard has '25/- best quality marine plywood' chalked on. Bert Yeo had many business interests including owning the local garages, and he also had a coach business, which took the visitors out of the village on day trips all round the South West. When the drivers weren`t on the road Bert kept them busy making belly boards in a large garage building at his coach parking yard in Mortehoe.

Yeo board cutting plan, eight boards to a sheet. Surfrider 'Unicorn' hollow bellyboard made by Yeo's (painted over) . Rubbing of the original logo under the later paint layers. Yeo Parkins estates board. Belly boards (dimensions)