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Nutrition and FMD

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The Adrenal Fatigue Cure. The Test Answer yes or no to the following: You spend every morning in a "fog" and just can't seem to wake up without excess caffeine.

The Adrenal Fatigue Cure

You frequently feel overwhelmed. You have trouble falling or staying asleep at night. You feel unusually cranky, emotional, or frustrated. You're lethargic most of the day. When you get sick it takes a long time to recover. Did you answer yes to any of these? As we get busier, eat more crap, rest less, and live in constant states of stress, it's no surprise that this condition is so common.

Defining Adrenal Fatigue Adrenal fatigue is a collection of symptoms that occur when your level of stress – be it physical, emotional, mental, or a combination – overwhelms your body's ability to compensate for that stress . The adrenal glands are two endocrine glands that sit on top of the kidneys. The whole system is beautifully designed and worked well for our ancestors, who typically faced intense but brief stressful situations like warding off a hungry predator.

Tip: To Lose Fat and Keep Muscle, Time Carbs Like This. If you want to lose fat, keep insulin at bay during inactive times.

Tip: To Lose Fat and Keep Muscle, Time Carbs Like This

Sure, insulin is a potent inducer of amino acid uptake and protein synthesis, which makes it key to a muscular physique, but it's a double-edged sword. Insulin is effective at driving carbs into muscle and liver tissue (good), but it's also equally good at directing carbs into fat tissue (bad). To get the best of both worlds, skip the carbs at breakfast and during the early part of your day if you train in the late afternoon or evening. Instead, opt to replace carbs with healthy fats and keep your protein intake constant. This means something like an omelet with spinach instead of a carb-laden breakfast. That said, we don't want to catabolize muscle and end up looking like a dude fresh off Weight Watchers. The Study One study found that 50 grams of carbs in a workout drink consumed during a resistance training session completely eliminated cortisol elevations compared to a control drink.

The Solution. Nutritional Leverage with Shelby Starnes 1. Virtually every successful bodybuilder or fitness model has a top-notch nutrition coach in their corner.

Nutritional Leverage with Shelby Starnes 1

Now these coaches aren't your garden-variety nutritionists that give you a food pyramid and tell you to follow a "healthy diet. " These guys are more like masters of manipulating nutrient levels to get a specific, visual, physical effect, and they're employed by even the most studious physique competitors to take the guesswork out of their nutrition plan.

While it might surprise you that even professionals still need nutritional guidance, keep in mind that athletes just want to focus on "doing"— training, eating, and resting — and let the coach worry about all the why's and how's of getting them into their best shape possible. T-Nation: Shelby, gurus like Charles Poliquin and Jonny Bowden hate egg whites, saying a healthy individual should eat whole eggs. But every dieting coach I see uses egg whites in their meal plans. Shelby Starnes: Egg whites vs. whole eggs? Four Ways to Jack Up Insulin Sensitivity. It's perhaps the biggest challenge facing the non-drugged-up bodybuilder: gaining muscle without gaining a lot of fat in the process.

Four Ways to Jack Up Insulin Sensitivity

No, wait, I take that back. The biggest challenge is probably losing body fat while retaining all that iron-earned muscle. Hmm, actually, both of those tasks can be frustrating. The cool thing is that both goals can also be achieved if you learn to do one thing: increase your insulin sensitivity. In other words, make your body more sensitive to the insulin it naturally releases when you eat. One Hundred Gram Carb Cure. Abs by Gunpoint Dr.

One Hundred Gram Carb Cure

Mike Roussell and Chris Shugart are blindfolded and tied to chairs in a room with no windows. A fully-automatic assault rifle is pointed in their direction. A gruff voice says, "When I count to three, you will both tell me one thing that will solve the obesity epidemic for the general population and help the advanced athlete and bodybuilder shed fat rapidly. " Mike and Chris hear a metallic click. "One, two, three!

" "Eat about 100 grams of carbs per day! " Silence. Why? The Power of 100 Grams We've both been recommending this ridiculously simple yet powerfully effective dietary approach for years. It not only strips off the excess body fat, it accelerates the process of health improvement by exponentially improving the quality of your diet... all with one little guideline: Eat about 100 grams of carbohydrates per day. Why 100 Grams is Magical. Colon Cleanse Smoothie.