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The Method of Loci. This is the first part of your guide to get a memory like an elephant.

The Method of Loci will give you an insight in the amazing techniques of all mental athletes, starting with the famous Method of Loci. You will learn how to memorize numbers, cards, names and words and discover the fascinating world of Memory Sports. The Method of Loci This technique is as old as ancient democracy: The method of loci, used by Greek and Roman senators to hold their intoxicating speeches in front of the senate. It was proscribed to use any kind of notes, so they were using this brilliant technique to jack up their memory. To remember a speech, they broke it into peaces and created symbols for every single part.

Cicero (De oratore, ii. 86) tells the story of the end of Simonides relations with the Scopadae. Quote: Wikipedia What Simonides did is easy to reproduce, since remembering a route from A to B in its detail has once been part of the survival strategy of mankind. The Power of the Elephant Path. RESTful HTTP in practice. This article gives a short overview about the basics of RESTful HTTP and discusses typical issues that developers face when they design RESTful HTTP applications.

RESTful HTTP in practice

It shows how to apply the REST architecture style in practice. It describes commonly used approaches to name URIs, discusses how to interact with resources through the Uniform interface, when to use PUT or POST and how to support non-CRUD operations. REST is a style, not a standard. There is neither a REST RFC, nor a REST protocol specification nor something similar. The REST architecture style has been described in the dissertation of Roy Fielding, one of the principal authors of the HTTP and URI specification. Even though REST is heavily influenced by the Web-Technology, in theory the REST architecture style is not bound to HTTP.


"restricting the choice of creative inputs actually enhances creativity." Is Software as a Service serving well? New age of software has come.

Is Software as a Service serving well?

Now we can use software without owning, installing, touching it and seeing anything else than user interface. All needed is any device and internet connection. Beside social media or games Software as a Service is used for a wide range of activities, including various services for enterprises. Cheap and convenient way of use is growing and becoming more popular and more wanted. Simply, the user does not own any software at all, just buys an access to software stored in the cloud. The example to show how Cloud services are doing pretty well might be the fact that, as it was reported last month, Microsoft share price rose despite the company profit fell 15% from the previous year and revenue for last quarter of 2015 also dropped (10%).

Also IBM claims the new direction in the area of cloud, analytics, mobile, social and security, which are described as IBM’s strategic imperatives. Security Check Required. Gjk. – Gry planszowe – sklep internetowy. Podr online dwiestrony 0.

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